Gravity Waves

Depending on the source.

Depending on the strength.

Also depends, if these waves are modulaited, by some natural or man-made apparatus?

In terms of General Relativity the answer has to be yes. In GR gravity is defined as the curvature of spacetime caused by a mass.

BTW: Gravity wave and gravitational wave are not the same thing. Here's a source of information fro you:
"The Detection of Gravitational Waves", David G. Blair (editor)
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Gravity Waves do bend spacetime. The curvature involved in these occurrences are a factor of the density and mass of the object involved. In our Universe, as well as in many others, the curvature of timespace made by an object is directly proportional to it's mass/density ratio, however where an object's mass/density ratio be inversely proportional to each other a singularity would occur. The resulting effect would then be like a hot ember burning through the fabric of spacetime, creating in the process a wormhole like tunnel.

Through these tunnels it would then be feaseble to make a temporal jump. However the problem with this GW Tunnels is that the direction, nor the destination of one's movement through spacetime can not be easily controlled. The model however stands, for they are a reproducion of a naturally occurring phenomenon, the blackholes.

Once I was told by one of my colleagues that timephasing via this method could only open a quasi-permanent destination in timespace and once created it, it's destination could not be altered. This would create a machine capable of travel to the same date over and over again.

Until later becomes now.
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Please note concerning the poster at known as Barg 1 and also known as creedo299 who also post at this posting board.

Concerning my early postings at

There is an irreguality in the asking to one of the MOPs at Anomalies, when I had asked, [If there was another MOP, due to his level of hostility, if he was active within the inteligence community?]

The answer one of these MOPs had given me, was that this other MOP was not active, nor was he himself active within the inteligence community.

I still do not know the answer to the question, however be it know, that this one MOP had said when such and such post, or even did he post, such and such org, gets a hit.

I did not know and still do not know if my posting within these two boards, were as part of a porposeful placeing, in the said inteligence community of this time?

Me not saying so, for the proposed position of an offworld ambassdor, would require full disclosure at a later date.So if there would be a searching within my past and circumstances would appear I was hob-nobbing with the inteligence community, then I might be termed as a possable subversive to the sought post of off-world ambassador.

I am not a unit of the inteligence posting web community, of these postings boards, now presently or then.

2.Secondly, I had made the aquaintance of a Mr. x on these posting boards and in the context of conversation, Mr. x had threatened a Pleaidean by the name of Ptaah, who is technically my father.He called him Daddy Ptaah, which was the insult, among other items.

For this crime, if Mr. x would be termed compos mentes, then there might be a duel to the death, in order to defend Ptaah's honor.

No intimation at this time, has been made to me, for satisfation for Ptaah's said honor, which would involve me, fighting for Mr. xe's honor, by any said or known off-world concerns.

This satifaction involves an area based battle to defend the honor of Ptaah, the Pleiadean commander.

There is a photo of said statues in the Spiritweb showing the types of weapons which are held by stone statues, entailing the old area stile of fighting.

These statues are real within the Pleiadean world and at one time for accussed dishonor to a prominate Pleiadean a duel to the death was accepted fare.

In order to Mr. x to live, I would have to fight in his place, even though this was my father, that Mr.x had insulted.

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"Please to anyone reading this posting, Mr. x did not know. This is all words an verbage by one unknowing to Pleiadean ways, please please let this issue go"?

3.I have had both missing time and cellular matter taken from me as a result of posting here on these boards.

There was an MOP probably involved with this area of my missing time?

Being part Gypsey, there is a double curse concerning ever stealing from a Gypsey.

I was not part of this either missing cellular matter or missing time.

For peace in my own life, I ask that the invovlement of this issue be dropped?

4.There was an operation performed upon me, by Grays, gray sorts of beings.

This was on my right side in year 1983, a year after my birth.

This operation had something to do with my gene status and I feel that in some ways, I owe the Grays, for saving my life.

Thank you to the Grays.

