For all the 'urine extractors' out there..

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For all the \'urine extractors\' out there..

Hello there. This is a little food for thought for all the 'smart arses' who come on to this site purely to ridicule.

Most of us here are genuinely fascinated by the topic of 'time travel'. In general terms, we seem to be eager to stretch the boundaries of our understanding and imagination, because we are forward thinking individuals. There are those among us though, who presumably think that this is somehow sad and worthy of ridicule.

Well, let me tell you what I find 'sad'... The kind of person who comes on to this site with no interest in the topic itself and then proceeds to waste their own time and ours with ineffectual 'piss takes' that only serve to prove how comedically inadequate they are. Really, I've seen no jab that can't be completely trounced with the merest of effort.

Do you 'firebrands' have too much time on your hands? Do you enjoy making an arse of yourself? Do you think that the level of intellectual prowess that inhabits this site cannot easily combat such incredibly juvenile efforts?

There are things that I'm not interested in, but I can't be bothered to go looking for people who are, just so I can get all smart allecky with them. I've got more important things to do with my time..Why haven't you?

Don't for a second think that I have no sense of humour though. It's actually highly developed because I've grown up in England
So if you're thinking of dissing me, you'd better make it well thought out and utterly watertight, or I'm afraid I'll sink you in front of everyone. So if you're prepared to give yourself enough rope to hang yourself with, then please go ahead. That wouldn't be anything new frankly. (a1 or whatever they're calling themself now springs to mind.)

That's not what I want though, that's not why I come here. I'm just sick of the 'time wasters'.

Have you been put in your place yet? Probarbly not..Just think about why you feel the need to be disliked..because you are,..or yes you are..

To the regulars..I wish that I hadn't felt the need to post this message and I hope that you don't feel that I'm stirring things up. I am just utterly sick of the bloody small minded idiots of the world thinking that the're the funniest thing since sliced bread. They're not and It's time they were told...

...Rant is now...over.
Re:For all the \'urine extractors\' out there..

Wow, I didn't realize I had offended, or affected you so adversely. To tell the truth I was in a particularly smarmy mood yesterday and just previous to me reading your addendum to jon's story I had a particularly annoying conversation with someone claiming to be a time traveller and he made alot of spelling errors....I guess it just got to me. I apologize thoroughly and would like to, after stumbling upon this site, like to eventually form a mutual intellectual respect with those whose are regulars here. I will refrain from making future comments on petty details unless individuals like Jon persist in truly wasting everyone's time. Once again I apologize to everyone who wasted time reading MY comments, they were totally misdirected. And "yes", I did think the second posting was from Jon. I had failed to note the name of the postee...I had assumed it was still Jon writing the story. I apologize for that also.
Re:Re:For all the \'urine extractors\' out there..

Simon really is a pretty cool guy when you get to know him. We're all a little frustrated since we haven't had any fresh meat to disect for a few days.

You'll find me polite but cynical, sarcastic even when it's called for but never an instigator of any personal attack. (At least I don't think so...??) :-)

Enjoy and welcome. You'll do well here.
Re:Re:For all the \'urine extractors\' out there..

Hello Jason M.. I'm afraid you're mistaken in thinking that any posting other than my original, was initiated by me. Even a cursory examination of the writing style, quickly should tell you otherwise. There is also the disimilarity of addresses and names in the headers, as well. On top of that, I have no need or desire to have two "voices" on this board. I do maintain however, that I have the right to post to this venue so long as those who choose to provide it, permit it. The overt emotional style of your comments in this matter ( as well as your seeming inability to differentiate my post from someone elses) suggest to me that perhaps you are not a detached critic in this regard. My only suggestion to you would be not to read material that I post, if it upsets you. I do have a couple of questions for you though.

1/ Why would typographical errors posted in late 20th century prose necessarily be indictive of a "false" time traveler narrative ?

My perspective is that anyone attempting to "present" in a culturally normative fashion, might include deliberate spelling and grammatical errors in an attempt to blend in. It's also not difficult to believe that some one might mangle 150 year old parlance.

2/ In your opinion, are concepts like the "clash of ideas" and the expansion of the imagination valuable tools in science ? If so, please explain why.

Thank You,

Jon Formet

P.S. This board continues to provide topics for discussion among our little group of travelers. Please keep up the good work.
Re:Re:For all the \'urine extractors\' out there..

Hello there Jason.

First of all I'd like to thank you for your apology. I really didn't imagine that my original message would be misinterpreted as anything other than 'playing along' with Jon, or 'playing him at his own game etc'. You can probarbly imagine my 'surprise' when I was accused of actually being him..

Anyway, since you have graciously offered an olive branch, I gratefully accept it.

My 'ranting' wasn't specifically aimed at you or any other person, but at the 'piss takers' in general (you'll come across a few of them here as you can imagine). I'm glad that you don't appear to be one of them after all

I'm afraid that I do have a tendancy to be over sensitive at times, but like yourself or anyone else, my temperament at any given time is at least partly subject to external know how it is..

Well, I'm glad that we seem to have come to a mutual understanding. There is one thing that we still disagree on though..yes you guessed it...'meagre'. I don't mean to harp on about it, so I'll leave it at this, but..

Are you sure that you looked the word up in a (British) English dictionary?

Here's how the "Fowlers concise English dictionary, published by Wordsworth Editions Ltd and printed and bound in Great Britain by Mackays of Chatham" defines it..

..meagre(me.ger), a(of persons & c.) Lean, thin; poor, scanty;(of literary composition, ideas & c.) Wanting in fullness. Hence mea.grely..adv. mea.gre-ness.

The phrase 'meagre pickings' is a famous use of the word that springs to mind..

That's honestly what it says, no mention of fish (I obviously don't claim that you made that up though) and no word spealt 'meager' (which Word tells me is the American spelling of the same word). I mean, 'meagre' is how I was taught to spell it, why would I pretend otherwise?

Additionally, if you have a (British)English dictionary in Microsoft Word (not the US variant), try typing in 'meager' and then running the spell check. It won't recognise the word..It will give you 'meagre' as an alternative though..This is slightly ironic, as an American product (with an British dictionary) actually backs me up..

Anyway, that's enough of that. I hope that you don't think that I'm being overly pompous about it, but I find it quite difficult to let such clear cut matters drop..I hope that you'll take my word for it. That really truly is how we English spell it..
) (A fish called a 'meagre'...well I openly admit that that's a new one to me..

Now that's all out of the way, we can discuss the matters that bring us all here in the first place.
You'll find alot of hotly debated, conflicting yet fascinating ideas flying around..

Welcome and enjoy..

(PS..Thanks to Lee for his kind endorsement..)