Hail and well met.


Temporal Novice
Hail brothers of time travel for I am a follower of the teacher Xanadar.

Is anyone here in contact with entitys from beyond our time space?

If so I would like to know their details and your plans for sending yourself or objects through time, maybe we could cross reference our plans and use them to adapt a new way of transmuting matter through the 4th dimension, I am currently being transmitted with XANADAR DYNAMICS wich is being sent out sparodically to find others that may be linked with the DYNAMIC.


XANADAR DYNAMICS is the existence of an entity traveling faster than our time,kind of like a race car driver with a cell phone he can still communicate with us in our time,but he can also change frequencys and or his own physical structure while travelling in the dynamic,

why is an entity existing in the DYNAMIC?

im not sure,why he is in this,or whats he's doing exactly. All I know is that he continues to transmit every few days in micro bursts small enough to use the human brain as a tranceiver.He is sending me location codes and asking frequently if i have contacted others. Its hard to understand at first because he seems to talk to me like i should know what im doing, and the delay in communication is confusing , Because at times it seems he has been talking with someone else and i receive communications from him in the middle of conversations.

Is someone else receiving the data?
I had a dream the other day that I was in Xanadu the movie and they were sending me back in time to dupe potatoes to save the Irish during the famine. Could it have been one of your errant data streams?

I find that I have deja vu happening to me more and more lately, maybe it its caused by more activity in our time sectors, due to this Xanadar. I find that I have deja vu happening to me more and more lately, maybe it its caused by more activity in our time sectors, due to this Xanadar. I find that I have deja vu happening to me more and more lately, maybe it its caused by more activity in our time sectors, due to this Xanadar.
Xanadar is probably responsible for your deja vu ,the frequency that he is operating on is probably interfering with your conceptual alignments , I have had this same process happen during the first meetings with Xanadar , My dream of Xanadar's arrival around the rings of Jupiter was when most of his communications started ,maybe Xanadar is coming as some form of futuristic invasion force?

or maybe Xanadar is trapped in his Dynamic vortex and cannot retrieve his prior landing radial in the space time continuum?

and he is using me and a few others to achieve conception of the landing vector?

im not sure ,alot of what I hypothesize is just that, Im trying to grasp the meaning of the burst communications but cannot seem to get a solid reading on it.

any ideas?
Re: Hail and whe we meet.

The only reference that I have read as far as a projected invasion from offworld forces, is said in print in the book, The Pleiadean Mission by Rando;ph Winters.

This is projected to be an Alpha Drackoian invasion, said to be repelled by future Pleiadeans?

Since the Planet X affair and the nature of their speak group, www/FIGU.com seems to be so much orchestration, I can not at this time vouch for the veracity of any Pleiadean claims, from a channeled source, or contacees, or FIGU otherwise.

The line between both renegade and supposed respectable Pleiadeans, is not clear, due to it seems over-ownism through the sayings of Ptaah, the Pleiadean Commander, as he speaks through FIGU subletted sources?

I don't know?/

Here is the web book reviews play by play at Amazon.com


BOOK COPY RERADS IN REVIEW>Earth : Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library
by Barbara Marciniak
The bestselling author of Bringers of the Dawn presents a challenging, controversial work designed to awaken our rememberings of being members of an all-encompassing Family of Light, now ready to embrace our true psychic, emotional and physical evolution.

Embraced worldwide as key spiritual teachers, the Pleidians use wit, wisdom, and deep compassion to assist us in creating a new vision of Earth. By restoring value to the human being and recognizing the Goddess energies and the power of blood as connections to our DNA, we can discover our crucial roles in the transformational process unfolding in our times

The Pleiadian Mission: A Time of Awareness
by Randolph Winters

link is http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/1885757077/002-2005583-5906447?vi=glance#product-details

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Inspiring View of Advanced Technological Capabilities, June 22, 2001
Reviewer: Mr. Kerry Marshall (see more about me) from Brighton, Sussex United Kingdom
This is a "something for everyone" UFO book, covering ET contacts, ET philosophy, ET technology & propulsion systems, Earth's spiritual state & history, and our own spiritual development.

