Greetings Primitive Humans

someone posted before about how if you try enough times you can walk straight through a brick wall

P.S. Chrono trigger ruled
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Under questions posed to Future Dude:If you are from the future and are here discussing said Mr. John Titor as The Great Blabbermouth, then you should know that said John Titor suffered from a mental condition; what was this mental condition and please describe this?
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Chorono Trigger was awesome, oh man.

If you guys havn't noticed yet, just for the record, I'm not here to modulate time travel... The numbers and stuff was jargon and CSC came from my mouspad which has in big letters: CSC (CSC Healtcare systems) A company of Computer Sciences Corporation... so just disregard what I said.

I will try to the best of the ability, answer any questions you may have. Please bear with me as not only am I not the smartest person on earth, but I will admit I find your english difficult and awkward to read, and sometimes I just flat-out don't know what the hell you're talking about. (I am also of the male gender, by the way)

I am not sure of the method you are using to search. Perhaps if you simply put "Anna Nicole Smith J. Howard Marshall II" in the search box you would get more relevent results. You are not expected to sort and use all of the search results, take only what you need from them. I'm sorry but that is the best advice I can give. What is the title of the television cable show you seek to buy copies of? If it is still in theatrical production, there is no possible way to buy it at this time.

I will try to be more specific in my next series of questions. I appreciate you lending me your time to answer them:

What is everyday life like for the average person in the 27th century? In this time, the routine would be that a person wakes up inside their residence, gets up, and eats a meal known as "breakfast". Then, the person says "goodbye" to their family and drives their car or automobile to a workplace. They will leave the workplace some 8 or so hours later, come home, and have supper with their family. Then at night, they will go back to sleep. How does life in the 27th century differ from this?

My next question is one of technology. Obviously, you are very advanced in comparision to this time. But what is the state of computers and the internet in the 27th century? To be more specific, are computers still built inside of the same "boxes" they are today? What sort of monitoring device is used? What sort of operating system do they run? Finally, are computers still used for the same purpose that they are today?

Just ignore any people here that are in disbelief. You do not owe them any proof. Let me tell you something about the people in this time period. All they want is answers, answers about their existence and why it is happening. They want to break free from their reality, by finding proof that there is more beyond the boundaries of what they know. But there are so many that are hoaxers, who pretend to be things they are not, and see things they have not. For this reason, people don't want to believe anything, for fear that it is a hoax.
Re: An obnoxious greetings indeed

Friend Xerxes of EarthTR147.0183

Interesting if not very creative indeed. You come from the 27th century, that is fine with me. You might be having a great time posting and surprising us all with your inventiveness, well I will not refute what you have to say, that would not be prudent. That would be all for now.

However I do have two more things to say. First Denibriliny we could only speculate about the conditions of what might occur in the future, it has been said before, the only fix thing in our timestream is the past, the future is but an array of possibilities. Nonetheless, some outcomes might be more possible than others, making it "easier" for us to pre-envision a future. Well let me tell you my friend, if our time line is not deviated further from it's original version, that is TR125.0121, things might end up okay. However, there are still several events that could deviate us further from TR125.0121. Not wars, not disasters, not even world-wide epidemics, but politics.

We have got to be very careful and watchful of what is taking place in our political centers. As you might all know, there is something very fishy going on lads.

The second thing is, why do all time travelers have to come from the future? This Earth alone is several million years old. Let us not be so arrogant as to think that we have been the first ones to achieve technological progress. All we have done, we achieved in about 6000 years. There could have been plenty of civilizations, and I am not talking about Atlantis persephone, that could have even grow so large and astounding that could have left this third planet for good.

Even better what if the supposed "aliens" are those people that have decide to come back home and found us ruling, where we were in their own time loving pets.

What if there are time travelers stranded from the past here on our future or worse, in our present. For example, a bronze box was found in the Mediterranean by the end of the 60's that eluded scientist for nearly thirty years. In the 90's with the help of an MRI machine scientist discovered that it was a delicate piece of machinery that was used for immediate computation. Not an abbacus but a computer and it was found to have been built around 120 B.C.

Also in the same wreckage they found a strange device that resembled a large rod with an opening on the top with only but a filament. The object was thought to be an ancient battery.

My point is let us not focus in the future for answers, there are many more answers in the past.

Unti later becomes now.
Sir or Madam MisterJT,

"It is like saying "Hey look at me! I built a brick wall now I can walk through it!"." Take care in displaying your cleverness, even a dullard knows enough to walk through a door.

Xerxes D'Rhubarb, Ph.D., M.D.C., SsRC.,
Bratislava Polytechnic Institute
Re: Greetings Primitive Humans /TT Protocols

Sir or Madam creedo299,

With great humility I must confess to not understanding the logic of your question. Perhaps the fault lies in the agility in which I explain myself or perhaps the faults lies in a reader who cannot see words in front of their face through the filter of their own preconceptions? I have clearly and most unambiguously stated several times that the actual time traveler John Titor and the persons (linguistic analysis indicates at least three different peoples) who posted under his name were different peoples.

