Hello everyone.


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Hello everyone!

I came accross your board on a deliberate search for things of this nature, more specificly a place of open minded discussion. At first I`ll admit I was trying to avoid anyplace that nursed religous discussion, until I realized I was cutting myself off from a resevoir of ideas that, while not something I take very seriously I`m afraid, was nevertheless a valid viewpoint. I settled here because from what I`ve seen, these matters all seem to be discussed rationaly. The other thing I ought to point out from the outset is I can be rather long winded, so apologies in advance. Anyway, on to my point.

You see I have a problem.

I`m searching around the internet as an avenue of last resort to solve this connundra. I`m also becoming rather desperate to do so because you see, I have the strangest feeling that I`m short on time. Since as far back as I can remember, I`ve had having these, well I guess you could call them dreams. But they demonstrate a clarity and sense so clear it`s more like the memory of something that is beyond me when I`m awake. I`m always in a terrible situation in these sensoramas, or rather we are. You see I`m never alone. There is always a group of us, sometimes a horde. I realize I`m not being clear so I`ll recount one of these things for you. I`m with a group of people, there are four of them not incuding me. I`m not so much in charge of these people, it`s more like I`m more together than they are in this instant. Less paralyzed with fear. I`m simply afraid, they are lethargised with terror. We are in a basement, at the bottom of some stairs that lead up to a grimy metal door, the rivets rusted and hinges brittle. I dont think we 'came' to this place. It's as though we started here, it`s very hard to explain what I mean by that. There is no exit but the stairs to the door, but we never came down them, I remember that much. I make a decision, that we should move. That it`s no longer safe here. I feel that in every fibre of my body, and my stomach is hollow all of a sudden. We have to go NOW! I motivate the others to stand with nuges and shouts and we run for the door. At least their fear is useful for that. Instinctivness seems to motivate them to move more than I. I push open the door, and then the world about us simply erupts with light and sound. And smells. Horrible stenches. It`s the smell of vapourised flesh. I`ve never smelt it before in my waking life but I know the smell and it is the single worst thing I have ever smelled in my life. In front of us, people are running. And now we are running with them. It`s all happening to fast to count how many there are here, but I`ve had this dream so many times that I know there are fifty of us. Exactly fifty. And we`re all being pursued now. The smell I had noticed is people falling to some kind of bizzare weapon fire from behined us. It`s like a laser in some cheap sci-fi flick but with all the colour taken out. There`s no sound to it, just the barely perceptable hiss of vapurising air as the beam travels it`s course. Amazing but you can hear this almost soundless noise over the screams. It`s a sniper weapon I think, at least I seem to vaugley remeber from some place that that`s what it is.

As I run I have this urge to do something, to - to focus my mind in some special way. There`s a movment to it I cant quite describe too. An intricate little twist of the arms above the head, like a little ballet move. People ahead of my group are doing it. They`re doing it urgently trying to accomplish something before the beams chastise their backs. Some of them are succeeding. When they do it right, there`s a little patch of nothing hidden in a blur about there hands that twist above their heads in that strange pirouet. And then they`re gone. They - they seem to vanish in an instant, but at the same time gradually fade away. Many of them are being felled before they complete the manouver but some are getting away.

But,. But there`s something about the way there doing it. Something fumbling and not quite right. It`s more than them just being hasty in their escape. They`re just - not doing it right. And I can help them somehow. I`m yelling at my companions to Stace, thats what it`s called I think. No it is. And they`re trying. One of them has fallen and I feel his loss keenly. But I don't want to talk about that. And now I`m doing it too. I`m twisting my arms above my head as if I know exactly what to do. I`m sucking infinity in through my stomach and feeling the bottom falling out of my mind.

And then it`s all quiet. And we`re somewhere else. My group. Minus one. But I`m tired now, very tired. And I dont know now if I`m somewhere or somewhen, or which is more relevent or important. I just know I`m not there anymore. And there are no more rays stabbing out at us through the darkness. And that smell. Thats gone too. I collapsed in the dream then, and perversley I awoke then too.

