Greetings friends of the 21st century


Temporal Novice
My name is Doctor Kevin Clarke. I am not on this viewer for financial profit or suspicious use. I am here to share my story, true story, for those who will listen. I was born in the year 2322 in New Baron, Sedena, currently in this century, Dallas, Texas. Its a much different place, much less restrictive than this period, vacant of laws or any manner of moral consequence. By the age of 13 I had achieved my TH levels, the equal to an MBA degree in this period. upon completion I was sent to study aboard a Fountmas, which is a levitating structure the size of a sky scraper. Inside research is conducted, my specialty was Physics, later Temporal theory, and lastly, Theoretical Practice. My study sector was of 11 women, 4 men, and one Bortko, and organic living organism first developed in the late 22nd century. Bortkos revolted in much the same way the african population did in your early years, providing a new appreciation for this highly engineered yet brilliant and self aware species. We worked together for 10 years, until we received our final assignment, Time travel. At first we traveled small devices through the KT portal,a time travel device designed entirely based on our sectors research,by an Neclace, which you might call an android or a super computer. The first human subjects to travel through were a team of five study members. The trip was 100 years in the past. their assignment was to mark their voyage with radiant coils, deep earth seaking medgecondts, which would leave a broadcast frequency only detectable by our devices set to receive its call in the future. The five were never returned, and no signs of radiant coils were discovered. After much consideration the assignment was aborted. The project was then handed over to Worker 6 Representatives, (think of them as collegiate internists)who brought the project to light. In the earlier half of 2352 I was sought out along with six other candidates to attempt another voyage. It was decided we would travel individually to a random series of dates, to collect historical data. Much of your history was lost post 22st century(not at liberty to say why) and it was agreed that upon completion of our assignments, that we would receive D09 status, which allows interspace travel as well as all the comforts one could imagine. The advantage of the extended research allowed for the discovery of an automatic return mechanism which theoretically returns the traveler to their origin after two years of data collection. I arrived in your time frame on January 9th 2000. I have given up all hope of return and have set to build a life for myself. I do not fear this information altering history in any way, as all records of these communications will be surely lost after the 22nd century. I lived without shelter for six months in Detroit Michigan where I arrived. I became a soup kitchen regular and took to begging for currency. After accumulating a large enough sum, I obtained a false identification, birth certificate, and work history through one of the many street fellows I met during my times in Detroit. This allowed me to obtain positions, cooking, cleaning,newspaper solicitation and the like. I feel I have betrayed my team in that to accumulate a larger sum of currency, I have given away one of two cynthium badges. Cynthium is a rock derived from the volcanic lava on a planet I'm certain none of you has heard of.t is a flesh wound healing agent, and acts as a sort of shield against biological disease. I will not reveal the goverment agency I sold this device too, but I will say that I will not have to work for currency for the next five or six years. Although I am certain never to return, I still continue my research. I have bought all the devices sold at Department stores, from computers and cameras, to watches and alarm clocks. Their technological make up is quite simple to me, yet they do have a certain appeal, as i'm sure 19th century clocks and type writers have to someone of this era. What I wish to achieve is an intellectual exchange. I realise that most of your colleagues regard this subject as madness or humor, but this is far from the truth. I wish to hear from all of you, lets learn from each other. My e--mail is [email protected]. I was according to my identifications born in 1975, born in detroit. My aol instant messenger screen name is kevdoggydogg. I do enjoy you;re rap music, so primal and fierce. Lets talk.
Dearest Kevin' would you please be so kind as to answer the open quiz, which I am submitting to you.

There is an Ironman Timex watch disassembled.Back bezel removed and these components inserted.

Small choke peice of quartz, flattened iron wire, wound with copper wire.

There are two coils placed on the outside back bezel, of this watch.

The case is forced closed, the alarm sounds on this watch and when the watch has its bezel steel back taken off, it is found that the screws as well as other parts of this watch, stick to the small screwdrivers.

Please explaine privatly to me, what has happened, or here on the board is fine too?

Thank you, Creedo299X9 officer @ TTI

I can not send you any e-mail, as your address is listed as a nonvalid e-mail address?

Could you please try and ansser the question I have posted anyway.

I'll help you a bit.

If the screws stick to the screwdriver, when they would not otherwise, then this phenominon would mean that the internal power of the watch, had magnetized they nature of the watch.

Please Kevin, if your for realm then in what way would this have been?

When I was a child, I held a mysterious greed glass rock for a while, which was my pet stone.

This stone was slippery, green as a plant would have been and was about an inch and a half in size, almost sharp and pointed, however had a slippery surface.

Since I can not reach you, then you will have to say something.

Amazing - an MBA degree as the prereq for a career in physics.

Master of Business Administration. With an MBA you should have at least entertained the thought that selling your cynthium badges for "five or six" years wages might have been slightly at a discount to the market.
Hello Dr Kevin Clarke of EarthTR125.0121

Your claim is quite fantastic. Please would you be so kind as to explain more about your KT portal. Since you have a degree in Later Temporal Theory you would find no trouble whatsoever explaining how does it functions and it's practical application.

I hope my question does not pose an insult to you, I simply wish to get to know a little better what your KT portal is all about.

Until Later Becomes Now.
Dr. Kevin Clarke is a FRAUD! I have spoken to him on AOL instant messenger a few times and up until a week or two ago he stopped messaging me and denied who he was, every time I say hello he says he is someone else and goes offline. Today I found out, using an alternate username and the help of some friends that he is nothing but a 27 year old from Chicago who is obsessed with time travel and has a job in tele-communications. Nothing more, nothing less. This has really made me quite unhappy, to find people who pose as time travellers out ther when there ARE true time travellers in the world.


P.S. It has been quite some time since I have been here on the TTI forums, I hope to frequent here again more often when I have more time.
okay, this is kind of strange, but I think it was funny that I didn't realize it...

In 'kevinclake2322's profile his aim name is on there and I put it on my buddy list and started talking to him when he was on. I forgot that I put him on there and the first time he was nice and said nothing about time travel. The second time he forgot that he talked to me earlier and he "ignored" me.

Just to add that he was a fake.

Maybe we should add this one to the time travel claims section?
Just to see what people have posted here that have claimed to be from the future.

Also, 2322

Strange, eh?