"The future ain't what it used to be."



Greetings everyone, I wasn't all to sure of where to post this... So I'm sorry if its the wrong board.

Anyway my real name is Tony, I'm 14 and I've been absalutely ubsessed with the concept of time travel since young child hood, and have written several school reports on the topic, hoping to become a physicist and major in the research of this topic. If it is ok, it would be appreciated if I were able to look on to the forums, try and learn more aout time travel, and its complex rules while asking questions in the process. It would be nice to talk with people that don't laugh in your face for your beliefs and asumptions, or even actual facts that of which they deny for there inability to contemplate/grasp. If I have intruded, I am deeply sorry, and will take my leave. Thank you for reading this....

Welcome Tempest, may I be the first to say:

"Welcome to the Time Travel Institute."

I would like to invite you to join my exclusive research team. E-mail me if you would like to learn more about what i'm doing:

[email protected]
Re: Greetings on the cosmose


Astronomers have managed to wrestle one of the first supermassive black holes from the early universe onto a set of observational scales. The gravity well weighs in at one quadrillion times the heft of Earth.

That's a 1 followed by 15 zeros. Or, as astronomers like to think of it, three billion times as heavy as the Sun -- just about what was expected.

Until today's announcement, researchers had only indirect information about the masses of early black holes, which are thought to have played key roles in the development of the first galaxies.

The newly weighed black hole is compacted into a region probably no bigger than our solar system. It anchors the most distant known galaxy, a compact but bright object called a quasar that is seen as it existed more than 13 billion years ago, when the universe was just 6 percent of its present age.

Quasars are thought to be rapidly developing precursors of normal galaxies. They are extremely bright -- outshining a thousand normal galaxies -- because as gas falls toward the central black hole, it is accelerated to nearly light-speed before being swallowed. The process is not entirely efficient: Castoff energy -- radio waves, X-rays and regular light -- provides the illumination.

Quasar black holes consume a mass equal to 10 or 20 stars every year, other studies have shown. Not all the gas swallowed. Some forms knots, which collapse into stars. Eventually, when the smoke of all this activity clears, a galaxy not unlike our own Milky Way is thought to emerge.

The black hole's weight is limited by an interesting phenomenon.

"It's actually the smallest black hole that we could have seen, if we understand quasars correctly," said Chris Willott, from the National Research Council's Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics in Victoria, Canada.

The quasar, called SDSS J1148+5251, was first found as part of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. It is consuming matter at the theoretical maximum, a threshold called the Eddington Limit. If it tried to accrete matter at a higher rate, the intense radiation would exert enough outward pressure to prevent more material from coming in.

Willott told SPACE.com that the study shows that the black hole is embedded in a vast reservoir of gas, as theory predicted. It also supports the emerging theory that black holes and galaxies co-evolved.

Observations were made with the 3.8-metre UK Infrared Telescope (UKIRT), near the summit of Mauna Kea, Hawaii. Researchers studied the speed with which ionized magnesium orbited the central black hole and compared the results with similar observations of more nearby quasars.

"This is the first time that anyone has applied the method to quasars at the edge of the observable universe," Willott said. His team plans to use the method to weigh other similarly distant quasars, as well as some that are nearer.

There are three other known quasars in the 13 billion light-year range. Willott said that because of their brightness, "we expect them all to have black holes of … similar mass to the one we measured." Continued surveying by other groups is expected to turn up about 16 more quasars at similar distances in the next few years.
Re: Greetings on the cosmose

Re: on your disclosures.

You seem to be Pakistani, by national origin?

Correct me if I'm wrong.

In this area of the world, there are more holymen percaptia, as well as in India, than any other place in the world.

The last person who was of notoriety in India, who was a holyman, is Si Babba.

He had run into some personal problems.

Now you are on the horizon, however you are Muslim, within your belief systems.

The gift of being a natural at these kinds of arts, should never be adjusted to flippancy.

The cosmose is something that one never plays dice with, unless they're a god and even then there are considerations?

