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Have you experienced an Alien Abduction


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I need some assistance. Could anyone who has experienced an alien abduction please post a reply detailing a description of their abductor. Nothing else.

If you haven't been abducted then ignore this post.

I am conducting a bit of research and your help would be appreciated.

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theres a guy that lives up at our cottage, he's sane and everything, but he's paraniod of aliens and that stuff, again he's not crazy or anything. But it can be a pretty wierd place, I've even experinced a few hours of lost time there.

also, is this a serious post or is it just a conicindence that it's in the fan fiction section?
Am I not in the genearl discussion forum??

Yes, it's a serious post. It's to gather information for research into a psychology based theory I'm looking at.

The Doctor
Yes lost time experiences all the time I know 2 others with same phenomenan

You remeebr one point them some hours later or half hours you remeber only the second point. All around you continues you simply lose any recolection of point a to point b in time totally gone.

Some recollect some things however unexplainable other nothing at all.

Any thoughts on this I can nto expalin it but know its symtoms personally

I myself have not had any unusual experiences, but I knew a fellow that was a bit odd, that claimed to have been abducted throughout his life. He was always writing books, and giving the manuscripts to friends for safe keeping. Weird stuff that didn't make sense to me.

Then a local weekly zine did an interview and article on him. Then a regional news paper did another interview and article on him. A few months later he died. He was 41. No one could tell me where exactly it was that he died, but people say it was a heart attack.

In both articles, he claimed to have figured out how to make a landing strip for the UFOs and was trying to get the government to take him seriously.

We would say things like, aliens are walking around in our community posing as human beings, and only he could see the difference.

I always thought that was weird.

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