Temporal Novice
On the subject of time travel, time is merely a tool for the universe to crush itself or to blow itself up. As stephen Hawkins once replied in answer to his beliefs in god," if there was no beginining, nobody started it! To go go back in time and change things for the better is a worthy cause and quite possible, however , would we not already have met these time vacationers.? What are the implications?
When the people who meddle in such a pure and simple thing try to out live ,or segregate themselves from their natural confines{their life time},ultimately the universe destroys and starts again.
ALternate universes will succumb to the present ,,,,eventually.
When Stephen Hawkins says that going back in time is "quite possible", I have to be pretty optimistic about the whole thing.

Re:"Quite Possible"?

I'm not so sure I'll jump on the bandwagon just because Stephen Hawkins says so. Whoever Stephen Hawkins is.

If you can get Stephen Hawking to say this however, I'll listen.