Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle

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Heisenberg\'s Uncertainty Principle

I didn't mean to imply Heinsenberg was the first to theorize "multi-dimensionality", merely that his principle "seems" to lend credence to this long hypothesized possibility. I'll try to explain how, but remember, I'm a lay person.

When an electron jumps orbit, it emits energy (quanta) in the form of a photon. (An as yet, theoretical wave/particle.) We can induce this event as well as several others that allow us to attempt to measure such events to try to determine just what the behaviour of these "quanta" is. There are many forms of quanta we can perform this experiment with in the particle accelerators. (I wont go into Leptons, Hadrons, Photons, Mesons, or other descriptions of Quarks here. Suffice it to say that the following problem exists for virtually all of them.)

In trying to measure this event, we place a medium or "screen" in it's path to detect its presence. An impact point occurs in the medium showing where the "particle" struck, but the path it took indicates that it behaved like a "wave" during transition. (This ALSO becomes a topic for separate discussion as to what THIS means.)

At this level of matter/energy, the means we use to conduct the measurement itself, actually influences the outcome. It is also imprecise enough that it becomes impossible to determine the velocity of a quanta at the time we know its exact position. It is equally impossible to determine its exact position at the time we are able to measure its velocity. This is the core of the Uncertainty Principle, but it gets worse.

Since we "know" we fired a "particle", and an impact point shows that a "particle" struck the medium, and it behaved like a "wave" on the way there, we have another seeming paradox that arises. In certain experiments, the "impact" seems to occur at the SAME INSTANT as the "firing". This is what Einstein referred to as the "Spooky force at a distance" where a particle comes into existence in two places simultaneously!

It is THIS situation that then led to hypothesizing about the possibility of evidence for multi-dimensionality. (Remember, Einstein never bought into it tho since this is in fact at odds with relativity. If the quanta is a particle, how can it travel at, or faster than light? You don't even have to bring in the "mass increase" problem to complicate it even further, since the speed problem alone is at odds with relativity.)

In SOME cases, the "target" particle even seems to "spring" into existence at the target an infinitessimaly small instant BEFORE it is fired. This is what leads to hypothesizing about "time travel". In the truly empirical or physical sense, that is.

So... The Heisenberg principle itself does not hypothesize multi-dimensions or time travel, but the problems it poses do.

I therefore have come to believe that we should never rush to conclusions regarding dimensions or time travel based on theories that arise out of our inability to measure with certainty in the first place. It's THAT simple for me.

Multi-dimensions and time travel are going to have to come up with WAY WAY more foundational evidence than we now have for me to buy into any of it. In fact, I think we are using these theories to fool ourselves into believing something we have always WANTED to believe, but have never had any shread of empirical evidence for. (See my Bill Nye analogy for this.)

As for metaphysical or etheral time travel, sure. Why not. You can go anywhere your mind will take you if you want to. But this is a seperate issue.


You'll have to explain to me what you mean by "multi-density". I'm not familiar with the term or how it is relevant in the context of time and dimensions. I think this must be a seperate issue also.

Multi-Density (not dimension)

Well , its a first draw ( an idea i got ) :

A factor that we forgot to verify in space dynamics : Does empty space (not planets..) have always the same density ?? If not , it will explain a lot of things ( at the quantum level etc etc ): it most probely explain why a wave or particle will alter course/velocity for no apparente reason.
Lets say that we chart the void we know as 1.0 , now let release a proton in a specific direction at a specific velocity ( come on , use your imagination..) , if this proton encounter a change or a pocket of void of , lets say 2.1 , it will influence the trajectory and/or velocity of the proton .
now lets say that in a small area of space ( 1M kilometers) , we have several pocket or lair of different density , what will be the effect on that poor proton ??? , for the observer that do not know about multi-density or how to look for them , the proton will look like having an erratic way of moving !!!!
Now we do know that there is space winds ( created by solar radiation etc etc ) , So a current (or many) is travelling trought space , right ? if there is a current , automaticly , you already have 2 density !

Now , as for your explaination (nice ,by the way..) if my theorie is correct , it will looks a little like this :

If a "rock" is "trown" on the surface of a "pond" , hes "deplacement" will "effect" the "surface" of the "pond". Also for a brief moment , you will be ablee to see a "reflextion" of the "rock" as he "bounce" on the "surface" of the "pond" .
Since the "air" , the "rock" and the "pond" have all different density , one , two or all will be instantly affected (in opposition) by the action of the other !

(he he he not bad for someone who start stuying Quantum 3days ago!!)

Tell me what you think of this ?? am i correct??

That was for a paralele trajectory ( since velocity is one factor , gravity is surlely less present ) .
In the case of a "Rock" "trown" in the pond verticaly (gravity is now the main factor) the "rock when it "enter" the "water" , hes mass , will affect all of the "pond " , way before it reach the "bottom" (archimedus laws i guess..), But mainly , because the density of the "rock" is so different of the "water" ,"water" will deplace himself acording to the mass of the "rock" : You will have a primeral reaction at firing , and other reactions as the "rock" continues hes "course" to the "bottom" .

Now , since density is a factor for trajectory/velocity/and others.. , will time will be affected in the same way ?? or does any pottential travellers coming from one "density" to an other "density" ????
Does a human minutes have the same lenght in another part of the universe where there is a pocket or lair of different density ???

Do i make sens here , or do my english is that bad ??

Well, two things:

First, I like your analogy of the "rock in the pond". The interactive processes involved do serve as a good explanation for your drafted theory. I would caution you to remember tho, that the "rock in the pond" is a macrocosmic example where only Newtonian Physics apply to any degree that is measurable. At the quantum level, your "density" becomes another matter entirely if you see what I mean. You are then at the level of matter/energy where it is the 'density' itself you are actually operating in. For any 'density' factor to be applicable at the quantum level, there would have to be some medium we have not yet identified that exists on an even LOWER level of matter/energy. That's not to say there isn't one however. (Lewis Little's Theory I've referred to elsewhere on this page alludes to such.)

Second, your level of interest and curiosity in quantum mechanics will eventually take you to where I am not qualified to "instruct" you in anything. You'll have to go to the 'pros' eventually anyway.

Here's a couple of sites I'm going to refer you to where the "pros" in this field publish their work.

The first one is FERMILAB, near Chicago where the most powerful accelerator, the TEVITRON, is about to go into a new phase of operations. You will find most of the Abstracts and Postscripts that exist in theoretical particle physics today there. Lots of heavyweights working there from all over the world.

The second is the Home Site of the Particle Data Group (PDG) at the Lawrence Berkeley Campus. They also have lots of data for you to ponder and several links to various other research facilities around the world including the Hadron Accelerator in Europe.

http://www-theory.fnal.gov/ (FermiLab)

http://www-pdg.lbl.gov/ (Lawrence/Berkeley PDG)

Good luck, and happy hunting.

P.S. Don't worry about your English too much, I "hear" you just fine.
Merci LEE !

I am going to look those place !
By the way , remember "response" : today at 19:15 , we receive a phone call saying that i am going to the MENSA institut in August !!, it will be a good place to study whatever i want !

P.S : Simon.B look interesting , but watch out for the fake bunch , well your know how to find them and who they are...