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Einstein predicted that light travelling in a straight line, could be bent by a large object (Ex. points A,B,C are collinear points. Where B is between A and C. Point A is the light source, pt. B is the large object, and pt. C is the observer.) is route to the observer. My question is, can the effect gravity has on light, be produced by another source? (magnetically, Electrically?)
Gravity is something that was thought to be well understood during the earlier part of the 20th Century based on Newtonian Physics, however one must realize that althought their was an anbundant level of enthusiasim to explore the inner-workings of our uninverse on the subatomic level, in order to learn what we were dealing with in relation to new discoveries being made, Cambridge was one of the last to agree to it, yet still heald steadfast in their antiquated beliefs in spite of proven methods to show otherwise! and to this very day we have a variety of classes being taught to our students that "omitt" the corrections to the antiquated formulas that simply were not designed to work with "Quantum Mechanics"

I strongly recommend you consider reading the following books...

"Quantum Gravity"
By: Lee Smolin
Author of "The Life of The Cosmos"
ISBN# 0-465-07835-4

"Gravitation And SpaceTime"
(second eddition)
By: Hans C. Ohanian & Remo Ruffini
ISBN# 0-393-96501-5

"Subatomic Particles"
(The Discovery Of)
By: Steven Weinberg
Nobel Laureate and Author of "The First Three Minutes"
ISBN# 0-7167-2121-X

"The Search For Superstrings, Symetry, and the Theory of Everything"

By: John Gribbon
ISBN# 0-316-32975-4

These books seemingly tie into one another, and I will often review them in my library & make connections from one pahragraph in one book, where it will be explained in more functional detail in another & visea-vesa, also I am often making connections to what has been adversley rejected in the earlier part of the 20th century, and still happening today,
simply because they did'nt read these books!!! (LMAO)
I was considering the following as being part of the cause of gravity.

I have been working on a new theoretical model that compliments the current model. I call it Point Theory. This theory I have been working on for 5 to 6 years now.

Part of point theory deals with gravity.
I have postulated that the density of space and energy dependant upon each other. I have postulated that the density of space is proportionate to the inverse square of the density of energy that occupies this space. S=1/e^2 where e is the density of energy, and S is the density of the space this energy occupies.

Space of higher density flows towards space of lower density, Since the density of space that mass occupies is much less dense the density of space where little or no matter is present, the space where no mass is present will flow into the mass like a three dimensional drain thereby creating the affect gravity. Energy would be carried by this flowing space like a logs over a waterfall and this constant flow of space through us holding us down would give us the feel of upward acceleration. For to move through stationary space.

Check into website http://www.kalenuniverse.com.

They are offering a really cool UFT that has space flowing into mass and creating gravity just like you have explained above. Not only that but as I understand it they have done the math that shows a point spatial energy inversion that also creates the mass partical itself.