"The future ain't what it used to be."

For those of the science mind and all others on TT


I see many scoff at the thoughts of creedo299, but I feel you may be limiting yourselves in doing such, merely mortal reactions. I encourage you all to read a little more before making narrow comments and it may lead to right path to opening up what is reality not only "the perectptions of learned science" which may be mearly illusion.

Read the article on the dissolvement of time effects om this message board and check out the books on the website at the end of the article. It may add possibility to your realities and and teh illusion the laws secience dictates to use through discovered knowledge being another "so called fact" that society tells us "this is how life is". If we assume science is correct and do not challane what it is "science" tells is fact we miss the reality of truth that really exists, and in doing this limit our minds to a box set of ideas that may be incorrect and being being so far from the truth of what "reality actually is".

Unbundling the facts of science and dissolvment of such may make way for understanding the reality of what really is, unlimiting ourselves to time travel and much more.

That web reference is www.buytheart.co.nz go to the link for the free library - Books 1 through 4 give reality to realization. It does focus on spirit and christ which you may or may not subscribe to, however if you simply open yourself to the relms of possibility and read through them it may reveal that which we dont know NOW. Coupled with that which you know may open something up for all.

If we all open our minds then combined with science maybe just maybe we will see all.
Dear thetazone,

Carlos Castaneda

The Appropriateness of Chance is Astounding

"There are great ideas undiscovered, breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of truth's protective layers" by Neil Armstrong
Hi P

Not quite but the deliver of this was Murdo - MacDonald Bayne a great master of realization and messenger of all that we do not see.

You have an open mind P and I see that in your posts and wisdom you attain to.

I know the realizations are hard in fact to understand as my own illusion at first did not even allow me any understanding of truth let alone to accept it. But in reading and time and knwoledge it does become possible to know certain realizations of what is reality.

I wish you peace and love always

T b
Not at all the time has come for all to know. It is not about how many posts appear but that which is contained within.

I enourage you to read all of them and then new ones in some weeks that will arrive.

Put aside the mortal ullsion of the veil that blinds us and open yourself wihtin to all that is.

It is onlt then can one discern truth from illusion.

Love to you all