The real John Titor is beleived to have experienced an accident upon landing in your time or shortly afterwards. Furthermore for reason which I cannot be allowed to explain, he did not land in even a remotely approved location. Photographic analysis make this a certain fact. It is beyond dispute that portions of his machinery and other artifacts fell into possession of the natives. All this accident style has happened before, sometimes with sad and sanguinary result. But in all the other events the traveller accepted their fates. John Titor did not. He apparently passed on some information although with great thankfullness it was very little. This is a termendous breach of honor to our way of thinking and behaving, and for that we call him the Great Blabbermouth (Gongwon Tpanay) and scorn his weakness and cowardly manifestations. Did he have a mental condition? Yes, he was a Gongwon Tpanay, a Great Blabbermouth.

As for the John Titor you know. I do not claim to be an expert scholar on their pronouncements. Most of what they posted under his name is nothing but foolishness and nonsense. As I have said, when one understands how the machinery works even a child could see the preposterousity of what they claimed. It is beleived that the authorities who recovered the capsule and interrogated the Great Blabbermouth posted their theories in hopes of coaxing correct answers. I should append that you should consider yourself lucky it was never clear who recovered his capsule. The other two times a capsule was known lost to natives most ruthless and brutal bloodletting resulted. These are both in your historical record. My face must redden with shame along with all my peoples at the thought of this. But it was so.

As for illnesses I remember of your John Titor. I only remember two childhood and tasteless and impolite jokes. One that the Great Blabbermouth weas deaf from shooting explosive weapons next to his ear the other having to do with angry livestock seeking their revenge on him. To be honest, the ridiculouis things they posted are of but passing interest to me and mine.

Xerxes D'Rhubarb, Ph.D., M.D.C., SsRC.,
Bratislava Polytechnic Institute
Sir Denibriliny,

I apologize for my akward presentation of my writing. When one is boosted for field work it is common and normal to boost them as a foreigner to their target. Improper actions amd mores are much more overlooked. But it does not help in the communication I regret with humbleness and much regret. Plus do not worry about those that question me as it is to be expected even if their rudeness is more than I am expecting. You are in the interrum just before you will see such things with your own eyes and so disbelief is proper and prudent. And I mean no rudeness or judgement. But you're time is not known to us for harmony and grace.

I thank you very much for your advice and answerings. I had never occured to put all of the names in together at once and so it is something I will try. The show is still in production as I have seen it with my own eyes. Much regret over that situation. But I am pleased to have discovered she was previously married to a Billy Smith and was a mother by him. A most shocking revelation that has cast much of my work into disarray. Her keeping his name as she assumed her second name and pursued J. Howard Marshall II is most puzzling to me and will require much ponderings and studies.

I will answer you're second questions first as they bear upon the first questions. Computers are not inside boxes and the systems and methods of operating are quite different. There are still electrical computers for simple taskings. But most computers are of an optical or a biological nature in my time. It was amusing to see me when I first read about your problem with virusii, because we negatively and positively charge virusii in colonies and so they are a good thing. All of these systems are all tightly intergrated and are mainly talked to with the voice rather than pushing on keys. They also freely communicate with each other and we have also tightly integrated those devices with our automaton and drone and plebe subcastes.

I am not sure I can speak for the average person because my intelligence has placed me amidst the elite caste. For all of us the need to labor is not needed. Scalpled clones or machines do that. But we each and all have jobs only they take less of our time.

In the afternoon I will wake up from a soft spot as you say and drink coffee with whichever of my wives and whoever else I have stayed with. Usually this would be with my youngest wives since my older wives are with their younger husbands. This is a very big difference in our societies. I have twelve wives and except for my youngest two, each of them has one or more husbands. Our family clans are much more fluid and wide reaching than yours. After coffee and abulations I will either boost myself or gather with one or another group of my fellow husbands for talk and socialization. Once a month I am required to provide service to the State. I will not talk of this service.

I then eat lunch most often with a wife in traing but frequesntly with a senior wife. Boosting and mutual pleasuring occurs afterwards. When I awake again around midnight I usually teach my class at the Institute if a contract exists. If not then I will do research or work upon my music. At some point a wife will call and tell me where I spend that morning. I most enjoy bringing students along after class if that is the case. We end the morning with boosting and mutual pleasuring.

It is a most harmonious life compared to the toils and solitude of your days I think.

Xerxes D'Rhubarb, Ph.D., M.D.C., SsRC.,
Bratislava Polytechnic Institute
That is very interesting Future_Dude. I have many more questions, but I'd rather not ask them here. I use an instant messaging program called MSN Messenger that can be downloaded for free that this webpage:

Please let me know if you are interested in chatting with me, and I will tell you my screen name so that you can contact me.
Hey Future Dude: If you are really from the future... Then would it be possible for multiple persons to travel through time at one time? Let's say about 10-15 people, would that be possible in your time?

And just wondering if my name rings a bell. Don't know if it would or not. Just would like to see if it would.

Tracy A. L. LeFebvre