god? creator or created?


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is god just a man made creation, designed to blinker us from the reality of nothingness at the point of death.
a man made construct to save us from our own mentality.?
Re: The Divine One

Friend Isus

Although not a religious being in any concept, I do accept the existence, or prescence if you will, of a higher intelligence working in the background. For instance, take the occurrence of life in this planet. It took an intelligence and a will to unite several proteins into one single cell organism. It was no mistake, it was no accident, it was willed by a higher consciousness. Do you know what are the odds of that ever happenning? It is 1/17,000,000,000,000 of a chance.

It takes a force to impart momentum onto an object and take it out of its state of inertia, right? Well it took a force to take the inertia away from the universe and create the big bang. A will was at work there too. It might not be the God we think, remember we have given human attributes to an endless, all encompassing intelligence, it might turn out to be very different, but it is still there, making it´s presence known every single nanosecond of our existences.

I for one believe that it is out there waiting for us to reach It. The invitation written all over nature, in the trees, the rivers, the oceans, even the lands that we so much deplorate and ......Oh the stars. A divine drama is written all over them, every single world with a different story to learn and then maybe someday we will all share those different stories and make of all of them the one true history of the universe.

Until later becomes now.
Re: No\' how it works

No how it works Isus, is that there are a few gods, such as Norse, oriential indian and the like and there is also a main God, who has christian juedeaick leanings.

How things work, is that in the physical, aliens had engineered man up from apelike man.

This is said in the book, (Extraterrestial Friends And Foes), by Geo C. Andrews, the Khyla Interview, within the book.*Andrews and publishers, all rights reserved.

In the spiritual however, this collection of Gods, gives Earth appointed man, his inner soul identiy.

So technically Earth based man, is a physically and spiritually laiered type of being, who has his making within two differnt areas of creation.

Source proof said, FATE Magazines, archival story, *Stone cellars of New England/, which are said by story materials, to be passageways for the Norse Gods and Vikings, as seen by storyline contributor.*All right reserved FATE Magazine, Llyellen Wide World Publishers.

Other tellings, said sources, the book and interview series, by Betty Andreasson Luca, in her, The Andreasson Affair as well as The Watchers book seriesThis was on encouters with the Christian Juedeaick God and Angels, within said and drawn cave series, eluded to being beneath oceans systems of Earth, via Andreasson Luca's writing with Raymond Fowler.

Note Lucas hypnotoic regerssions were being able to speak estatic toung, which had some certain elements of early Hebrewic natures to them, however not even totally ancient Hebrew, as recorded per session.*All rights reserved Luca ,Fowler and publishers.

OPINION OF CREEDO299, That both E.T.s real and out of time constructed mankind on Earth and that there is an accepted union of Gods, who it would seem tollerant each others presence.

Thank you
I think of god as an equation, a grand equation, that exhibits life, because it is the equation that formulated existence, and it perpetuated a specific randomness that created the possibility for life, and it is the equation that is at the core of our existence, like a grand computer code that sets the parameters, a basic dialogue between the nothingness and the reality/ies.

I think of god as not anthropomorphic, but as a creative and destructive force. An underlying inertial energy of possibilities.

I think that a lot of human Religion is mostly based upon politics and morality and social conformity, social engineering if you will. Whereby, at their core are ideas, absolutely fantastic ideas, of GOD. Spiritual ideas and things that give us a sense beyond ourselves.

I tend to find more GOD in physics these days than I do in socially acknowledged Religions, for the most part.

But I am continually intrigued to read and study old scripts of human history, for the same themes continually arise again and again.

The appropriateness of chance is astounding.
Modern physics, to counter Persephone's assertion, actually almost totally removes the necessity for the existence of a "Creator".

According to some theories of cosmology, the universe began as a quantum fluctuation in the limitless Void (Hartle Hawking hypothesis). In the absence of an observer, the evolving universe remained as a 'multiverse' - a coherant quantum superposition of all logically possible states.

Throughout its early history the universe continued to develop as an immense superposition of probabilities. Not only was the structure of the universe superposed, but all logically possible states of matter, physical constants, properties and laws were simultaneously present and evolving into ever increasing diversity.

Some logical arguments against the contradicting attributes of the Judeo-Christian God are:

If God is omniscient (all knowing in time), then God cannot be benificent (all good); for if God has pre-ordained suffering, then He cannot be all good.

On the other hand, if God has given free will to all of His subjects, then He cannot be omniscient, because He will always be surprised by what we do.

If God is outside of "time" then God cannot be an active participant in our mundane existence.

Conversely, if God is within "time", then He cannot be an infinite Being.

From what I've been able to discern from this site, most people here are Creationaists under the category of "Theistic Evolutionists" -- which means that they accept all or most of modern physics but invokes God for things outside of the realm of science, such as in the creation of the human soul or of the as the First Cause of the universe.
Re: All that true if....

Dear Friend Robin

Yes all that is true if the protagonist of our creation was an antropomorphic being, like the one the ancient societies used to worship. Nonetheless the One True Source of this magnificient Universe is not such a being. I wish I could only begin to fathom the immenseness of the Source, but my mind is still very limited. To understand the grandeour of the Source it would be like trying to teach a child, who is beginning to grasp the concept of summations, the theory behind three integrals calculus.

It is a simple fact of maturing. When we are capable enough to understand things or learn them, then it is that we can engage into such processes. Developmental Psychology is starting to understand this. People like Vigotsky, Erickson and Goldman, to name a few of the early theorist of cognitive behavior, stated that we could only understand things that we were mature enough to assimilate.

It is a fact that humanity is a very young race. According to the Universal Principle of Correspondence, if we study our children´s behavior we could understand our own as a race. When humans are young in order to understand the violent world unfolding around them they create stories that are not true, invent imaginary friends and even believe in fairy tales. Humanity as a race, having been catalogued as being in it´s second stage of evolution, has done this with their religions. Not comprehending their world they created human-like god entities. With time ans maturation our gods have become less human and more spiritual, nontheless they still hold a great portion of human-ness in them.

We are still growing as a race and some day we will learn the true nature of our Creator and Source, but for now we need to keep calm, never loose our faith and above all acknowledge that there is something greater than all of the universe combined.

Until later becomes now.