"The future ain't what it used to be."

Greetings Primitive Humans


Greetings 21st Century peoples from the distant future. May the Great Universal Rundle bless you with peace and fertility. I see from the dates that John Titor, known to us denzins of the 27th Centruy as "The Great Blabbermouth", has already posted his unfortunate series of messages alerting you primitvies to the reality of time travel. For that reason it is safe and approved for me to post in this and other forumii.

I post from Florida, where I do the ritualistic "Spitting Upon the Ground Trod By The Great Blabbermouth". But it is not all fun and vacation and ritualistic fufillment. Being as I am a historian, it is much work I must also do. In this matters I may seek advice and a roadmap of the days. I will orientate myself first.

For now,

Xerxes D'Rhubarb, Ph.D., M.D.C., SsRC.,
Bratislava Polytechnic Institute
What are you doing here, Future_Dude.

You are jeopardizing my mission. I came from the future first than you did! If you don't leave now I will submit a crucial threat complaint to Time Travel Institute Security in the year 2065.

Leave my timeline, leech.
Sir or Madam Keven,

No, you must misundertood me. Bratislava is a City which is located in Eurasia. Slovakia is an administrative district on that same continent. Florida is an administrative district in the Americas.

I am employed by the History Division of the Bratislava Polytechnic Institute. I am here on this day and in Florida to do a pilgrimage in part and also to do some research on primary source materials. If I may, perhaps I shall impose some questions on you should they arise? Many thanks.

Xerxes D'Rhubarb, Ph.D., M.D.C., SsRC.,
Bratislava Polytechnic Institute
Sir or Madam KnowThyself,

I am not familiar with the Time Travel Institute Security you mention. I am surprised you also do not show politeness and use your name and surname.

However, should you be serious trust that my papers, innoculations and sterilizations are all in order. As you can tell from the century I originate from I am covered by the Turkmenabat Protocols. You may most certainly pulse on the argon half-channel for verification. If that is not possible then deliver a duplexer to the following location.

Ecliptic Sync: 01012230.2313Z.121344N.001515W
Rotate: 120032CW
Drop: -86.035472212
Throw: 73AU+1200Km
Error Radius: 23500m

Spin right to send and left to receive.

Good luck on your exertions in this times,
Xerxes D'Rhubarb, Ph.D., M.D.C., SsRC.,
Bratislava Polytechnic Institute
Sir or Madam Roel van Houten,

I do not understand the "Monkey Island" reference. Please explain while considering the following: I do not question nor ridicule the practices of your religions, cultures and era. Please respect mine the same.

Xerxes D'Rhubarb, Ph.D., M.D.C., SsRC.,
Bratislava Polytechnic Institute
If you are really from the future, then how much horse power will the 2006 Corvette Z06 have? Trust me on this, millions want to know.
If you are really from the future, then how much horse power will the 2006 Corvette Z06 have? Trust me on this, millions want to know.
Good one! Yes, indeed, I really want to know! The 415 horses in the current Z06 are already enough to make my jaw drop....I get excited just thinking about how much MORE power they can get under that hood!

Kind Regards,
I do not know the answer to your inquirings. I do know that it is impossible to travel through time in such a carriage as an automobile has.

Xerxes D'Rhubarb, Ph.D., M.D.C., SsRC.,
Bratislava Polytechnic Institute
hello i am not trying to insult you but what proof do you have that you are from you say you are really this could be bullshit. It can also be accurate to so i just want some proof.
Your Excellency Baron_Sengir,

Perhaps you ask without the consideration of my state? The only definitive proof I could give would be to reveal the location of my ship that brought me here. Such a statement would cause my ship to be possesssed by hands other than my own. Since I express no thoughtfulness to go native, that is not an option for me.

I sorrowfully understand you're dilema. Alas, as the poet Dimitri Shimoneski wrote, "The shadow can never know what flame cast it."

Xerxes D'Rhubarb, Ph.D., M.D.C., SsRC.,
Bratislava Polytechnic Institute
Aside from the fact that your name and general premise is ridiculous, I'll play along. What does "M.D.C., SsRC." stand for? And although obviously there can be no hard proof without actually presenting a functional time machine, you can take a tip from Titor and snap some pictures, maybe scan some papers and such. Something that sets you apart from all the other schmoes that claim to be from >2004.

Sir or Madam Denibriliny,

It is a most broad and complex question that you favor me to ask. It is compounded by the centuries, all those days and dayss so full of experience and each experience coloring the next that seperate you, and I, within our minds. What I mean to say is we are taught in my time that the human history is divided into three great and divided epochs: the Spiritual, the Rational, and the Practical.