This is just one of thousands of dreams. Every night, or in the day if I close my eyes. I know it`s about time. And I know it`s about something that lurks between the shadows of it. Something thats chasing us all down. Something worse than the rays. And I need help to figure it out. I`m desperate. Times short I just know it.

Please if "Stacer" means anything to anyone ( the only reference I can find is a make of boat ), please please tell me.

I can`t tell my friends or family of this. I`m lost. This is the first time I`ve recounted any of it. I`m sorry if it`s intelligible, I`m not a writer.
That is offically the weirdest story I have ever heard, wow that's pretty interesting stuff, exactly 50 people aye? hmmm, weird...

Sorry, though nothing comes to mind when I hear that word, could the word be "Stacy"?

You say you are in a basement, at the bottom of some stairs that lead up to a grimy metal door, the rivets rusted and hinges brittle. There is no exit but the stairs to the door. Dreams are prophetic and in a weird way tell half the truth. The trick is to observe your surroundings and get some tangible evidence.

What's with the hands up ballet position? Maybe it represents cattle going to the slaughter house and hanging on hooks at the meat house.

the word stacte is a Hebrew word that means oozing out in drops or to drip. A sweet spice used by the ancient Jews in preparing incense.

Did you know that Israel thinks that the Red Heifer was born. The calf's name is Melody. A orangest red hair calf without blemish that is supposed to be used for the Sabbath and anointing of the new temple in the end of days when the Messiah returns. Maybe there is some connection to your dream?

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Quote - the word stacte is a Hebrew word that means oozing out in drops or to drip.

That`s a pretty interesting reference. Though the word is definatley Stacer, I`ve had to write it in a few incarnations. I actually felt very afraid last night after I`d written my post. Something in the pit of my stomach told me recounting it. As though it was a crime of sorts. The idea of forming an anchor point in the dream and achieving some kind of Lucidity to observe it fully isnt a new idea to me, but it`s quite unecessary. That is the default state of awarness in the dreams

I say the reference is interesting because it`s relevent to our perception of time. My group that is. Let me attempt an explanation.

Imagine a placid lake that represents the fabric of the universe. It`s a bad analogy but the best I can come up with. If you took a stone and dropped it within that lake, and call the splash an event. The ripples that spead from that event are the time line that is spawned from that event. Let`s say that this event is your birth, but it could be anything. In this model, if you went back to say kill yourself at birth, it would be shown as dropping another rock at the same place in time you were born, in the same place on the lake. The interesting thing is that you will fail to cause a paradox. The ripples that spread from the 'kill' event will never, can never, catch up with the ripples that were caused by the original event of your birth.

But of course there are many events, many choices, and many people. Each thing they do causes a stone to fall into our lake.

The lake is not infinitly large, and ripples meet each other, interfering with cosonance and disonance. Our lake surface is
like on in a heavy rainstorm. Time travel is analagous, at least this seems to be how I understand it, to slipping between
the cosonance. When ripples meet in a certain way, the lake at that point becomes flat, and it`s easier to slip through and
hop aboard a different ripple. The key is to arrange events, to commit actions that you KNOW will cause these cosonaces. The
flatter the lake the easier it is to steer the prow of your little boat against the flow.

It also means that if you did want to wipe out an event, you can do it from the future/present/or past if you do the right
thing. You could prevent your own birth with a suitably cataclysmic event in the future or present, an event whose ripples will cross the pond and interfere with disonance with those created by the event your stopping. In fact, the only way you CANT erase yourself from time, is by killing yourself at birth by going back.

And of course, our lake is infuenced by other things. There is weather on this lake, like any other lake. Rains, winds, etc
can effect it. Suitably dramatic wether can effect entire sets of ripples, entire timelines.

So anyway, oozing and dripping just reminded me of that. It`s how it feels to squeeze between the disonances.

Heh - sorry again, long winded post and suitably chaotic train of thought. If your interested in this theory in more

technical detail feel free to ask me about it, I`m attempting to tempt fate in the worst possible way, because you see I feel
like some punishment is on it`s way for this, but at least if it doesnt arrive ( or if it does ), I`ll know wether I`m simply
crazy or not.