Please understand if you have swami talents, regardless of what your belief systems are, treat them with respect and a certain temperance.

I'm not kidding when I advise this.

What is going on internationally now, is a power play between east and west.

These disagreements have been going on since the twelfth century.

If I were to advise you here, I would suggest that you temporarily lay down the issue of beliefs and attend the council of a more experienced swami.

These talents of yours are not a joke, or a toy that you can drag out and play with whenever you want.

You simply must learn how to use them?
If you place no value on anything, nothing matters


I'm not pakistani. And even if I was, it wouldn't matter. My name is unimportant. My name is a label. Who I am is a completely different concept from the labels placed on my person. Labels are good, they help other people differentiate between each other.

But the most important label of all is "Human".

Genetically, I'm Indosaxon. Half Indian, Quarter Irish, Eighth Dutch, Eighth French. My father was born in Trinidad. My mother was born in Canada. My father was born muslim and converted to Presbyterianism before he left the Island. My mother was baptized and confirmed Anglican, then converted to Cathlolicism before she got married. I was raised as a Cathlolic. I joined the Knights of Columbus when I was 18. I played guitar and sang with the church choir for nine years. I even served on the Alter for five years prior to my involvement with the choir. I even considered becoming a priest at the age of 14.

Shortly after I turned 21, I started to dislike Catholicism. I started looking for "something else". I studied every major religion under the sun, from Anglicanism to Zoroastrianism. At first, I too a liking to the teachings of Zarathushtrish. It was simple. I liked that. But then I stepped back and looked at the big theological picture.

What I noticed was that there was a unifying factor between all faiths in the world. Strangely enough, it wasn't until I stepped back that I found a philosophy that I hadn't noticed before. So I researched it, found out the name of its founder and the name of its principle guiding text.

After reading "Tao Teh Ching" I realized that what I had found in Taoism was essentially, a manifestation of the underlying "unifying factor" in every major religious philosophy known to man.

When I moved from my home town to Toronto, I left the Church.

Now, the more I study the universe, the more the laws of physics seem to conform to the Tao. How did Lao Tzu learn of these incredible things so many thousands of years ago?

"Between Heaven and Earth, there seems to be a bellows: It is empty, and yet it is inexhaustible; The more it works, the more comes out of it. No amount of words can fathom it: Better look for it within you". -Lao Tzu

Sound familiar?


Rather, every "discovery" I make seems to corroborate some tenet of Taoism or another.

Take a wild guess what my favourite movie is and why. And if you can guess that, guess who my favourite character is?

Also, Creedo, what constitutes a "holy man"? Everyone has an idea. Whether or not that idea is universally applicable or not, is arbitrary. If a man truly believes that what he is doing is for the greater good of ALL creation, more power to him. But I would not call him Holy just because he has a great idea.

Creedo said:
>Now you are on the horizon, however you are Muslim, within your belief systems.

The son of a lion may indeed be a lion, but whether or not the lion cub chooses to hunt in the same fashion as his father is up to the lion cub.

I am not muslim. The only thing I find appealing about Islam is that they believe that TOUCH is key to increasing the love between two people. The more two people touch each other, the more the love will flow between them. That is why you will see muslims shaking with BOTH hands and hugging each other. Their greeting "Salam Alaikhum" means "Peace be with you, friend".

But that's where my appreciation of Islam stops. I hate the segregation they impose on their women. I hate the fear they exude by their perceptions of Hell. I hate the idea of a vengeful God (IMHO, I think God would be more grown-up than that) and I hate the fashion in which they proliferated their religion.

And how do you construe my studies as flippant? Do you even know who I am? Let me explain.

My mission in life is: "To develop and implement a perfect energy management system".

Therefore: "I am the one who will develop and implement a perfect energy management system."

As long as I wake up every day believe that and only that, and act accordingly, I will make it happen. This is how you fulfill your destiny. Being the master of the same, you must decide what your destiny shall be and live every day of your life and gear every action to some aspect of fulfilling that destiny.

