"The future ain't what it used to be."

future man

The Doctor

Temporal Novice
If someone was from the future, how could they prove it? They can't it is impossible to prove. Anything they say can be shot down by some other explaination. Even it you had them write you a history book before it happened and then compared it as time went along, you could say that either they are psychic or just lucky. Even a high tech device from the future or even the time machine itself can be hoaxed by a brilliant mind. The only way to prove time travel is to do it yourself on your own. Even then you wouldn't be able to prove it to anyone else. Good luck.
I suppose if we assume nothing is provable, then we certainly are free to speculate that ANYTHING could be true.

Maybe the move "The Matrix" is an accurate depiction of reality. We're really only incubated entities that serve as a power source for some greater piece of machinery. In our incubation chambers, we're allowed, even induced, into dreaming what we consider reality. Even the "dreams" we have in this fabricated reality.


In lieu of any REAL proof, we could agree to accept that a preponderence of evidence could be accepted as the next best thing. Sort of like civil law.

If a person came here from the future, bringing access to some "portal" or other means to it, took several credible people for a "ride" to the future in or thru it, with documented observance by the media, we MIGHT be able to say time travel is possible. Even come to accept that it must be so.

Maybe I'd have a hard time "proving" a several ton tube of aluminum can be propelled into the air with 300 people inside of it, but it wouldn't stop me from hopping a 747 to the mainland.