"The future ain't what it used to be."



It is I, John Titor and I have come back from the future on another assignment. I have come back from the year 2043 in a time machine that has a larger event horizon. This is to bring back a blue whale, which is extinct in the year 2043.
Hi JT' are you a time traveler from the future stuck here.

If so what, or how big is your time machine, can you hold it.

And does your flam-rod swizzle, when your chicken runs?
My time machine is not larger than my previous one. It's gravitational field is just larger. This allows it to bring back large things. In response to your last comment, I do not understand what you mean.
My time machine is not larger than my previous one. It's gravitational field is just larger. This allows it to bring back large things. In response to your last comment, I do not understand what you mean.

I like to ask you a question will the civil wars will happen this 2004-2005 in america?? and what is the cause of it?? write back

thank you.
Welcome back!!!!

Lets not be so harsh i found it funny made me laugh. Thats what i would say if i just travell:lled back in time. Just for some fun reaction with everyone to see what you would say. Where is our sence of homer gone people!!

One question?? Mr Mallett whats to meet his father can you help him please??
If i had one wish i would give it to him so he may see his father agian!!
Are you able to help!!
Till Dreams come true Be Safe!!

Looking forward to your third reply!!
john titor that we know can never (statisticly) return to our time line. i think you are a fake, and regardless of that fact, i would have still thought you to be a fake. Star Trek much ?
(i'm laughing at you in a mocking manner).

I agree! This is too much! Allow me to continue with a little levity of my own:

So John, if you think YOUR "time machine" is bigger than your last one, you should see the size of MINE! All the ladies are "shocked and awed" whenever I show it to them. :eek:

If you're feeling a bit too small, I can forward you some spam that will help you increase the size of your "time machine". :oops:

Kind Regards (and all in good fun)
Come on people, the original poster is being ironic. Blue whale? Extinct? Star Trek IV? LOL

I'm more interested in JTTS, actually. Your profile says you are in the UK. Hey, guess what? Me too. I'm also part of Her Majesty's Government (no, not Defence or anything remotely shadowy, I assure you). Are you here illegally? If so, I'd like to have a chat with you in regards to working permits, since access to the Internet is either funded by yourself or the taxpayers.

Of course, there is the additional issue that needs to be addressed: If you are genuine why did you travel from Titor's original point of departure of the US to the UK which, by all accounts, is a wasteland of glass when the Russians struck first (that is another issue I will address when the topic comes up....)? Doesnt that make hooking up with your buddies back in the US all that harder?

Or are you insinuating that the UK has it's own TT program in this apocalyptic future and you are on Titor's opposing side (hence your cryptic suggestion his predictions were 'disinformation')?

Looking forward to your comments and your passport.

I don't like having to repeat myself. So I shall spell it out, loud and clear...

I dislike capitals being used as an attempt to 'shout'. That was neither loud, clear, nor professional. Which surprises me, considering the military background you clumsily allude to.

Truely, I would love to hear your opinion on being considered an illegal immigrant. Especially in this time of hightened security. I am sure that does not infringe on any prior instructions from your command hierarchy, since if interaction with members of this board was not permitted, we would not be having this conversation, nor would the others here.

However, on a lighter note, I do applaud your attempt to keep every one of your posts in a strict window of opportunity. Cliched, but a nice touch.

If you not at "liberty to divulge any information" why the hell are you talking to us if you can't tell us anything. and if your time machine isn't any bigger it's feild is bigger, what do you expect to do with the whale when you get it back to the future? let it splash on the labratory floor while the scientists look at it?

*I know this dude is fake I just want to hear his answers*
why is it than NO ONE has noticed that this 'tard used the same plot from Star Trek 4??

only difference are the years in reference to titor and instead of humbacks he's used blue's

(8^/ /ttiforum/images/graemlins/ooo.gif
My mission is classified. However, I am allowed to use *reasonable* methods of interaction with you in order to contact others in the event of an emergency.

I am not here to convince you to believe I am a traveller. I am not here to warn you about anything or tell you anything of significance. This was not my mission.

Hey. I hope your unchatacteristic time of post had nothing to do with me? I would dearly be upset to think so.

Of course, I believe your sense of 'reasonable' is different to mine, and many others. I mean, you HAVE warned us in previous threads. You HAVE tried to convince us you are a time-traveller. Prior posts show this. Just wanted to point that out.

Still. I'm curious about the term 'JTTS'. At first glace, 'JT**' implies John Titor. Then again, '*TT*' can imply Time Travel. But then, you also say it also includes rank (again, was that *reasonable* interaction? I suspect not.... Dont worry, I wont tell..)

Lets see..... John Titor Temporal Studies? Joint Time Travel Sub-Commitee? Joint Time Travel Sergeant? C'mon, tell me I'm warm....

By any chance does your time machine look like a Klingon Bird of Prey?