If a being had the power of God, and the virtuosity of God and the awareness of God, then if for whatever reason they f*#%ed up the universe by making mistake, they would instantly learn from that mistake and do something to correct it and prevent any suffering from ever happening.

When you attain the power of God, and you've solved every problem in the universe, there's nothing left to do but have fun.

Only problem is, if you preoccupy yourself with solving everyone's problems for them, life is no longer worth living. So if you do attain that kind of power, the best thing you can do for the people is to make sure that everything they will ever need to achieve the same power themselves will always be nearby. It's up to them what they do with it.

Another thing, what the fire-truck is a "Swami"? It sounds like something I should put between two pieces of bread with some mustard.

What is going on internationally now, will have absolutely no effect on the universe at large. Just stay out of other people's fights and find the seed of perfection within yourself.

Let the people duke it out if they want to. If you do attain the power of God, and you still care about the wars, just break everyone's guns.

The universal disagreement has been going on since the origin of time. What side of the universal disagreement are you on? Zero, One or Infinity?

If you are on the side of Zero, then nothing you do has any consequences. Do whatever the f*ck you want.

If you are on the side of one, everything you do is a consequence of everything else in the universe.

If you are on the side of infinity, you have everything you will ever need. Be happy.

It is also possible to side with all three. To do that is to tap your "God" potential.

Again Creedo, I have no idea what a Swami is, but if I'm meant to meet'em, they'll find me.
Re: Hollywood swingers.

Get control of your temper here, I'm trying to advise you!?

I know talent when I see it.
You have a special power, which is sometimes resident in Indian people, as by fact, they have the most holy people in the world.

A holyman, is a man who readily has access to other dimensional worlds.

This is all I'm trying to tell you.I'm not out to push your anger buttons, as this would be very unwise for me to do.

The future of this planet, might not be long.

We are headed for a catastrophe, if you have read some of the posting as said by time traveler John Titor.

A Swami, is an older Indian term for a magical holyman.

I'm glad that you are not a Pakistani. For that matter I'm glad that you do not wear an Irish kilt and do impressions of Robert Flately, the Irish dancer, near the Overwaitea check-out counter in Saskatchewan.

With a name such as Mohammed, yes it does appear as if you have an Islamic connection?

I was merely trying to account for this.

I have read your post on the thing that you say that you can do.

If what you have said is true, then you should attend the advice counseling, of a more experienced mystic, in my view?

On just having fun: I do not know if you have seen the news services of late, as posted by CNN, however in the international range of events, international happenings, are starting to get a bit terse?

Your'e a nice looking guy, with probably a very nice personality to go along with those looks!!?

To go to the privacy of your bathroom, get out the blond hair dye and dye your hair beach blond yellow; then take up the California surfboard, with the I don't care attitude and lets all have fun, might not win conscriptions to your camp?

Thank you for explaining yourself.

Here I thought you were a carefree fun-loving Pakistani Muslim.

I had no idea that you were half Indian nationality, with a touch of Irish, "YEAH, I'VE SEEN THIS" and want to be like Cyndy Lauper, within the text of (Girls Just want to have fun), recording?

If you have a gift, all I'm saying is refine this gift?!

Who knows, in a few years you might be able to construct a spaceship named the Botany Bay and along with a few other superhuman, after the coming eugenics war, go into space, where you might try and take over a star-class cruiser?

Excuse me for saying this, however as of late, it seems that anyone with either holyman ways, or supernatural powers, as of late, seems to be given to the fan-fare of semi-Hollywood ways.......?

If you have found you last post too revealing or personal, then this being a member of this good board, you may delete this posting of yours?
Re: Hollywood swingers.

Before I even begin to reply to your message, I must explain one thing:

The Universal Laws of Communicating with Dan R. Mohammed

1) Dan maintains boredom tone unless it is necessary to diffuse the destructive tendancies of another being or compromise the delusional state of another being.

2) In textual communications, Dan maintains this same boredom tone.

