"The future ain't what it used to be."

Hello, Newbies perspective.......


Hello all, I am obviously new here, but have been lurking for a week or two and have read all these threads. Now, I'm not a smart girl, I won't even begin to try to convince you that I am. My intelligence is most likely average. Most of these posts with the technical terminology just perplex my little brain! I am most fascinated by this "John Titor" carechter<---(I can't spell either so if it's wrong I apologize)I couldn't tell you if I beleived him or not, but I keep thinking "what if", If what he says is true.... WHOA NELLY!!! hold on baby! it's gonna be a bumpy ride!!!..... If its not true, well then, it was an amusing, if not disturbing bit of sci-fi. and sci-fi is one of my favorite guilty pleasures! I don't neccesarily beleive in Time Travel, or the Paranormal or UFO's or any of that stuff. I do however believe in the "possibility of" Does that make sense? I figure if you beleive in god, then anything is possible, and no im not an over religious zealot or anything, thats just my personal view. I think its really egotistical of us to beleive if God could create us and earth and everything in it, then there IS the possibility he could create other worlds/beings/dimensions/alternate univereses

Now just for kicks let me ask this....
IF a time traveler came back to OUR present from the future to change an event in history then went back to the future(thier present), wouldn't they NOT have to come back in time becausee everything went as planned and the future was now changed??? I'm trying to find out how logically it would be possible to do such a thing. I understand the faster than light travel into the future thing, but as I understand that way there is no way back. but any of these other ways dreamt up but hollywood, scientists ect. just seems travel into past/future COULD be possible but ONLY as an observer. I think any other use IE: to change events would render the whole time trip null.
now am I stupid or what? someone with a little knowledge in scientific background of this subject please try to explain to me the possibilities in LAYMANS terms???
Newbie to the forum,