"The future ain't what it used to be."

FOR Peter J. Atwood:



In one of your earlier messages you state:

"If you want the truth about the universe e-mail me. If you want to know how to time travel e-mail me."

In yet another you toss out some basic quantum mechanics regarding fermions and "termions" as you call them.

No offense, but you sound a little like some of these "Creation Science" webmasters I see around the net. They have the ultimate truth also. All you have to do is ask them. They'll be more than happy to tell you.

Is there anything in Multiverse Theory that is falsifiable? If so, how?

If all things have already occurred, and the creation of timelines by our actions is undetectable and unduplicatable, how is not moot to debate the issue? How does Multiversity really apply to the concept of Time Travel since it is not in itself Time Travel, but a manifestation of accidental timelines the perpetrator is never aware of?

If all time exists everwhere always, how is that fundamentally different from it not existing at all?
FOR: Lee...


Your statement:

"If all time exists everwhere always, how is that fundamentally different from it not existing at all?"

Actually makes a lot of sense. Indeed it exists as both the points, all you have to do is make a choice... and it will ultimately be correct.

The statements i have previously made in posts to this site are merely some ideas that i thought may have been interesting for people to think about.

If the multiverse theory is thought of in the right way, it can be regarded that every possible universe will only exist if you get to it. They do not exist before you travel to them, neither does any other temporal dimension before your conscience experiences it. The multiverse theory is simply a way of saying that you choose your own future and because everyone has free will, any future can be created. The outcome of interaction in the universe is proportional to psi. Also, an anthropic reasoning must be defined to consider the existence of the universe.

More deeper and personal views i regret i cannot post onto a public message board, as they are currently being used in research.

Remember all you need is belief.
Re:FOR: Lee...

Yes, I'd have to say your belief reasoning sounds familiar and is a concept shared by more than a few. I become a dimensional "agnostic" in this case, much the same as I am with regards to "God" or a Creator. I'm pretty much in Stephen Hawking's corner on this as well as several other things. He seems to be "blessed" with an ability to hypothosize in the most open minded and objective manner I've seen yet. He doesn't have as many distractions as the rest of us, but I'm sure it must be a mixed blessing in his eyes.

It would seem then, that in this (your) case, Multiversity is not really time "travel", but a recognition of the concept of ever propagating timelines, perpetuated by the infinite variety of possibilities available to each individual.

I would liken it to more of a spiritual or even religious concept as opposed to a physical one, if I'm hearing you correctly. I felt that in the essences of your messages from the outset.

My paradox "negative hypothesis" would not apply in this case.

By the way, I apologize for spelling your last name incorrectly in the message subject above.