Frank Lloyd Wright, Earth's other ambassador:


Epochal Historian
Frank Lloyd Wright, Earth\'s other ambassador:

Wright, Frank Lloyd

U.S. architect. Born in Richland Center, Wis., he studied engineering briefly at the Univ. of Wisconsin. He worked for the firm of Dankmar Adler (1844-1900) and L. Sullivan before opening his own Chicago practice in 1893. Wright became the chief practitioner of the Prairie school, building about 50 Prairie houses from 1900 to 1910.

Early nonresidential buildings included the forward-looking Larkin Building in Buffalo, N.Y. (1904; destroyed 1950), and Unity Temple in Oak Park, Ill. (1906). In 1911 he began work on his own house, Taliesin.

The lavish Imperial Hotel in Tokyo (1915-22, dismantled 1967) was significant for its revolutionary floating cantilever construction, which made it one of the only large buildings to withstand the earthquake of 1923. In the 1930s he designed his low-cost Usonian houses, but his most admired house, Fallingwater, in Bear Run, Pa. (1936), was an extravagant country retreat cantilevered over a waterfall.

His Johnson Wax Building (1936-39), an example of humane workplace design, touched off an avalanche of major commissions, incl. the Guggenheim Museum. Often considered the greatest U.S. architect, Wright became famous for "organic architecture," buildings that harmonize both with their inhabitants and their environment.

>>Please note to any alien that would judge the human race, on accounts of our past doings?

Note that there is one other ambassador for Earth, other than myself for an Earth bid ambassador.

This other ambassador was the famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright, in the commission of his fine works as a designed functional living space for Earthbased man.

Frank Lloyd Wright was phenomenal in the concepts and execution of his works, as he not only had designed well for the concept of American living, within beautifully based structures, but had designed for the common man, the promotion of societital advancement, as his national goal.

There was no other like Frank Lloyd Wright, as his superb intellectual vision, as this gift of vision had related to his ability to create wonderful structures, were literally eons ahead of Wright's own era.

Wright's formulas were basically simple in embracing the natural setting, for the needs and balance to his outstanding works.

What Wright seemed to have had an inkling for, was the knowledge that all of his design concepts within building structures, were basically all cradles, for a would-be fledgling Earthbase human, who would invest their life's way, within these structures.

If I had to point to two other structures of notoriety, as a result of Wright had conceived, I would have to say with awe and amazement, these two structures certainly do qualify Frank Lloyd Wright, as Earth's other ambassador to offworld thought influce and relationships.

The first was only the drawn in-line Mile High Skyscraper, which was a powerful avant guard statement. This rising showing angled sets of foundations, vested in trianglatures, that rose with a certain grace, never vested by any of Wright's other contemporaries.

The Mile High Skyscraper, was all Frank Lloyd Wright, in both the scraped and heavily contracted designs, which would have told this planet Earth, the people who dwell here, are anything but dumb, please in the creator's eye, give them some respect when you come here"?

This skyscraper, was an indication that Earthlings were not as dumb as once told by the books of gennises, within reference to the Ennui. However vestments of potential offworld maturity, which would well indicate a galactic citizenship, rather than ever dare label mankind as Earthbased to be used cattle.

The second was the Praire Church, which resembles an affectation more closely resembling an offworld mothership, that the traditional of what is refered to as an Earthbased house of worship.

It was within Wright's incredibly advance eye of design concept, that he understood that it was the people, with the abstraction of how they were made. This was a barter principle, as to how Earthbased man himself would both moderate and then tend to his own business.

The concept of mass, or church is such that God is really a'descriptive.Know with what lies in the concept of man's mind at the mere indication of this abstraction, is the concept that mankind himself, could par and somehow be worthy to other reaches.

Maybe this testament by Wright, was within the mode, that Earthbased man too, would someday, if not now hold a spiritual parody with many of the known offworld civilizations, as told by Wendelle C. Stevens.

I must say to all potential offworld aliens who would come here to this Earth, in order to judge man on his mal deeds, that please, look in the light of what Frank Lloyd Wright saw for us all?
Of what we could be and act as such within his designs, that you first ask the question to yourselves, do we have the total right to judge Earthlings in totality?

He is by the recording of his fine architectural works and the testament that he left for all who still both honor and remember him, the other offworld ambassador.

The works that he had designed and then had these works committed to structure, are our living testament of Earhbased man's worth here on this planet.

He is, our other ambassador.

In this light of uncertain changes coming to the Earthbased community at this point in time, with said planet X being as a liberating probe, please be mindful of who and what you are judging by the awarded intent of Wright's past works?

This is so, as Frank Lloyd Wright within his great love for his fellow man, designed for all Earthlings in mind.

His lesions might not have necessarily been followed, however Wight's astounding visions of what could be for the common Earthbased man, in some cases, still stand.

There is never any shame in not being perfect as a society.

The only sin with reference to any society regardless of where this might be, is not to have tried.

I'm afraid to say, that the greater width of this Earthbased society, as well as both these ambassadors have certainly tried.

Most sincerely, pro tem bid ambassador for Earth