The central theme of the book is the story of Swiss contactee Billy Meier, who had extensive contact with nordic-type ETs ( blonde-haired, blue eyed humans ) from planets in the Pleiades star cluster, also known as the "Seven Stars" or "Seven Sisters", in the constellation of Taurus. They chose him to disseminate knowledge about their civilisation, and provided intimate and ongoing contact. The Swiss press initially showed great interest and a group formed around Meier. Unfortunately, like so many groups, internal conflicts occurred, due to the age-old problem of individual ego, and ultimately the Pleiadeans withdrew, abandoning Meier, when they perceived he was not spiritually developed enough to handle the group. So the story goes.

However, the book contains much more than the story of Meier and his group. There are chapters on Earth's spiritual and human history, the Pleiadian account of Jesus, and the Pleiadians' overriding emphasis of the need for all of us to become more spiritually conscious through the sustained practice of meditation, with instructions for which are included in some detail.

Then there are whole chapters for us physics and technology buffs, who are curious about the way ET craft can transcend Einstein's speed of light limitation, and traverse vast intergalactic distances between the Pleiades and Earth, without taking thousands of years to do so. For anyone up on the latest theories of modern Physics, there is a resonance between String theory ( modern Physics is reconciling Einstein's theory of General Relativity with Quantum Mechanics through the idea that elementary particles are actually vibrating filaments or "strings" ) and the Pleiadean propulsion systems.

String theory implies the revolutionary view that there are more than three dimensions to the universe, but the additional dimensions are microscopically "rolled up" so we don't ordinarily perceive them. The Pleaidian ships cross interstellar space by entering an extra dimension, where time does not exist, and matter is transformed to "fine-matter particles". The assertion is that, during this transition into a Star-Trek type "hyperspace" not only is the enormous distance between Earth and the Pleiades crossed in a timeless instant, but that the ship's occupants experience the original spiritual energy of Creation itself, something they assert is essential for Earth people to experience, without which we are forever caught in the realm of ego and intellect, and continue to destroy our planet. Holding the ship correctly in this hyperspace is evidently a difficult technology to master, and slight miscalculations can leave the travellers displaced in time by millions of years. It is claimed that early pioneers of this technology are now lost forever in time.

Interestingly, the Pleiadeans themselves are being taught by a more advanced race, whose own science has discovered "galaxy canals" - shortcuts within galaxies facilitating easy travel. ( But why use them? is it safer than changing dimensions....? )

Needless to say, the chapters on Pleiadean life show that their first priority is the Ecosystem - their biosphere is considered sacrosanct, and their society deeply rooted in environmental consciousness.

One of the better UFO books, and well worth a read in my opinion.

Creadits rights, by Amazon.com all rights reserved
Re: Hail and whe we meet.

im not even sure of the direct origins other than what i have been shown in dreams, the landing or station /space ship is situtated around the planet jupiter near the rings,maybe a planetary body or a large asteroid im not sure,

In the dreams the planet is very big and I am standing on a hatch way into a space craft of some sort,im looking out over the spacescape and seeing a few other crafts in orbit of the rings,not the actual planet,out of the craft would appear to be spores? or very small human figures pouring from the hatch ways,like parachuters on a plane,different color codes were given to each spore/capsule or unit.the dreams and actuallity's of the situation could be very different.

also XANADARS real name is more akin to this sound than an actual roman phonetic sound,im not sure if it is even the name of the being but in reply it gave me this " SHAN SHAN DAR S" ,and im not even sure of the sex of XANADAR ,the communications come across very cryptic and detached from regular conversation,i feel like im picking up a police scanner on a cell phone or something,we have conversed but his english is different ,and sometimes is near incomprehesible.id like to remind people that his voice doesnt sound like static or like radio,but more like something passing through a tube being hit whit a hammer.

maybe i should go see a shrink,because this is the first time i have really ever mentioned this in all the years its been happening.

would you think a oujia board would help this matter?

