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Further Montauk Information: Is anyone interested?


Dear Friends,

There is still more to be gleaned in materials related to the Montauk projects. This week alone I have seen several boggling write-ups on mind control going back into the late 1940's, that confirms my personal premises that Montauk could have been a fully active experiment in the late 1950's when I visited the Light at least twice.

Is anyone else interested in seeing more of this information posted here? Please E-Mail me directly with your "Yes" votes to: [email protected]. Thanks

Dear Friends,

Having found it quite necessary to take a respite from all of my wearing researching at the tend of the year, I am once again cautiously resuming my diggings into the Montauk Project and related covert research and development operations by the US Government and countless others, in untold locations worldwide. If you have any current information that is verifiable and not elsewhere publicly avaialbe that you are willing to share, I am eager to learn what you have and kick into what ever hornets nests there may be, and there shall be some, if anything I still suspect concerning yet unconfirmed areas of my past are actually so.
No, I haven't had any furth contact with any of the Montauk crew, i.e Preston Nichols or Stuart Swerdlow, however, I have Preston's home address and telephone number, and Stuart has a huge websight where he peddles information some of which supposedly was gleaned from the Montauk adventures he avers to have been a part of from his teen years.
If there is any interest, pleas let me know by direct E-Mail. Thanks. :D
You guys are sad. Dont you know the Montauk experiment is all just hype to get us to believe the military is that GOOD that they can transport a ship? I mean come on! They cant even beat the Iraqi army bad enough as to have no casualties after the fighting is supposed to have stopped! You guys need to wake up to the truth. Wouldnt it be very wise of the military to spread these rumors and keep them around, to scare everyone into believing that they can actually pull this kind of stuff off?

You actually believe that crap in the montauk books? Those guys are scamming. I mean look at it. They sell it as fiction but say it's real? (wink wink) If they won't stand by there word, why should you?

The One,

Alright then, if all of this is hype, where is the irrefutable evidence thereof? The US govenrment has made no verifable case to disprove the Philadelphia Experiment, Montauk Project or any other such covert research and development scenarios in locations ongong all around the world, and most likely now in space, were the truth really known.

Dear Zxavier,

In regard to mind control:

Have you read about Dr. Ewen Cameron and his "sleep rooms" and other such experiments that he carried out at Allan Memorial Institute in the 50's and 60's. The kicker is that he was head of the American Psychiactric Associan for quite awhile. Real nazi type experimental stuff.

I read about it some time ago in books that I checked out from the library, but here are 2 web sites that give the nitty gritty. This is acknowledged stuff now, not some "theory" .



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No, I have not. I will keep that in mind, oops please forgive the absolutely atrocious pun there, for the future if and when I find the time to get back into this research. Currently real life as collided with purposed distatctions . . . /ttiforum/images/graemlins/ooo.gif, and I am becoming acqauinted with it again.