"The future ain't what it used to be."

God momnets, evolutionary change


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The God-moment, evolutionary change:

It came as a burst of emotion, accompanied by alterations in the DNA helix itself.

It was not something coming from somewhere, but something that had already been that, that was now starting to indicate its presence.

It was in the scenes from what others had showed.

If was the moment of silence, when Arroway had burst through the galactic wheel, so looking down on what was creation and discovering that the galaxy was alive.

The tearful words, "I had no idea, I didn't know"? were what had come from Dr. Arrowways mouth and the energy of a million suns, all told that this concert must be sung.

Other musicians also knew of the song of Angles and the great barrier, to which no human could travel past, without a special suet.
Re: yet another contact

...a bright flash bathed the entire nebula, blasting relentlessly against the cosmic dust, as the bright flash send it's wave of force across the galaxy in an endless silent cadence. Only one thing dared survived the cataclismic blast, it was a small bullet shaped pod that escaped the explosion area miliseconds before the entire planet-ship became a new star for the unsuspecting onlookers of the future.

The silvery pod, now away from danger, began to slow down almost to a stop, then it kept moving on as inertia took on.

"H'rlla", exclaimed the a small luminous being. It was made out of light and even then more undescribable shades and small bursts of light took place within it's humanoid shape. The creature besides it, a primate-looking creature looked up to it's loving master concerned.

The voice of this luminous being resonated in the sterile cleanliness of the small pod like crystalline twinkles strinking harmoniously against the purity of Heaven." H'rlla you must carry out our destiny. We became light but our own arrogance extinguished our inner fire. Now I am but the last one and even I shall soon receive judgement."

You can not understand what I say but soon you shall.

As it's last words left it's corruscating form the being darkened and vanished. But it did not do so before giving it's small loving pet a gift that would endure for a thousand thousand thousand generations....

Earth TR125.0121
Somewhere near the African Planitiae

A distant star scarred the night sky as it descended. It did not bore a hole in the soil like the other ones. But it did change the history of that world for ever.
Re: yet another contact

I really wished you guys had continued that story, I found it a great read, but very sad nonetheless.

On another note, supernovae from 58 million years ago?

"M-85 and its two companion galaxies are a part of the Virgo/Coma Galaxy Cluster, and are located in the Constellation of Coma Berenices. Pierre Mechain discovered it in 1781. This galaxy was at first classified as an elliptical, but because of its slight disk-like shape and outer extensions, it is now considered either a lenticular galaxy or a spiral galaxy with only a slight hint of spiral arms. It is seen nearly face-on but it appears to have a different direction of rotation in the center compared to the outer portion. It also has an inner ring of new star formation. Some Astronomers believe that this star formation results from M-85 having recently "cannibalized" another galaxy. M-85 has the same red shift as the other two galaxies in the image and is strongly interacting with them. This galaxy was the host of Type I Supernova 1960R, which reached 12th magnitude at maximum brightness."
Interacting Galaxies M-85, NGC 4394, & MCG 3-32-29 Quasar J1225+182

I was thinking if anyone was a fan of sci-fi writing...
that might fit the bill.

I really enjoyed reading about the myth of Coma Berenices.