or should i continue my meditations?
I've been quite worried for awhile now. It was only a year ago that I was sitting in my room infront of my computer at exactly 4:25 and the power went out. A good many hours passed and when the power finally came back on so I decided to check the clock to see what time it was, and to my amazment it was still 4:25! Now, at first I thought that my clock had simply frozen so I looked again to see it was now 4:26 and that it was infact working. Now, my theory is that the timeline bounced which seperated the perception of time from the actual existence of time. I dismissed this thought however, for humans are flaud and unfortunatly I am human. The reason why I brought this up is because recently I was watching the stars, which I often do in wait of the great comming, and I noticed something odd - a gap in space. At first this gap was a small red dot but it grew larger and increased in depth until from my view it looked as if the size of a dime. It closed all at once and I noticed a bright green star which did not shimmer like the rest. I zoomed in closer and all I could make out was that it was infact not a single dot but many smaller dots making up a large. I watched for a little longer and without warning a bright blue light cirled around the swarm of green and instantly they were gone. My theory on this is that the axis of space was infact able to bend which created a black hole like creation - the only diference is that it was more of a buble than a hole. This space buble was able to carry aliens through a rip in space at a massive speed. I fear that the buble men will soon become near and exploit are inferior human minds like they once did before. Could these be connected Xanadu or could these simply be one of the endless attacks on earth in which the government will give them civilians to harvest as a compromise? My greatest fear is that these bubbble men could be carrying the greatest weapon of all - the atom converter. This amazing weapon can infact convert automic numbers of everything by 1 within a certain region which would turn all the oxygen on earth to fluorine, all carbon to nitrogen, and all our salt to magnesium!!! Could my fears be true? Could the end be near?
Re: Hail and whe we meet.

there is a rip in the space time continuum in chicago all who want to go with me to zenabaas aol instant message me keevsterkeefkeef /ttiforum/images/graemlins/confused.gif
If infact the bubble men are subverting the earths people ,maybe XANADAR has something to do with this attack,but you must remember XANADAR has been indirectly contacting me since 1999, if this was an invasion i would wonder why they are taking so long, i dont know much of XANADARS intentions but i do know that if he is a galactic soldier, he should probably buy a new radio.

Im curious to know more about these bubble men,have you ever seen one or used an oujia board to contact them?

i will concentrate my meditations on you tonight and try to get a stronger grip on the XANADAR phenomenon.

wish me luck.
Re: Hail and whe we meet.

Hey Xanadar, I see you registered at 2:22 today... hmmm very interesting.

I already knew your connection to what forces you are in contact with before reading your posts.

Yes, continue on your meditation. That is, if you want to continue receiving their manipulation.

What your describing is way off from what it really is... your speaking to the TimeTravelActivist after all /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif and I know exactly what your misinterpreting.

You found the right place, and the right threat (TTA) to this condition.

You are welcome /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif but if you believe that this is to be welcomed, you are mistaken.

Please read through my archives and website http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Atrium/9822/.

I see you’ve had a long and constant contact with them, and are thus freely open to accept them. You are fortunate to have found the TTA, perhaps now you will begin to set your mind free of their control and deception.

I was sitting in my room today and thinking hard and long about the concept reverse joint robots, when I realized that there was something in the sky. I looked closely and carefully and what I saw was a large red bubble in the sky. It was gone as quickly as it had disapeared the first time and I thought to my self and wondered if this could be a sign. Could they be trying to tell me something?
Re: Hail and when we meet.

Quote Xandar->im not even sure of the direct origins other than what i have been shown in dreams, the landing or station /space ship is situated around the planet Jupiter near the rings,maybe a planetary body or a large asteroid im not sure,

Creedo writes to Xandar>Please note by many printings, there is actually an interdimansional doorway, that is based by Planet Jupiter.

One of the moons that orbit Jupiter, puts out a lot of radio energy, in the tetrawatt range, a tremendous amount of energy.

I think it is by this one moon, that the doorway is located.

Think it was in Marciniack's works, for sure..........?

Re: Hail and when we meet.

this is what i discovered using meditation,during the process my left ear was ringing slightly,and when it finally got to unbareable strain i saw a light form and saw someone reeling in a vortex,i took it to be XANADAR(shan shan dar S),he was wearing a white outfit that near covered his whole body,but he was wet or at least floating in what seemed to be amniotic fluid.this happened maybe 2 years ago ,after seeing this,my mind went to this place.

We stood under the blues skys of a distant world,down in the depth of an ancient grassed crater,around us stretched the rim of the crater and we couldnt see anymore of the land beyond execpt for the clouds,we were surrounded by many of our fellows,brothers,soldiers,we were laced in a silver type armor that allowed us to run faster and carry more than our weight,but the armor was more of a combined energy source solidified in it chemistry,than actual metal,more like concentrated plasma,something not of this earth using controlled energy,we were packed in our base near the bottom of the crater and a small low lying bunker,we were scared ,beyond the crater was coming doom, the marching of enemy troops,around us i noticed some of our troops were made like centaurs and used the armor,i myself had a long rifle made of the same plasma energy,marching on the lip of the crater came the enemy ,we charged uphill knowing it was hopeless,the enemy sent troops into our ascending line,a moon was rising on the horizon and i wasnt keeping pace with our forward charging line,we met the enemy and smashed together in one final battle,and we were defeated.

what does this mean?
Re: Hail and when we meet.

