Further explorations of complex relativity


Chrono Cadet
Folks, I just realized something else which is very strange about the universe.

Temperature and Electricity must likely be affected by the theory of relativty also.

For instance: When a light beam is emitted by an object that is moving towards an observer, the light beam will be blueshifted.

If it was an infrared beam, the observer would feel the beam getting hotter the more the object emitting the beam accelerates.

Likewise, if the object emitting the beam were to be going away from the observer, then the beam would get colder. If the object reached 1c, there would be no effect on the observer. However, if the object PASSED 1c, the same beam would begin to make the observer feel a COLD spot on his hand, as the beam would begin to carry a NEGATIVE TEMPERATURE.

Thus, the material of the object must change temperature also.

Think about it... temperature is usually gauged by how fast a particle is moving. If a "stable" mass begins to accelerate to relativistic speeds, it's relative temperature will begin to change.

We need an equation to measure this change in temperature...

Also... Electrical charge will change as well.

As an object accelerates, its length shortens. This will cause more matter to occupy smaller points in space. theoretically, that means that eventually a space that would normally accomodate two electrons will begin to only accomodate one, giving the occasion for two electrons to coalesce, forming an orbital sub-nucleon with a charge of +2

which means that electrical charge changes with speed.

A likely conclusion for both of these observations is that not only the length of an object changes at relativistic speeds, but the observer will actually "see" a different substance.

For instance: if the observer was watching two atoms of hydrogen speed away at a speed at which the length had been shortened just enough, the observer would ACTUALLY SEE one atom of Helium 4.

But once the object had slowed down enough, the observer would once again see two atoms of Hydrogen.


So we need an equation illustrating the change of temperature with speed and the change of electricity with speed.

Who's up to it?

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From what I have learned is that the big bang was trillions of years past, not in the billions.

This is said as only an allusion.

That the process of fresh creation of sectors of space, is due to cataclysmic explosions.

Source Wendy L Friedman, Carnegie Observatories, Pasadena California.
I think you meant to reply to a different post than this one, creedo.

This post has nothing to do with creation, but rather, complex relativity:

To reiterate my concerns:

We need two new relativity equations showing change in temperature with velocity, and change in electricity with velocity.

Only then can we formulate a grand unified theory.
In order to have a correct theory on GUT, one has to calculate the age of the universe correctly?

This was never done, so any theory attached to parochial quantum string stellar mechanics, would always be a superfluis attachment.

Not trying to stop you here, play with grand unification all you want.

However, one can not peer through the Hubble's data, on distant star length fields, and come with with data saying trillions of light years away and then try to construct theories on the age of the universe, using a time frame in the mere billions of years.

This type of logic is nothing more than a theory resting on a house of cards.
the answer has to be extremely simple. All things start out simple and become more and more complex.

By understanding the core of creation, we can begin to unfurl the rest of universal possibilities.

I believe that we may find that the everything in the universe, when unified, will have the value:

(0,1) or (1,0)

depending on perspective.