Temporal Novice
hello, I'm new to this board and I'd just lke to say hi!
I'm intrested in the study of Time travel, Government conspiraces,(sp) the paranormal, and basicly anything else discussed on these boards!

The truth is out there... The question is will you accept it?
Welcome aboard!
You are absolutley correct, as you so eloquently stated..."The Truth Is Out There, Are You Ready To ACCEPT It?"

Which leaves it all up to a matter of one's own perception, not so much of what people out there are "Capable" of understanding, as opposed to what they are willing to admit to themselves what they "Aready" know as TRUTH.
Some theories state that we "create" the "truth" and it is open-ended and ever becoming, rather than "set in stone".

If that is the case, then today's truth may not be valid tomorrow.