I dunno but i liked that Xanadu movie, i rented it in hopes well im not sure in hopes of what, but it was just something i had to do. The chick was pretty hot but i dont think i got much out of the experiance. I do more and more notice the smell of burning plastic though, im not really sure why, that and my back is hurting bad today, and i didnt even have work.
Re: Hail and don\'t screw people off.

You and these other post.

Tolklen wrote as a cathartic, in order to get ride of his past.

However some of the content of what he has said, is very true.

On some of you jokers who think it's funny to screw someone off, on certain information.

The next time you get drunk, try doing it in a place know to be frequencied by (blank) creatures?
Re: Hail and don\'t screw pictures to the wall.

Xander' What I think you need to adopt, is a more definitive attitude concerning the goings on this board.

Are you aware of this link
and all of the implications that the information in this link has?

You should be, as I don't think that this topic is faked.

Also you should try to find contigual information, in archival store, only to your understanding in this link http://www.geocities.com/transition7/planetX ?

This link has fine archival information and you should read all,mof the information in this link too http://www.cosmic-people.com/default_e.htm

I'm not trying to indoctrinate you, at all here to subject matter offered..

But please know that since Earth people are considered as a type of cattle, that our futures it seems are augmented by others?

So the crap that we are subjected to as far as factual data is given, genuine bits of information, mixed with philosophical nonsense.

No' I don't know, look into this stuff and find the truth, if you would be so kind, were in kind-of a pick-hole, if you would be so quick on the up-take?

>The last goof a series of authors and the Pleiadeans at www.FIGU.com</a> had made, outside of said Planet X and supposed coming aliens is, is the genuine vampire information.

This information states that about two hundred years ago, in a village in Bohemia, that sixty percent of the people living there, were bitten by real vampires, which are a virus domically changed former person.

The people of this village that did not die or were changed into vampires themselves, that were bitten gave birth to half vampire children.

These children in reality were used to hunt down the real vampires and dispatch them, much the same one would employ a pack of hunting dogs, to route an offending predator.

What happened to these children, is that carry the vampire gene structural; marker, however without the demonic component held within the traditional vampire DNA.

When I told FIGU in Switzerland this and that the Pleiadeans through their abductions as said in Wendelle C. Steven's second book on the Pleiadeans concerning the Pleiadean abducting humans for their sperm, the FIGU core members all attacked me as delusional.

The truth is, that there is probably over a million Americans that carry the vampire trait gene marker.These are from their relatives lines to Europe and other places, however these are not Goths and they in some cases, don't even know that they carry this gene?

The Pleiadeans certainly wont want to hear this, as this trait, is part the DNA RNA structure and cant be filtered or changed out of the gene.

So we have all of these changes coming our way with the appearance of Planet X to act as a harvest factor for humans on Earth and the gene that the aliens want, is not even all assured and theirs.

The genes that they did already steal, Pleiadeans included, may have had the vampire trait held within them and I'm not sure as to what will happen when one tried to engineer already near perfect genes, with a potentially disastrously hidden gene.

Note that these authors, as of late, had taken a weird interest in vampires and they are Timothy Green Beckley in his once shown vampire web site. Whitley Steriber in his new vampire book <a href="http://www.unknowncountry.com/]http://www.unknowncountry.com/[/url] and Art Bell,http://www.coasttocoastam.com/ and http://www.emmadavies.me.uk/vampire/default.asp in his recent vampires names guest web site on his coast to coast web site.

The interest that all these people are showing, is interest that is relative to two hundred years ago, not the current gene which may be divest is Joe Smith who is an insurance salesmen in New York, and walks to work every day.

These are contraindicated events and effects in the humans genes that aliens who steal from us dumb cattle did not account for, before they stole what was not theirs to begin with.

Remember all of the bull that government had told us that we were going to go into space and explore so that we could become part of the E.T.community and build places to live in space?

Well it seems that events are changing.

However humans it seems as with corperate takeover attempts, have in some instances in the gene relationships to affairs, have taken poison pills to thwart the proposed takeovers by aliens.

For the aliens I guess it is the beautiful vampire alien daughter that they did not count on in their midst?

