"The future ain't what it used to be."

From a friend of John Titor


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John Titor passed away over 20 years ago in my timeline. He was killed in action after the nuclear war which sparked in Asia after the bombings from France. I cannot tell you all the details of this, for my commanders do not wish for me to release too much information about myself. However, what I can tell you I will, my name is Robert Westnell, I was John Titors best friend. I come to the year 2059. I have many things to say and am open to questions.

-Robert Westnell
Re: From a friend of John Titor - energy sources


I would like to know which kind of systems do you have in the future to store energy.
I mean batteries or accumulators are not state of the art. Is it possible to store energy from lightning? In 2059 oils sources are probably running dry...

All the best

p.s. how long do you will stay in our dimension?
Re: From a friend of John Titor - energy sources

Instructions, please give yourself the option of answering this post here, in this thread, or here at this area http://www.timetravelinstitute.com/ttiforum/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=time_travel&Number=22986&page=0&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=&fpart=&vc= or here at this area, http://anomalies.net/time_travel/, or at said time travel link, run by Gavin?

Here is my question, you can answer this anywhere = I have these questions:

Did Titor go rouge and not reply to his assigned return time back to the future?

On the G.E. Time Displacement Unit, there is evidence from the Anomalies Network, that Titors machine suffered what is known as an electrodynamics quantum flux spike, that effected his G.E. time travel unit, in some way, wouldn't there be an internal apparatus that would signal to the future, that this was the case?

Who was Ardon Krep and was he assigned to come back and contact Titor?

It was first said that Titor came straight back to this time and then constructed later, that Titor had to utilize various timelines, in order to get back to his intended timeline.Please a little more clarity on this issue please?

My name is Justin Stewart under command of Charlie Haynes (Timeline_39) whom (as you would know) was sent to bring Titor back to 2039 from 2003. Eventually returning to 2042 with Charlie. I am sure you know these events and of Charlie. I am currently stranded here and recently posted an SOS for which I hope will be a quick rescue.

I have never heard about you before. Please tell me about yourself. I am interested to hear how Paradise in my time turns so bad in such a short space of time. And how John died as he was alive and well when I left.

What is your location right now? If I do not get rescued before the Council embargo, am I able to get a ride with you?

Re: From a friend of John Titor - energy sources

Yes it is possible. However we still generate our power like you do in this age. If it is needed in the future, perhaps we will.

Titor did not go rouge, his machine was simply damaged. John used his damaged machine to make a jump. He got to his time. Despite what many say about him being taken to the future of his time.

In laymens terms, yes, it was. You see, his machine was never repaired. It was as a matter of fact lost. John attempted to send many signals to the future to give us reports of his mission. The reason he stayed here for so long was because of the damage his ship suffered. John was not taken to his home, he was ment to be warped into Central Flordia. He was not, where the ship was he did not say. It is expected it was lost in the beginning of the new war.

Ardon Krep was another time travler. He was ment to assist John on his mission to recover the IBM machine. (Which by the way, I am proud to report did fix the UNIX System). However, Krep was at the time of the mission told he could not assist John. Krep was not sent to send a message to John, He was sent to bring him back. Krep is currently in the future, alive, as far as I know.

Haha, No... He never did. He was taken directly to his time line. Despite it was not the exact location where the warp was sechduled.

You paradise? If you wish to put it that way allow me to explain. After the UNIX system was fixed, the US was needed to assist in the UK. They were also having computer troubles. The UK who also used a UNIX system thought that US technicians could help seeing as they fixed their system. Another Time Travler, Tom Wenberg, was sent back to recover another UNIX system. Another IBM. While the US Was in the UK a civil war sparked. In England one group which wished to use Nuclear weapons if the time called for it. Another thought there should be none of the weapons. This sparked a fight. China, which had allied with the anti-nuclear missle group, was ready to send in troops. The other group which has been deemed WENSA (Westren England Nuclear Systems Army), launched an assult, a nuclear assult no less on China, but also some of Asia. Currently the US is offering the AG (Anti-Nuclear Goverment) their support, but are refusing in fears of starting WWIIII.

John was not going to be sent on another mission to this time, well, none was sechduled at his time of death. On December 4th, 2039 John was killed in England, still attempting to fix their system. He was shot by a member of WENSA, who mistook him for an AG technician. May he R.I.P.

My mission here I cannot tell you. For my commanders have forbidden it. If you have any more questions, please, feel free to ask.

I must also add. You may like to know, though the bombings that landed on Asia came from the WENSA. In the near future from the events I have listed, China attempted to station troops in France, France did not stand for this. They slaughtered the troops. China, has attacked France, France, which then dropped yet another nuclear bomb on China has allied with WENSA. Currently, China is threatning Nuclears as well. Very few parts I am sad to inform you are fit to live in. Most of China is a raidoactive mess.

-Robert Westnell.
Re: From a friend of John Titor - al q.

Hi Robert, I too would like to know if & when they capture Osama Bin Laden? Welcome to the past, by the way. /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif
Re: From a friend of John Titor - al q.

If I too am going to be under government surveillance, then let the government cars that pull up beside me, pull up in sets of twenties, all talking on their cell phones, at the same time like they were today.

This way, there are enough representatives to cover all the varied timelines.

I'm serious,. twenty at a time and no less.

This government claims to be the worlds greatest government ever........Well then let them observe me with twenty under cover cars at a time, instead of just one flashy Magnum P.I. knock-off.

Of course if youre fiddling with time, then you knew all along that I was going to say this?

[You can't be from the future, as you're being stupid.Chronohistorian
A well, is this the start of another hoax? Since John Titor IS REAL. I'd say not. But please tell, will Bin Laden be found or is it a hoax created by the American Goverment (I'm Dutch) or NWO? I'd really like to know that. /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif

And as a second, since the timelines are different, can you tell us if the civil war and more importantly World War III will ever take place. And in case they are; when will they start or is it, to put it in John's words, no suprise when it comes? /ttiforum/images/graemlins/confused.gif
What is the population count here in the US after the war? How long does it last? How long does it take to have services such as phones, mail, internet, banking power etc to be restored? Is barttering very popular or is there a different exchange for currentcy? Who is in control of goverment? How does government affect small comunities. What new laws are there and what old laws have been removed? What is the average number of people to a household? Are women ever going to be treated as an equal in wages, respect, for bringing life to the earth? Describe an average day of every day tasks as they unfold. What is the major form of travel used then? What city has the largest population? How has transportation of goods and people changed? Does VR even become a problem? and Is my little AI "Kevin" still around?
Re: From a friend of John Titor - energy sources

On December 4th, 2039 John was killed in England, still attempting to fix their system. He was shot by a member of WENSA, who mistook him for an AG technician. May he R.I.P

Why was John working on computer systems when he stated him self that he was not a computer tech?
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It's funny how I kind of found this forum to sort of jog my brain around a little bit, out of boredom. But I find some nice attention whores. (No offense) : )
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By takeing the word WENSA and turning the w upsidedown, it spells Mensa.

Sometime when people become so brilliant, what their doing later turns into stupid?