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Fox News & Report on Time Travel



I saw the end segment on Time Travel tonight on Fox News. Did anyone else catch it? DO you happen to know the name of the Dr. that is conducting the experiments & the web site that I can go to learn more about it? I checked Foxnews.com for info but the servers are down.

Thanks in advance - G.

You're probably thinking of Dr. Ronald L. Mallett at the University of Connecticut. Although I didn't know there was a report about him on Fox News (if I'd known I'd have taped it), if you use various
search engines, you should have no problem getting info on him. Peace!

Can someone clue me in on what exactly this Dr. is attempting?

I've written a time travel story and after copyrighting it I began to make it into a 3D comic displayed on the web. I'm always looking for interesting tidbits on time travel and the people studying it to help add more "fluff" to my story and make it seem a bit more realistic (it's a sci-fi story I wrote for fun)

Thanks in advance, and if you get a chance, check it out... at


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