3) No words of Dan shall be construed as bearing emotion, unless such words are followed by a series of exclamation marks as such: "Yes I do!!!" or emoticons such is these /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif /ttiforum/images/graemlins/frown.gif :D /ttiforum/images/graemlins/confused.gif

That being said, I will now reply to your message /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif

I have no temper. The only thing that angers me is the destruction of beautiful things like:

-Catholics burning the Mayan Library or Huns burning the Great Library of Alexandria
-The murder of "good" people
-The extinction of a species at the hands of industry
-The destruction of cities with bombs
-The depletion of Earth's precious ozone, provider of a UV sanctuary for carbon life
-Rape, which usually destroys a person's self-esteem and inner beauty
-Child abuse, which does the same
-LYING -> Lying destroys a person's understanding of their surroundings. Lying slows down the progress of all mankind. The root of all "evil" is lying. I HATE LYING!!! Grrr!!!

These are the sorts of things that anger me.

Simply mislabelling me makes me laugh, my friend, unless of course you were to label me something as something bent on destruction, which is an outright lie. You have done nothing of the sort. You have not "earned" my anger.

Who are you to say the Indian people are the most holy people in the world? A devout muslim might say the same of the Saudis, given their proximity to Mecca and all. A catholic might say that the Pope is the holiest person in the world and the Holiest people therefore live in the Vatican. A buddhist would say the same of the Daili Lama and conclude therefore, that the holiest people in the world are Tibetans.

Again, all things are relative to perspective.

Why need a person be "Holy" to access other dimensions? Suppose I built a device that could cause my will to become reality (I'm working on such a thing) and then decided in my newly acquired infinite wisdom that humans were too hostile to be deserving of the technology? Now instead of trying to promote human creatures to a level of wisdom to curb their hostile tendancies, I simply caused every human creature's heart to stop pumping, thus wiping out the entire human race, and having no negative effects on the surrounding ecosystems?

Would I be Holy simply because I had access to the power to do that?

Keep in mind, the above is a hypotheical scenario. I would likely choose to promote humanity's wisdom. That still doesn't make me Holy. It just makes me pro-human life. I could also choose to cause Dolphins to reach the same level of wisdom and evolve tool-use over night and forget the human race, let'em duke it out. Am I good or evil? Neither. I simply choose to align myself with whatever I believe is best for the Universe on the whole.

To analyse universal wisdom even further, The Universe will continue to exist and thrive, no matter what the hell I do. I could destroy this entire galaxy, and it would have no effect on the universe.

All actions are inconsequential to the infinite complexity of the universe. Actions are only consequential to those systems in the universe which carry out those actions.

Again, the meaning of life would seem to simply be "to enjoy life".

The reason conflicts arise is because one faction wants to enjoy life, and another faction wants to prevent them from enjoying life. The faction that wants to enjoy life will, even if it is destroyed (like Rome) will inevitibly re-emerge at another point in history (as an entity such as the United States). Factions that seek to compromise others' enjoyment of life will most often be remembered as "barbarians", "conquerors", "terrorists" and I'm sure future generations will cook up many more terms for such factions.

Why should it be unwise for you to intentionally make me angry, beyond the obvious pointlessness of the activity? The worst I could do is kill you, if I knew your location. The least I could do is nothing. To simply ignore you and go on doing whatever it was I came out here to do. If I did feel angry about something you said or did, the most my instinct would tell me to do would be to retaliate with equal force.

I'm a pacifist. Retaliation is not in my nature. My most inexorable weapon is confusion. If you are doing something that makes me angry, I will attempt to confuse you to the point where you do not understand yourself. You will temporarily become delusional, lose your focus and discontinue angering me.

As for the future of this planet, nonsense. This planet will be here until something either smashes into it, which is not supposed to be for another 13 million years, or the sun blows up, which will occur in something like 10 billion years.

Moreover, Andromeda is chasing us. In 10 billion years, Andromeda will eat the Milky Way for Lunch.

If our planet were to still be here by then, and we never turned our heads skywards, we would likely not even notice our galaxy being swallowed up by a big monster galaxy after which I named my little kitten.