Incidently people always talk of destruction in time, of going back and killing someones grandfather. But you could actually reinforce an event or timeline too. Make it stronger by causing constructive interference. (stacking wave heights)
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Well it seem you have put the great CAT-ski to the test at unraveling your dream!

And won't you be surprised what I discovered!

You mention above that Stacer relates to boats, well that is correct it does, however they are boats that are made of Stacer Aluminum which is a very light metal used in manufacturing the hull of speed boats. But it has a much greater significance!!!

Stacer also means something in physics called Stacer Booms or Axial Stacer Booms! I think these are measuring aluminum rods that are used in the space satelite by NASA. This satelite is called (FAST) Fast Auroral Snapshot Explorer, and what it does is measures the Aurora magnetic fields of the earth.

This Stacer flacked aluminum was found to absorb light and have magnetic reflective qualities and mechanicalibrate impact energy. It also has frictional properties with thermoplastic blending of 50 alloys in a square molded tile, 1.5mm sheet of this Stacer Aluminum.

No doubt involving Time Travel! August 3rd is the magnetic peek of the earths rotational field! (Philedelphia exsperiment was also performed on this day!)

This could also tie in with the Schumann Resonance under the "Timeflow change is part of nature" thread here by BOOT and also with HAARP and University of Berkeley.

Here are some web sites that delve into the Stacer and Axial Booms technology.




I hope these help in uncovering the meaning of your dream! I think the significance of your dream holding your hands up in a ballet position is in symbolizing the motion of the Satelite in the upper atmosphere of Earth...

What you are seeing is into the future.

This is a military invasion of some country.

The weapons are a cohearent beam energy particle weapon, which kills and can be fired from at over a great range.

The term stace, may be given in the future linquisitcs term, as to stay, or do not move?

Any dream can be from any reality, as dreams are often barrowed as such.

There is a forcast military invasion said for Earth.

This was said within the contewxt of the book, The Pleiadean Mission by Randolph Winters.

I will for certain reasons, not go into this book here, however in time, the invasion is supposed to be repelled.

>>Ma'' ghaa-aak mugier. Baaaha zaa ah dauuk uue

Run as you are killed your killing means little to us
Oh! I see we have a word from the mothership!

Creedo here is a intergalactic gezor warrior tracking down villians throughout the known universe in his search for simian crystals to repair his damaged spaceship which presently is being held up by bricks on his driveway! He is also scavaging for an engine from a pontiac, tires from a chevy, seats from a lincoln, hubcaps from a cabby and a klept Porch emblem for good luck!

His real name is Darth and his mother was Ella Vader!


To who should care.

Please note that this CAT person who post here, is quite rude.

The phonics for some forms of reptoids, start with M consinants and the rest of their speach is kindof a growl.

This is known from past reports.

These are impressions that I had recieved psychically, from the Stacer posting.

It would be amusing to place CAT in the role of a soldier and have to counter an imperically, technologically advanced force, and then see how her courage of realization stands up?

I knew in 1984 of this invasion, as there was an aquaintiance I had made, who's daughter had loved Barbra Strisand.

For some reason I drew the entire reptoid invasion force, with far pulse rifles drawn, in a frontal charge, in detail.

The girl who had wanted the Strisand photo, I had placed Barbra's picture, on the reverse side of this drawing of the invading reptiod force and given it fraimed, as a present to this lady.*Was short on supplies and this was what was on the other side of the drawing poster board.

She never knew what was on the reversed side of Barbra Strisand.

What I see is not a joke nor a commedic event.

I would encourage this person, to take a more serious line, in understanding what I have said, as the date I had read The Pleiadean Mission, was 1995.

I had no previous knowlege of the reptoid races, or any other kind of knowlege other than the drawing I had made of the full frontal change of the reptoids dressed in full battle gear.
Stacer - thought maybe 'stace' could be also written 'stase'. Turned up an acronym for STASE (See below) and definitions for stasis (See below).

Your search for STASE returned 1 hit

Acronym Definition
STASE Security Transformations Application Service Element

5 entries found for stasis.


sta·sis Pronunciation Key (stss, stss)
n. pl. sta·ses (stsz, stsz)
A condition of balance among various forces; motionlessness: “Language is a primary element of culture, and stasis in the arts is tantamount to death” (Charles Marsh).
Pathology. Stoppage of the normal flow of a body substance, as of blood through an artery or of intestinal contents through the bowels.