Any other aspect of this past operation was durring my semiconciousness and was not pourposly part of my doing.

I ask that this issue be dropped.
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Rick works for the U.S. Air Force - and is in the U.S. Air Force Reserve. His email address is provided through work - thus the email address and server.

The other member, who identified himself, also is a member of the U.S. military. Like Rick he too has a email address.

I work for the California State government - thus have a email address when I use that system.

None of this has ever been a secret. As I said on the Anomalies board, if a "spook" was lurking he/she wouldn't be using a server or ISP account...not that they would find anything of interest either here or on the Anomalies TT board.

And - yes - I did intelligence work a long time ago. That too is no secret...and I didn't snoop on time travelers, aliens, Greys, lizardmen or their embassadors.

Stop being paranoid, my friend. This is, after all, supposed to be recreation and entertainment.
Re: Gravity Waves//legal posting

Posting note:Please note my previous post was for possable future employment concerns.

Names have pourposely not been included.

No offence intended. /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif
Re: Gravity Waves//legal posting

Re Darby'

My bid for Earth's ambassador, while it lasted, was for all sorts of off-world races.This office would be under the proviso that these races would want to openly land and do busniess with Earth, within the open letter of the law.

This had ment, established busniesses in zoned, publically approved areas, with the knowledge of the American puiblic.

There is an uneasy stance, between the Earth-bound Alpha Drackoians, and some of the Grays.

So the term Lizard Men, would be to some form of humanoid reptoids, be considered as a type of racial slander, as all sorts of the humanoid reptoids, are not the same.

You have to know and have a feeling on and how to handle off-world issues.

You certainly don't entertain a group of humanoid reptoids, at a busniess meeting and then drop the term, "you know, all you lizardmen"?

Any statment such as this, may not only offend, however may cost a busniess deal.

There are at least four to five differing kinds of reptoid humans, that I can name right off.

Of course, not all are the same in either the way they appear, nor their temperments, as well as self opinions of more mammely designed Earthbased man.

I had even submitted an application to the president's office for this postion, as I was so serious about this possable oppertunity.

This was letter to two washington D.C. based administrations, plus bid letter to a Las Vegas security firm and we all know their name via Robert Lazar's tellings on Aera 51.

One of the most famous meetings with an Earthbased more mammel human, involved an artist and a reptoid, had occured a few years ago.This was when this special type of reptoid man, had appeared to this artist while he was jogging along a highway, near a wooded area.

The reptoid-man took the artist to his dimension and had showed this human, the privacy of his nest, where we humans have a bedroom.

I can not express how inportant this event had been, as this act was for reptoids, had shown tremendous trust to this human, which is unheard of in existing realtions between humans and reptoid man.

You might say that this meeting, was every bit as inportant as the holliday, we refer to as Thanksgiving?

I represent many races, not just Grays and Dracks.

I would only represent these races in controlled and assigned manners approved of by the people's voice and opions as well as this decision accomplished through both the congress, senate and the office of the president.

With this writing inback of these realtionships made this way, there is less of a chance for things to go wrong.
I have studied gravitational waves since the days of Townsend Brown. I was there. LIGO came from one of our brainstorming sessions at NLH Labs. The fact is that space/time does not bend, but rather relative to a mass moving through space is like a bowling ball placed into a bedsheet stretched very tight. To the threads in the sheet, the lines are straight as can be with absolutely no choice. But external to that universe, one can plainly see that there is a tangent to the curve that makes a path light-years shorter than the arc around the ball.

Unfettered light travelling in space is ostensibly time itself. We see the past of space in our own skies. But, somewhere the present exists for those stars. The questions have always been, "How do I get to that present place from here?" And, "If I were there, wouldn't my past be out there somewhere falling on someone's retina to be viewed?" And finally, "Which place is best?"

Well, time travellers know that being privelaged to have a real experience of both places in one mortality is possibly the greatest experience of all.