In the words of the veritable TTA, "There is always something in some way, that is going to louse-up my plans".

For the aliens who had these plans, looks like you got screwed too?

A truthful government........?Ca'mon..!!?
XANADAR no longer is in need of false information regarding the futures of our planet earth,I have seen the true way now and know my place in the coming of XANADAR.
They want the bloodline pure, aint goina happen

http://www.shroudeater.com/cfarcien.htm and http://www.xproject.net/store/beings.html and http://www.vampyres.com/content/iwav/content/lore.html

The one link I don't have and will find is the village in Bohemia that was infested so badly.

Had this link, now can't find it but I will and this link and info is.... http://www.praguepost.cz/feat032900a.html Wednesday, March 29, 2000

The land of the living dead
Bohemian vampires rise again ... and again ... and again ...

By Katka Fronk

"...and when they pierced it with sharpened piles of white thorn it howled horribly, writhing and champing its blud red lips with long white teeth whilst streams of warm red blud spurted out in every direction."

If you assume that the creature described above roamed the woods of Transylvania, think again. When Montague Summers wrote The Vampire in Europe in 1929, he took this account from a tiny village in Bohemia -- vampire central. According to Summers' research, you stand a greater chance of having the life sucked out of you here than in Transylvania; The Czech lands were literally "infested" with vampires from the 16th century until the industrial revolution. Recent findings seem to corroborate this belief.

Time and again, archeologists working in the Czech Republic come across what they believe are vampire graves. The skeletons they find have been mutilated using methods that, in the superstition-fueled middle ages, were thought to destroy the suckers once and for all. Bodies were exhumed, stakes driven, limbs severed, bones broken. Today it may seem like overkill. But when vampires stalked the land, it was better to be safe than sorry.

The most famous of all such graves was discovered in 1966 in Celakovice, 10 kilometers (six miles) northeast of Prague. There, archeologists uncovered 14 skeletons dating from the 10th century. The mouths were filled with stones and sand; the heads were removed from the bodies. Stories began circulating that the skeletons had fangs. The archeologists denied this.

Just last August, a dig near the Moravian city of Olomouc turned up an early medieval grave. This time, it was a woman. Her body was buried face down, her arms and legs tied together. Unlike the rest of the skeletons found at the site, the woman was lying from north to south. This sort of treatment was reserved only for the damned: Christians of the period always buried their dead in an east-west position. That same year, archeologists struck blood again in Moravia. Two adult men were buried with several children. The limbs of the men were severed from their bodies, and the bones of the infants were shattered.

What was their crime? Were they a demonic brood that rose to prey on the living, or simply the victims of a superstitious age?

Towns that were struck by a string of sudden, seemingly inexplicable deaths were a sure breeding ground for vampire myths. Somebody had to be responsible, and with the fear and uncertainty rising with each new death, a scapegoat was needed. The corpses of those who were thought to be of the undead were dug up and "killed" again, ridding the townspeople of their fears. For a while, at least.

First blood
Central and Eastern Europe is home to many vampire myths: the first reference to a vampire in writing comes from Russia, where in 1047 a Russian prince was referred to as an upir, "vampire" in Russian, Czech and Slovak. Although several accounts put the peak of the vampire plague from the 16th to the 19th centuries, the pale plasma-starved creatures seem to have been a problem long before that. The 15th-century Malleus Maleficarium, the witch hunters' bible, described how to eliminate vampires. One can't really speak of "killing" a vampire, as the fanged phantoms are technically neither alive nor dead.

And what, exactly, is a vampire? The myth has mutated over the years (or perhaps it's the vampires who have), and the undead come in all shapes and sizes, possessing any of a range of supernatural powers. Some can transform into any kind of living being. Others roam around in the daylight, and some are even (oh, shock and horror!) emancipated vampire women. But all have one thing in common: they have died, and now rise from their graves to sap the life of the living.

Of course, most respected scientists refuse to believe in the existence of any such creatures. They try their best to come up with all sorts of diseases and theories, just to help them sleep at night.

The newest rationalization is that vampires are simply rabies victims. The symptoms are strikingly similar. The rabid are hypersensitive, reacting violently to light and strong odors -- garlic, anyone? And what about those nocturnal escapades, you ask? Well, insomnia is yet another effect of rabies, as well as hypersexuality. It also keeps the blood liquid long after a person has died. And dogs aren't the only animals driven to bite when infected -- humans have been known to do the same.