<Greek, stationariness. See st- in Indo-European Roots.>

Source: The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition
Copyright © 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company.
Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.


Slowing; stoppage: bacteriostasis.
Stable state: homeostasis.

<From Greek stasis, standstill. See stasis.>

Source: The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition
Copyright © 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company.
Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.



\Sta"sis\, n. <NL., fr. Gr. ? a standing still.> (Physiol.) A slackening or arrest of the blood current in the vessels, due not to a lessening of the heart's beat, but presumably to some abnormal resistance of the capillary walls. It is one of the phenomena observed in the capillaries in inflammation.
Source: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, © 1996, 1998 MICRA, Inc.



n 1: an abnormal state in which the normal flow of a liquid (such as blood) is slowed or stopped 2: inactivity resulting from a static balance between opposing forces
Source: WordNet ® 1.6, © 1997 Princeton University

hope this helps - Roy

PS: sounds like you were in a bomb shelter in the beginning of your dream.
Hi Roy,

It skipped my mind to look up the Acronym Definition. That was really clever thinking on your part! Sounds like another conspiracy theory to me!

And as for you the crème de la crème Creedo,

One more word out of you and I'll put you back in your bottle of formaldehyde, because right about now your sounding as charming as a dead mouse in a loaf of bread to me!

Barbara is not reptilian! Although her nose is so big she makes Pinocchio look like a cat!

Well I certainly hope the medical reference proves not to be pertinent or I could be in real trouble. It sounds painful and most detrimental to one`s health

I post from GMT here so apologies for the length of time it takes me to reply. There is a lot of friendly bantering at work here I see, I`m not entirly sure whose serious

That was a most interesting reference to an invasion of earth however. I should probably point out that I`m not entirly sure if that is where my dreams take place, and on some occasions it certainly isnt on earth. Or if it is... well something very terrible has occured.

Thankyou for working at pulling up reference though, I realy appreciate it. The alluminium one is also very interesting. Even if they are not direct reletives of the usage of Stacer in my dreams, they could well prove to be things it`s derived from, so I`m busy checking into those. Thanks.

As far as reptilian beings go, I should also point out that in the many many dreams I`ve had, I still havent seen our attackers. I somehow feel they`re human though. But that ~is~ mere assumption on my part.

It`s also worth mentioning on a completely unrelated note that it doesnt take two entire days to make an orbital plot, and someones scheming away, setting the idea in people`s heads in the form of preperation. That`s an oblique reference to something I actually know something about but thats as revealing as I want to be.

Congradulations for picking one of the very few pronouncable short words that is not in the english language "stace or stacer". It is a real good combination of the words "place and space and stay". Like "atance".

How about its short for "SPACE LASER".

But more important than this cool new word is the fact of your penchant for LUCID DREAMING. Its a talent and a gift. Read up on lucid dreaming, develope your talent.

Where do we go when we dream? Where do we stay when dreams come to us? Noooobody knows!

You know beam weapons could be fired from space satalites with the accuracy needed to pick off a list of undesirable people practially by name. In the near future we will all have the option of being nice or being fried by the cosmic bug zapper in the sky. Isn't the future wonderfull!

Funny thing about dreams, they are prophetic and distorted weirdly from the days livin la vida loca! and only tell half the hilarious truth.

Sometimes dreams have a way of going beyond our comprehension because they are half way between wakeful consciousness and sleep. Our human brains cannot break down the barrier of light separating the dimensions. The message of dreams is all biblical by the way. If your interested in this I can supply you with some biblical proof in the story of Joseph and his dream of the moon and stars bowing down to him.

I have a dream too that I am working on. In my dream I am with two friends that I have never met before in my present life. (But have recently found them
) In my dream I saw perfectly with vivid description the characteristics of one male individual and the other older male was not visible but I knew him by his voice and words. We were walking in a dry arid place with parched light brown dusty dirt! I than found myself in the boundaries of a steel mesh fence surrounding a one level building. I looked over head in the sky and saw several (what I believed to be UFO's) their parts were falling out and being disassembled as they flew overhead onto the dry dusty ground all around me. I said to myself in my dream where on earth am I and what is this place? I then looked over my right shoulder and saw a huge green sign with white writing saying a 5 letter word (which I will not disclose here.)