A catastrophe is just a really really big problem. Problems were made to be solved. Stop worrying and solve the problems.

I actually looked on the internet for the word "Swami" and "Swami Council". I saw one site which was fairly interesting. www.swami-center.org. It is the website of one Vladimir Antonov, Ph.D. A Russian theologist of some kind. I e-mailed him my creation theory.

You have suddenly inspired my desire to bend, Meccawards while wearing a kilt. Do you know how funny that would look?

The only real islamic connection I have is simply that my ancestors believed in the teachings of Mohammed because India was invaded by Muslims hundreds of years ago. The only value I see in religion is the stories by which we can learn from history. Religion also gives us clues as to what sorts of questions we should ask about our past.

I honestly believe that the "Titans" were extraterrestrial beings, and "Yahweh" was one such Titan. Yahweh is very similar to Ishkur, the Sumerian god of the storm, and his Trident appears in Mesopotamia as well as Peru. The book of Ezekiel describes a very strange object which he described as the "Angel of God" which whisked him away to the "Land of Israel by the Sea" where he began to describe, in vivid detail, a "temple" which would have the same architectural formations as the Temple of Chavin de Huantar, Peru. The countryside which Ezekiel described also conforms to the lay of the land in Peru, at Chavin de Huantar.

What was a Babylonian Hebrew doing in Peru?

About the post in which I talk about that thing I can do:

I do not have any special ability. Everyone has the capability of influencing matter with their mind. How else would anyone make an active decision? How else would people overcome their instincts and let a doctor push a sharp object into their skin?

The same ability that allows us to ignore pain, or seek greater pleasure is the same ability that allows our minds to impose order on chaos.

Our minds emit EM waves. According to my 27 dimensional theory of the universe, those EM waves have an equal and opposite imaginary counterpart. This counterpart wave is capable of altering the imaginary properties of real energies, which in turn can alter the probability for real energies to take different forms, seemingly spontaneously.

It's nothing special. We can all do it. If we build a device to amplify our minds' EM waves, we will be able to impose spontaneous changes on more and more orderly systems.

This process is called "Radionics".

If we built a radionic device powered by an unlimited source of energy, such as a singularity, we would be able to instantaneously convert our will into reality. We would be unstoppable.

On just having fun: The above device would hold the key to solving ALL of our problems. Every last one. What's left to do when you've solved all your problems?

Well, it's play time. Let's go smash black holes into each other to see if they disappear! Let's take out a huge loan, give the money to charity, default on the loan until collectors start knocking down the door, and then magically create the money right in front of them! Let's find out what happens if you move an entire galaxy to the other side of the universe! If any harm comes of it, we can simply put the galaxy back where it was in time and space, and no one in that galaxy would be the wiser...

Once you solve all your problems, there's nothing left to do but enjoy life. That's why people build up fortunes, invest those fortunes for cash flow and then quit their jobs. They've solved all their problems unrelated to health.

The same device I mentionned could fix health indefinitely also. Senility? Forget it. You don't need a memory anyway, you can tap the universal consciousness.

As for the quality of my personality? That's arbitrary. It's a matter of perspective.

You said:
>To go to the privacy of your bathroom, get out the blond hair dye and dye your hair beach blond >yellow; then take up the California surfboard, with the I don't care attitude and lets all have >fun, might not win conscriptions to your camp?

That would create problems on top of problems I already have. Why would I do that unless I had no problems to solve?

You said:
>Here I thought you were a carefree fun-loving Pakistani Muslim.

Think about what you just said. That is somewhat contradictory. Not many Pakistani Muslims are carefree or fun-loving. They are mostly mundane and religiously conscientious. If a Pakistani was carefree and fun-loving, he would not be a spiritual muslim. Being care-free and fun-loving is not exactly a muslim way of life.

You said:
>If you have a gift, all I'm saying is refine this gift?!

Bring me some pure gold, pure quartz, pure cobalt, a smelting plant, a jeweller, my girlfriend and a mechanical engineer, and I'll show you how to turn all your thoughts into reality.

Best Regards,