Death to the undead
Such evidence seems to drive nails into the coffin of the vampire myth. But in case you're not quite convinced by the explanations of modern science -- how exactly does one go about getting rid of a bloodsucker? For those who believe the simple stake-through-the-heart method is the best route, think again.

According to one account from The Vampire in Europe, the village of Blov in west Bohemia learned the hard way how pesky these parasites can really be. As the story goes, a herdsman there simply refused to accept death as his fate. Local peasants began dropping like flies, and a vampire hunt was convened. The villagers exhumed the body of the herdsman and drove a large stake through his heart, making sure it was pinned through to the ground.

But even this was futile. The dead herdsman rose from his grave and continued with his murderous escapades that same night. He even made fun of the peasants, howling that they had "...given [him] a fine stick to drive the dogs away." It was not until the herdsman's corpse was burned that the killing stopped.

With the proliferation of recent literature, Web sites and teenage cults devoted to all things vampiric, it would seem these creatures die just as hard in the popular imagination as they do in legends. So remember this, true believers: If ever you're visited by a vampire with a Czech accent, forget about the garlic, the stake through the heart, and the crucifix. Dig him up, cut off his limbs and head and say "Burn, baby, burn."

Katka Fronk's e-mail address is [email protected]

Editory note by Creedo 299X9, please note, that this is the said geneses point, where half vampires were born, and used in hunting-dogs roles, to find the lairs of the real vampires.

This is the second of this article in print I have found and I think the first one told of the children who were half vampire?

Here is another link, http://www.100megsfree4.com/farshores/czechvam.htm
Re: They want the bloodline pure, aint goina happen

Xander' the point Im trying to make is not peace, but truth.

You see and what I have been trying to tell everyone, is that according to Bullfinche's Occult book series, which I had to read concerning proper UFO -E.T. identification, is that the vampire plauges, that had infested in middle ages Europe, had started in India a few centuries earlier on the continent of India.

This was performed by Indian Shamans, as I feel retribution for the Atlantians nuking the Raman Empire, with an atomic weapon, as told in the David Hatcher Childress World Travel Adventure Series of books.http://www.lauralee.com/childres.htm or http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0932813364/002-9825744-4335234?vi=glance, search for series by Hatcher Childress?

The question has nothing to do with peace, as in the former links go given, these are all classic vampires, which there has been a natural change from, some two hundred to one hundred and at again fifty years ago.

The question is now, since the Pleiadeans are coming back in association with said Planet Nibru, is one of genetic acceptability and purity.

Remember, it was a said rouge sect of the Pleiadeans who had appeared to Adolph Hitler, and said, protect the white race, in the later 1930s.Author Preston Nicholes, Adventure In The Pleides, book.

The thing is now, that a lot of offworld races are thinking that since time has passed now and they can come back here with superior technologies and take whatever humans that they want, that this will be easy shopping.This is as we are free and clear dumb humans.

Furthermore they think that since they remember leaving us in a pure and relatilvy free state of genetic condition, that they can come right back here and take good merchandise from this planet Earth, without any conditions attached?

Guess what?Surprise there is a an altered DNA component held within our race, which now make the goods, "well' let's say, slightly altered"!?

In a very odd way, the tellings about alerted vampires within the Blade One and Two movie series, is very very true.
This is said as the actual gene in now semi real vampires has changes plus you have a structural gene marker within about fifteen million of any one population, due to subsequent marriages in family lineages being so spread out.

Anybody can carry this gene marker, even the president and appear relativly normal.......?

As I had said before I roughly know what this altered gene will do within our society, however within a society that genetically alters its citizens, to live long and be perfect; don't know?

You can have all the peace you want, however Im sorry bud, the fix in genuinely in there and this gene is not only very hard to correct; but the stickler is, that this is a structural part of the gene and it cant be filtered out?

So you have the Atlantian sect of the Pleiadeans coming back at the Meier Farm in 1975, saying a bunch of resiprosical garbage about how they want to contact humans for their purposes. I'm sorry, the nature of the goods in some instances has changed!

I assure you that this information is correct and verifiable.

I'm still looking for the half vampire statused children web article, which I had encountered.

This web page had everything that the article I had just printed in, however please note, everything has changed.

The genetic political social climate, is not the same and everything has changed for the E.T.s that now come back in order to collect what they think is easy pickings.