"The future ain't what it used to be."

Help, Ancient City, Looking for answers/someone


Everyday goes by and I swear I'm going nuts but I feel the need to find the answers or someone in particular. I don't expect anyone to believe me but I hope what I say here will catch someone's eye.

All my life I felt something different about my life without being able to put my finger on what it is until a couple of years ago. I started having memories or should I say visions. Its difficult to describe, they're like memories but not from my brain and not from an external source. I have come to believe that I am a 'old soul' or spirit or essence if you will, that has lived life after life searching for something that is missing until this life (there are still pieces missing though). I don't want to give out too much information on what I know cause I also seek validation and yes before you say I'm probably crazy...I most likely will agree with you. I started to 'remember' images and scenes along with a few words. I'm not a history buff in fact I hate history...I was always better in math but two of the simple words that I remembered I stared searching the net and for weeks could not find anything similiar. Its was the two simple words that help me believe that I may not actually be crazy.

I'm not sure of the spelling of these two words but I am pretty sure about how to pronounce them. They are:

paH = Yes ('H' sounds is overly stressed, 'a' is short like in 'part')
jUe = No ('U' is softly stressed, sounds like 'jew' )

Like I said I felt like I was going crazy with all these images, thoughts, feelings of loss, etc until weeks later after I started my search I found:

Po = Yes
Jo = No
Found at see link and check albanian

The 'yes' matches perfectly (listen to it) but the no doesn't, I'm not saying this is proof but I personally do not know this language. From my research the last couple of years I've done it seems that sometimes parts of one civilation to another may have simaliarities and also with ancient languages (tongues)

Anyways I'm gonna give a description of one of the images but not all the info and not too percise, you'll see what I mean. I do this for a reason:

"In a Ancient grand city stood two great towers reaching far into the sky. Between the two great towers stood Oracle. The city was not just a city but a home, a community. Upon the two great towers were spheres."

What were those sphere's called? Do YOU know the answer?

Thanks for your time and take care and yes I still think I may be going crazy.
What part of the world are you in?

This has been known to happen to people who are descendants of atlantians,

you might have gone through some thing tramatic that opened up these memories or it might just be

time for you to remember them, I'm not quite sure how it works yet
Thank you Keven you've given me more validation. I know this is not this type of forum for this particular topic but I have reason to believe that they may still be out there. You'll see why later why I posted it in here.

I will give some more information in hopes that perhaps someone will see this and help me find / fix what I feel I must fix.

Now the closest I've ever come to any kind of mythology is the movie "Clash of the Titan" and that to me just didn't feel like it was sort of 'true to life' for me when I watched it many years ago. I can remember my father, mother and my two elder brothers. I can also remember things about 'Teacher' and my father's personal guard. But the things I remember is from a child's point of view considering I died as a child or better said murdered.

The reference to the towers was in the city center and yes I believe it may of been what we would of called Atlantis. The spheres where/are the 'Hands of Oracle' which was used to collect energy particles and also used to provide a shielding for the meteor showers that hit from time to time. I am not sure I know where on the globe this was but I have a feeling or instinct I know where. I also remember a large mountain range to the north which helped to block the cold winds. I believe also there was a bridge leading to the land mass to the west but I'm not sure about that.

Now there was the People (Civilian) and there was the Military (Soldiers). The Military wanted to dominate / enslave the lower species of man where as the People, especially the Leader of the People, wanted them/us to develope naturally. As the Military were war hunger, the People were more interested in developing technology and developing the power of the mind and meditation.

Now this may be where I might piss people off. I remember the Leader of the People as a young and loving man was who we'd call Zeus. His first wife was Aphrodite which bore the first born son Eros, in which the first born was always (for a lack of a better word) special. In other words, if families were forced to evacuate and could only take 1 child, the first born would be taken. If 2 children then the first and second born taken and so on. Aphrodite also bore a second son with Zeus named Ares and a third which I will not name. Zeus' brother Hades was the Leader of the Military.

That is what I believe to be true, but from my research I find that apparently Zeus destroyed Atlantis and I don't know why he would find it necessary to destroy his own home. But I did find that Eros has been referred to as the 'First Born' but not from Zeus

Also I believe they may still exist somewhere. I remember that they were tall and very fit people and after stumbling upon some of the ufo cases and reading about these alleged humanoid 'Human appearance' makes me think there is a slim hope I might find them before this life ends.

Thanks for reading my "boy this guys is nuts" text hahahaha
I did a project on Atlantis a year or so back, many theories point to atlantis as being in teh

center of the Bermuda trinalge, and the reason that ships dissaper is that when Atlantis sank there

was a malfunction in their security grid and now it atack anything with in range.
Keven, what you just said has struck me a bit 'funny' and I don't mean in a laughing way.

Well imagine two towers (as high or almost as) high with the 'Hands of Oracle' on top with 'Oracle' between them. Now imagine those two towers, in a disaster of some sort, fall over in different directions. Would that not create a 3 point triangle? Would a sphere that was on top of one or both of the towers roll more away in the direction that the tower fell?
You bring up a very good point, and I think you should try to look into your families history,

Atlantis was across from the straight of gebraltair (spelling?) also know as the pilars of

heracles, so if your family originated from around there, there might be a good chance that you

could be realitive to the atlantians, don't want to get your hopes up or anything.

The towers would have to be huge, they orbs could have rolled away and expanded the field, put I

don't know if the bottom of the ocen is flat enough for them to roll.

www.crystalinks.com is where I got most of my information, very good site for many things.