The dream was so real as if I was physically there and perhaps I was? I was bound and determined when I woke up to find some actual proof and validity to this dream.

I did find proof! The name of this place is actually an aviation way point in the sky over a military base! (I cant disclose where.) After some analysis between me and the other people in my dreams I feel that this place is a monitoring base for interdimentional transfers from alien entities. They protect our American air space.

I also called the states commerce and they denied the place existed! However the name and place is on a map!

The name of this place also harbors even more evidence as your dream possibly does to HAARP utilizing infrared electrochemical laser spectrography! (Combining Carbon, Hydrogen, and Iodine to stimulate the atoms.) This is the future technology that allows us to see into dimensions that are not visible to the human eye.

In "your" dream if I'm correct to assume that it has a connection of the stacer axial boom antenna satellite that measures the magnetic fluxes of the Earths Aurora, this is basically the same spectrographic technology that will allow us to see other dimensions. Your dream doesn't necessarily have to portray this, it is basically giving you a message in the only terms you can understand to see its magnitude. Look at your evidence? It contains metal and the validated word stacer and it involves something dimensionally horrifying that is in a place equivalent to a vacuum which could symbolize space? (space and stace rhyme.)

Do you know anything about Ham Radio? Well if you do there are mathematical equations that allow you to know that at certain times of the day or month you can loose signals because of the earth magnetic pull and the frequency of the sun filtering throught the earths magnetic atmosphere. Sometimes the satellite in space has a shut down because the suns rays are to hot and we loose GPS and all sorts of electrical circuitry. Ever see the movie Frequency? of course its just a movie but It gives one the conceptual idea about the magnetic Aurora interfering with frequencies between the future and the past.

Dreams are real messages that engulf and combine global and connectiveness and consciousness. We are somehow all connected? When we dream our vision is way above our physical body status and therefore it would enable us to see the whole picture from higher up.

Let me see if I can add to your dream. When everyone is on the move, is it like when you see birds quickly change direction as if a single person was guiding the whole group? Is the environment around you resembling dark cityscapes? Do you get a sense of group consciousness of being unworthy or having done bad things to be in a position like this? Does it feel like you are in hell with no place to go and no hope for your situation? Does it feel like you are being singled out for torture but not for destruction? Does it have a "psychic" quality to it? Do you "feel" the prescence right behind you but never can look? Does the fear keep rising and rising until someone falls and then the dream approaches an end with some "relief" at having escaped the object of the fear--but with full knowledge that this will repeat itself and starts the fear again? If any of these things happen in your dream, let me know--I will interpret the dream I had when just a child.<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">Zerubbabel--The Seed of Babylon
RE: cats and birds

cat and stupid suicidal bird that crashes into cars
?are you really that good looking? (don,t answer that)
the bird was no good at looking

butt seriously now, as to your ufo dream mentioned, answer me a question or two;

Was the building you saw white in color?
Was it mostly masonary or smooth stucco construction?
Did it have several stories of underground?
Was it SEEMINGLY deserted?
Was it on flat ground with mountains 20-30 miles distant?
Did it have a lot of junk, barrels on pallets etc around it?

Cause if it does/did....DON"T go in there. As a matter of fact you may be better to forget about it.
Hey Shadow,

<<Was the building you saw white in color?
Was it mostly masonary or smooth stucco construction?
Did it have several stories of underground?
Was it SEEMINGLY deserted?
Was it on flat ground with mountains 20-30 miles distant?
Did it have a lot of junk, barrels on pallets etc around it?>>

Seriously Shadow you are scaring me here! YES!!! everything applies except according to my dream the building was brown brick! But that doesn't mean that this wasn't the same place as dreams are prophetic and sometimes distorted! The building matched and blended in with the color of the dry parched dusty ground. The building was very clean and thorough. It had a strange bareness and wide openness to it with a western heat and echo. The sun was shining and the sky was blue with clouds. It was a one level building. Its possible it could of had an underground? The parts that fell out of the bodies of the UFO's were mangled and fell to the ground like gobs of burnt molten metal about 12 inches in size, give or take! They where heavy and made a hallow thump when they hit the ground! These parts were everywhere inside this fenced in area like a junk yard!

