For those who think Time Travel is wrong, ONLY!!! Thanks.


Dimensional Traveler
Like I've said before in the Anti-Time Travel posting, for those who've been reading.

The opposing side must be emphasized, as much as the side in favor.

Please respect the topic of this posting and only post things that are on topic. We need to get the talks going about Anti-Time Travel.

Post your questions, or your experiences with Time Travel. As we try and look at it from a different perspective. Unlike the rest that don't like having their dreams spoiled.

If you don't like what your reading, don't read on. But do respect the subject of this posting. You don't see me going around in your other posting areas talking about Anti-Time Travel and going off topic, now... Do you? I didn't think so.

So you should do the same. Just don't call me the radical here, when your the one's who don't listen and post things that are different then what the subject heading indicated.

I look forward in starting these talks of availing others of the dangers Time Travel may bring. Proper consideration to the effects must start now. So please join us, and ask questions, and share your experiences. Hope to hear from you all soon. Thank you, and have a great day =).

Sincerely yours,
Javier C. S.

P.S. By the way, here's the link to my website, if your courious to take a look at it.
What will I do if it's proven impossible?

I would write a book on my experiences, and say, "This is what I experienced with Time Travel, isn't it great that it's impossible so it won't become a reality and happen to you too?"

It would be a scared straight kinda book. Both educational at the same time, discussing Ethics and Religion, and how it's important to always look at things from all sides.

And It would also be a huge relief for me personally (if it's impossible =). How about you?

-Javier C.
I have mixed feelings about this. I understand the dangers of time travel, however I would love to be the first Dr Who. Given the track record of the human race I would never reveal the secret of time travel. Unfortunately my research of time indicates very conclusively that time travel is not and never will be possible. So it does not worry me when people try to build a time machine. What I find unfortunate is when unscrupulous people use terms that sound scientific to convince others to buy time machine blueprints or other time travel data. I do not condemn people for wanting to time travel nor would I take advantage of their desire to do so.
Excuse me for playing devils advocate here for just a minute (or 2, however long it takes you to read this post =), but Time Travel is a serious and real thing that is going on and will happen.

These scientist (by the way, you sound like one I know =) who are in study and testing of Time Travel have come close to doing some of the key components to it's use. It's not that there just saying all this mumble jumble and trying to sound scientific, it's that they know what the theories behind Temporal Mechanics are. These are things as simple as the law of Gravity and even you must acknowledge exists.

4th Dimensional Physics are real, and piercing through this dimension from the 3 dimensional domain of humans will someday be achieved. It's only a matter of when. It's already in the process, it's just going slowly for us. Trust me, it's already happened.

The strange and unexplained phenomena that require perhaps 10 filing cabinets to store, are not all caused by your normal run of the mill physics and weather, etc.... Things we can grasp and know with certainty.

It lies out side the realm of science, so it can't be proven, nor dis-proven. But consideration must be given to it, if we hope to understand how this could be a connection to our someday future technology.

You'll understand someday. You all will. It's Time Travel. It's every where. It's there with you when you go to work, when you go to sleep, when you go to church and pay your taxes =). It's the world we will create to fit your reality (plan).

Have a nice day,
Javier C.

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Who's law of gravity, Newton's or Einstein's do you find simple? It is clear you need time travel to exist to validate your temporal networking theory. After all it would be hard to talk to your future self if the future did not exist.What is your source for the statement "quantum particles travel faster then light"?
Hmm....this is an interesting issue, I have not spoken, but I have been a little bit of lurker and have read all the posts from the last one on this topic.

Is time travel wrong?

In other words, is interfeering with another person choices wrong, changing there free will? We all do that already, but with time travel it would be to achieve a desired affect, thus co-opting someones will.

But more importantly, the dangers of changing everything anyone cares about, Yes great good could be done, but at what cost? And whoever gets the technology to time travel first, is the only one with it. Think about it...

And TTA, I have to agree with you, this has happened already, I can recall several times at diferent ages when for a day or two I was slightly dazed and convinced the world had changed or the timeline shifted. Although lately the shifts have been more..localized? Hard to desribe..more general and vibrating that the 'slamming' shift I have felt before....perhaps you know what I mean, maybe not.
Hello Javier;

Remember me? Long "Time" no see ("@^@")
it is good to hear you are stiil voicing your comments on the reality & existence of Time~Travel, which if I might add are much closer to the truth than some of the others will evr come to realize, untill it slaps them cold, right in their face!

