Hello I'm new here


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Hello I\'m new here

Hello everyone, while surfing online I found this "TIME TRAVEL INSTITUTE" page, I read through the forums and found all your post very interesting. I'm going to be very sincere with you guys I’m not familiar with any of the stuff you guys talk but I’m not a dumb rock neither. I'm just a 20-year-old student worker trying to make the living and study. I've been reading most of your post and I have come up with some ideas of my own, they might be sort of dumb or somebody might already said them but I’m going to share them with you guys and I hope you write back and tell me how dumb or wrong I’m. For me Time is "MOVEMENT", its going to be hard to explain this but here I go. Well, hum.. Lets say somebody gets lethally shoot on the heart, the bullet is not the one that killed that person but it was the movement it made to all the skin cells and the flesh on the body, there fore making the blood which is also moving come out and the person dies. Another dumb example a virus lets say some one gets the aids virus the virus cannot reproduce itself without moving inside the body and taking over cells, So if we were to stop time or travel back in time or travel to the future we would have to STOP ALL THE MOVEMENT OF ATTOMS, cells, Particles and all that stuff in the universe and make it move back or make it move Forward faster depending on what you want to do travel to the future or travel back in time. Like that post about traveling inside a capsule at light speed I believe that time would travel faster inside the capsule but not outside because the capsule is the one moving faster not the universe, and wouldn't something weird happen to a person if they were moving at that speed I mean it would be like getting a hard boiled get and putting it into a bucket and swing the bucket into circles very fast the egg would get crushed by its own weight and the pressure that would build between the egg and the buckets surface. Well I hope you guys understand what I wrote on this post if you know how to explain this idea better please do thank you.