gentlemen, here is your assignment. . .

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..should you decide to accept it (ladies too!) for those of you who have remote viewing skills:

1) remote view an alien craft somewhere, anywhere. i don't what you to remote view reptilians, nordic humanoids. i want you to view those little critters known as "greys".

2) once there, remote view the surroundings: if it is their home planet (or home dimension) that is o.k. if you can find a crowd of greys, all the better.

3) make note of your surroundings (walls, instraments, windows, ceilings, floors, vegitation) and commit them to memory.

4) approach the grey(s)and try to make you presence known; say "hi", run around holling, view inside their heads, touch them, anything you can think of to alert them of your presence.

5)report you results back here:

a-details about the alien enviroment
b-the greys response when they realize you are there.

i've already done this, i want to hear about other people's responses before i tell my story.
heres my response , they scared the living daylights out of me . there were two and when I saw there white faces and big eyes I came back into the room my body was in and my physical body jumped back with my astral body instead of the other way around. I found myself standing beside the bed and screamed so lound my throat was sore for days. All you have to do to attract them is read something by whitley streiber . clara

this is not to say they are bad or evil they just scare the hell out of ya when you see them . I guess cause its not something you see everyday.although I still can't be with them without screaming. I fell sure they are the ones who screwed up my uterus. for what reason I haven't a clue.
ha ha ha, that's pretty good, i like your sense of humor. but really, please remote view some greys and let me know how they react to you. thanks in advance.
you think i'm kidding . How about the ones who where the tight fitting white jumpsuit. they have long bony fingers and drive those round saucer shaped craft. they usually arrive with a low vibrational hum an different colored lights. there is an emblem on the right side of the chest but I cannot make out what it is . No I'm not lying clara
actually, you got a lot more details than i did. all i got was "kicked to the curb" by the greys. as soon as came on the scene (remote viewing, not astral travel)they were aware of my presence. apparently, those little fellows have quite a powerhouse of brainpower in those oversized skulls of theirs, you can remote view humans all day and they'll never know. with the greys i got the impression they could sense me there among them while i'm remote viewing just as easily as if i'd physically walked on their craft and said "hi". they are as advanced to us mentally as we humans are to a rock. no wonder we can never catch the little bastards by surprise or photograph them. anway the reception i got was similar to one i'd get if i walked into a strangers house in the middle of the night. lucky they didn't cap me.

clara, i'm glad you replied to my post, but still, i'm very disapointed that no one else put in the effort to check it out and report their experience back here on the forum. it would have been very interesting to see if others got the same response as i did. this thread didn't exactly catch on fire, that's why i disclosed my experience so quickly. it won't be long before this thread will be pushed off the page do to inactivity. sorry to say...
yes i agree everytime I try to talk about alein encouters nobody whats to go there. there seems to be some kind of mental block about the subject. I often wonder if 99 % of the population have this block. Maybe the aliens put it there themselves. if no one ever exposes them then they will be able to keep doing whatever they are doing. Everytime I start thinking about the greys (the ones on whitely streibers book) I start having nightmares. The other aliens I see don't trigger this reaction. there is one who is very large has electric looking hair and glows white. He is very kind and has saved me from trouble. He is usually in the company of 2 small glowing beings maybe 3 feet tall. The one I saw that has the circular ship , I never saw his face . His fingers are bony and long and he wears a white jumpsuit. He has given me much helpful information. I have been in the presence of the domitian, I got the daylights scared out of me he has glowing red eyes and somehow I was on his ship . I woke up screaming the domitian the domitian. I didn't know what this was I looked in all kinds of books and books in different languages but couln't find anything. about a year later I was surfing the internet and I saw this sentence . " the domitian killed the envoys of christ , I was shocked to say the least . I have encounted him one other time since then and then the Mothman movie came out and I was shocked again because I think this is the being with the red eyes. I don't tell anybody about my encouters because they will call me crazy. I just wait and see what comes and deal with it then . I'm not bothered as much since I quit astral traveling . I think this triggers other beings to come to you because not many humans can concuiously astral travel .like you said if you show up in their presence they are gonna notice you are there . YOu had better watch out because some of them don't want you knowing they are there . clara

>>>some kind of mental block ABOUT the subject<<<<

Maybe the greys ARE the mental block itself.

Just suppose by way of analogy ones' psyche were made of wood. In this analogy the greys begin to look a lot like termites.

We could also say that Striebers powerfull mind is rittled with them....poor guy.

Who ya gonna call?
When I my presence be known to the Greys they kneel and worship me as the God that I am. Unlike when you puny humans view them, the Greys only know my presence when i wish it. Now kneel all humans and all greys to the mighty master CREEPO!
oh joy, oh rapture. creepo is back

i'm relatively new to this forum, someone tell me; creepo is creedo right? i mean the guy keeps transferring between screen names like amelda marcos changes shoes. creepo=creedo right?

Dunno but its beginning to look that way. If i had as many splits as creedo i could start my own chat room.

He feeds on attention. But then don't we all?

Attention is time
and time is money.
To ward of abduction
Eat lots of baloney.

You know this all reminds me of the time that....KLUNK!
hok-zeez hok-zeez hooak-zeezz..... hockzzeezs........