As for the "Dangers" of Time~Travel, you are attempting to point out, yes that too is also a very real concern that we must all become aware of, while dealing with this kind of operation.

Inasmuch as Time~Travel remains a mystery containing many unresolved issues, many of us within this arena, have yet to come to grasp the reality of Time~Travel itself, let alone begin to contemplate the surrounding dangers thereof.

I can appreciate, and understand that "saftey first" should always be a priority when dealing with anything that poses a threat to your mortality, or in this case your reality, and mortality, however when you examine the way man has treated his surrounding environment within the very realm of this solid, three dimensional ,linear terra planet, we call "Earth" you can see the comparison of total oblivious disreguard man has continued to march forward with in pursuit of all conquests he as aspired to achieve. It is amazing that we have survived thus far, yet in spite of all of those dangers we must overcome to conquer "Time~Travel" it too will inevitably come to pass, with many lives sacraficed to it's name in the process, just as it was in our quest for the space program.

In spite of all of the reasons we should not attempt this maneuver to conquer Time`Travel, you must realize that this does not mean that we should not, or will not achieve success with this program, any differently than any other challange man has had to overcome while pushing the envelope to expand the evolutionary process.

I hope you will someday understand.

Your Friend in Time
Hey Time02112,

How in the world did you ever find me =)? Yeah it's been a long time. I been doing what I can on these posts trying to get people to see the opposite side of Time Travel. A few realize that it's wrong either way, but others are just to stubborn and think it's this great present sent down from above. But they'll see someday. Once the pretty wrapping paper is gone, and the present is opened, they'd be begging to take it back.

So what have you been up to? Been involved in projects? I'm still waiting to be recruited. Maybe soon =).

Well, it's cool that you found me and this message board. I will be looking forward to hearing some of your posts and views. Hopefully we'll find others who share them as well. Wish us luck =).

Javier C.

P.S. You should really consider registering your name in the system. It's better. You get to edit your postings later, and get notified of replies to your topic that you started.
Oh hey, I didn't see your posting. And as for the quantum particles, I haven't updated my theory. There actually called Tycons. I must have crossed them wrong in my mind. I apologize for that, no need to get mad though.

Look up Tycons in a physics book or something. They travel faster then light, and I believe that our thoughts piggy back on them as they travel through time. Hence "psychics, mediums, and the such."

I first read about them on book called, "How to think about weird things, Critical thinking for a new age." On page 20, I believe. Go to your local library or book store and check it out. It's in the Occult Section. It a cool book, it discusses New Age subjects in a critical way. Debunking some, while explaining others.

But anyway's, I like Newtons Idea of gravity. It's simpler to understand, in my opinion. What was your other question... Sorry it's late. Let me know, and sorry I didn't answer your posting on time. I honestly did not notice it.

Javier C.
ok, I think there is an important question that has been overlooked. If indeed time travel is a problem, and is something man should not mess with, then what can we do about it? As I see it, very very little...most people will scoff at the idea of time travel being a reailty, so organizing a protest is out of the question...hmm...random thought.
I have noticed that certain major things people see in the movies they dismiss as being possible (like the goldeneye bomb, that would work..), so if a time traveling person wanted to smooth out the creation of time travel, perhaps traveling and getting movies/books/etc.. obsessed with time travel out there so people just see TT as a fun entertaining idea... I don't know. I find the more I learn the less I know... any thoughts?
I just wanted to say that what you are calling tycons is properly called tachyons. I should also point out that they are only theoretical. There is no physical evidence for this particle's existence. However, you are correct that tachyons are suppose to travel faster than light and hence travel backwards in time.
I find it a bit amusing that you would say that you like Newton's theory of gravity better than Einstein's. I guess one reason I say that is because I am a first year physics graduate student and I do not even understand Einstein's theory fully myself. Needless to say it is much more mathematical and abstract. But the main reason I am amused is that Newton's theory deals with an absolute time, i.e. you would not have to worry about time travel.
Dave is correct about tachyons. They are far to theoretical to base any temporal networking theory on. Even if you were to prove tachyons did exist developing a framework that explans how thoughts can piggy back on them would be very difficult.
Newton's gravity may be simple but it is incomplete. Even Einstein couldnot complete Newtons work so he developed his on theory of gravity. After which he concluded that Newton's theory was a wasted hypothesis.

As for absolute time, this sould pose no problem for time travel.