The Spiritual is the earliest of all days. When men were to believe that nature and natural things were animated with thoughts and emotions. That the elements and forces of the natural world were living things themselves, capricious and beyond understanding except as well as one understooded the moods of a distant acquaitance. Then comes the Rational Age, which to the occidental mind starts with the Greeks and their claims that reason and logic alone could determine the moods and rules of natural actions. Finally comes both of our ages, the Practical. This is where reason is supported by experiment. Where what we believe and trust is tested against not alone the rules of logic and rhetoric. But most important and necessary beliefs are tested against nature and nature culls the false from the possible.

We are of the same epoch and one would thought we would share many assumptions. But we seem not to. This is my first field trip and so I am very cautious in going into the midst of society. For that reason I have watched many theatrical products of your television cable. I understand and accept they are fictions for entertainment yet the amount of magic in them is of a great and revealing surprise to my mind. I see very much of that Spiritual epoch where invisible and unknown powers solve a crisis, while the workings of men and women of intelligence are an evilness. This thinking and beleiving I do not understand.

Walking on the road the other day I saw a sign with an eyeball and hand palm's above a store. Curious I inquired and was told this was a business of a lady who read the wrinkles on hands, or the selection of cards from a deck and from these could for tell the future of a people. As one might imagine this most amused me. I had never thought in a serious matter on the fact that a people to whom the future is not known, or at least knowable, would pursue knowledge of it in such a preposterously desperate manner.

In my time the temporal dimension is well understood and integrated with three spacials. It is understood they behave exactly the same, with only the natural momentum and speed of the temporal setting it apart. Moving negatively one can see the consequences of decisions made at a point without regarding the line. Moving positively all is much more placed. We can be trained after all.

Of course the same power source to accelerate the temporal can accelerate the spatial. That is of much more consequence and purpose perhaps. Many people are gone having moved on. Two other things have had deep influence upon us. One I can speak of, the other it is best not to. Of the one I can speak it is the progress in genetics. Our life spans are considerably longer and we suffer very little from the effects of disease or decrepitude. A good proportion of us heavily modify ourselves. But most like me only fix glaring flaws but stay true to mold.

I am shameful that these answers have been so brief and cloudy, but a broad question requires it. If I might humbley ask a questions of my own. I am speciallized in the historical study of female/male pair-bonding, with an emphasis on asymetrical power gradiants during the era of romantic love as a selection mechanism. Of particular interest to me is a minor celebrity of your era by the name Vicki Lynn Hogan (she confusingly also named herself Anna Nicole Smith) who married a wealthy gentleman named J. Howard Marshall II. I appear to have misjudged the time to arrive since I meant to buy copies of the television cable show since it is not preserved in extent. But it seems to be to my misfortunes yet in continuing theatrical productions. A broken cup must be glued and so I am using the research tools of this internetwork but am confused by the many and varied results. Would you perhaps indulge me kindly and shovel me some advice as to how to sort the noise from the signal in this regards?

Xerxes D'Rhubarb, Ph.D., M.D.C., SsRC.,
Bratislava Polytechnic Institute
Sir or Madam mystic_kitten,

I assure you that if you grace me with your story I shall accept as a facet in the crystal. It is all we can do. And should I ever hear you name and surname they will wring like music in my ears.

Yet I understand your doubts. I will consider photographs or some other triffle. But please understand it was not John Titor who posted that material, it was a person from these days for motives unknown. Understand plus I do have constraints on my actions and must consider with great care and delicacy. In the end I will give you at most a taste but never the spoon.

Xerxes D'Rhubarb, Ph.D., M.D.C., SsRC.,
Bratislava Polytechnic Institute
future_dude ... You can't really be from the future, if you were, I would have seen your papers as to Section 4a-c article II of the CSC regulations. I do moniter them, and have not recieved any information about your coming. If you are unathourized, I will have to arrest you under Revision 7 of the new bylaws... specifically Article IV.

Once again, please send the neccesary documents or I will be forced to take drastic measures. I assume you know what it would mean if you were unathourized?
Greetinsg Future_Dude,

"Spitting Upon the Ground Trod By The Great Blabbermouth"

Should be nominated as a national holiday, coinciding with the presidential elections, and giving everyone the day off to ensure they have all opportunity to cast their ballots.

They actually do this in other countries.

Not the ritual "Spitting", but I could be wroung. I would have to contact Nobel Laureate Jimmy Carter and his Carter Center.

Matter of fact I am fed up enough right now to spit.

The Appropriateness of Chance is Astounding

"There are great ideas undiscovered, breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of truth's protective layers" by Neil Armstrong
Time is an invention of Humans - therefore you can't travel through it. It is like saying "Hey look at me! I built a brick wall now I can walk through it!".

But in reality the world is doomed in the year 1999 when Lavos reigns destruction down from the heavens!