My perception of the place was that these UFO's were being dismantled as they flew in mid air by some sort of bombarding heat jamming frequency that changed the molecular structure of the UFO's into a liquid state, so the parts dropped out! My gut feeling and intuition told me IT WAS A U.S. MILITARY UFO JUNK YARD! of all the interdementional invading vehicles that were caught in our air space!

The name of the place is an aviation waypoint over a military base that could harbor such technology! The name has 5 letters in it (which all aviation way point names have.)

<<Cause if it does/did....DON"T go in there. As a matter of fact you may be better to forget about it.>>


RE: CAT, laundry :

I had wanted you to know, that a family memeber and I went visiting tonight and saw only a part of a foot, walking past a slidding glass door.

They told me what they saw and this was only part of a foot, with no person attached top it, rapidly walking past the door.

This might be a frequency phenominon, where for some rreason, the differing dimensions arer almost at times, shareing the same time and space for only minutes at a time?

I think that this has been going on for some months now, to the very heavy cross-talk on F.M. radio in our area.

F.M. uses a special tube for broadcasting, so the signal is wiggled and not amplitude oriented, as with A.M.

This might have something to do with the subject your talking about, or it might be time travel expierment subject?

Don't know, thought that you should know, Dan.
RE: CAT, laundry :

Hey Creedo,

Thanks again! You hit right on queue!

Funny thing! I have noticed the same thing with the FM radio. All last week while driving in my car on the way to and from work I kept loosing radio stations! The news or the song would play for about 10 seconds than fade out into static, or I would here two stations combined talking simultaneously. I also feel like there was some sort of frequency change within "me" this past week and I cant quit put my finger on it to figure out what exactly it is? a couple days before during and after seeing this entity.

Come to think of it, I do have reflective properties in my kitchen where I saw this male TT pass! could it be possible that what I saw was a mirrored refraction of light? Hmmm possibly?

But this light took shape and form! It could be possible that it was a bleed through from a coexisting/neighboring dimension. But I feel it was deliberately there and not expecting me to see it!

No doubt that there is a universe invisible to us made up of particles that travel and modulate faster than light. That which vibrates faster than the speed of light is energy. That which vibrates slower than the speed of light is mass and therefore taking from. Maybe its light frequency slowed down enough for me to catch glimpse of it? But than my question would be, what caused this frequency vibration to slow and manifest itself enabling me to see it?

I highly think that this FM frequency could be in conjunction with the whole subject in this thread combining the SR, HAARP, and Stacer Booms and the frequency connection to the satellite and earth magnetic and barometric fields.

Well thanks for the input creedo, I would have thought you you'd be watching a Tom Celic movie and comparing mustaches!

RE: CAT, laundry :

Dear CAT Honey-buns'

Please note that via your dream of o-part station, (not to dib into whoever's there) there are collodial metals.

These are metals that react to the presence of electricity and you can change their shape, by adding so much electricity.

So you can make a solid, liquid or change shape of this substance.

The source was popular science magazine, a few years back and the name of the artilce, was SUPER COLLODIAL METALS.

A feature such as this, would be idea for android life, however I'm sure you talking a small plutonium reactor, for the power source for this android.....?

I don't know why they let you go into this place, but I feel that it might be their busniess.

Truly, eat less sugar, "oh boy that goes over good with the sugar industry", Dan.
RE: CAT, laundry :

Hee Hee!!! Your good Dan,

Just after you posted this I got done pouring 1 cup of sugar into a pitcher to make Cherry Cool Aid! 1 cup per 2 quarts that's an awful lot of sugar to consume over a one day period don't you think?

Hmmmm that's interesting, SUPER COLLOIDAL METALS? Maybe I can go to the library and research that popular science magazine you mentioned and also do a search on the internet?

Sugar Ray-Every Morning!
Shut the door baby and don't say a word!