Help me, I'm new. Please.


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Help me, I\'m new. Please.

There is so much info on the 'net about time travel I really can't go through it all trying to find the answer to my question, but I really need to know, it's annoying the hell out of me.

I don't know if you can help me, or if this gets asked a lot, it probably does, here goes;

If a time travel machine was to be invented and was used to travel through time at different speed to which we normally do, surely you'd have to have some way of ensuring that you went to the appropriate position in space/time so you wouldn't end up in a far part of space? Just to clarify what I mean, if you were to travel back one minute back in time but not move in space/time the place you left from could be light years away, due to the expansion of the universe and the rotation of the galaxies etc.

I know I haven't explained it very well but I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out and tell me what you think. Am I right or completely mistaken about how stuff works?

thanx in advance.
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Yes manocheese, everything is relative to everything else.

To better focus your studies, read my post entitled "Attention new comers, Must read"
Re: Help me, I\'m new. Please.

Eek, I haven't checked here in ages, I was expecting an email if anyone replied.

Thanx for the answer, I'm gonna have a good read now as I have a little spare time and maybe come back and bug you with more questions
Re: Help me, I\'m new. Please.

Ok, read it. First, I am a fairly intelligent person with absolutly no knowledge of physics beyond high school lessons, although I am one of the few people who actually still knows everything from those lessons, so I'm sure with a bit of explanation I can grasp at least some of what goes on here.

In the post you directed me to (which should be a sticky btw) you say that my conciousness is travelling through infinite universes and my actions determine which ones I travel through?

Also, with regards to my previous question. Does this mean that in order to make time travel practical you would have to either use a previously existing exit (which I think would be a white hole?) or you not be able to travel to a relative time any further back than the point at which you built your 'exit'?

Obviously you'll have to add that word 'relative' that you like so much in there a lot more often otherwise it won't make much sense to you :D

Thanx again.
Re: Help me, I\'m new. Please.

For nearly two years I have carried out some experimental research work in time travel. I had a website called the Star Chamber Project.Org. In your post, you mentioned if consciousness can play apart in time travel. My data suggests it does. When you apply the right type of technology with the right type of people. I carried out some experimental work using psychotronics, Extended Remote Viewing and transbilocation and spontanous teleportation. With mixed results.

I also spent alot of time studying Russian data on time, time travel, PSI and ESP research.
Much of it unpublished. There is a great deal of vaild science research relating to time travel in the many achives, on the internet to. Which is a good starting place. Also back issues of science journals and magazines provide a source of valuable information.

I closed down my website, due to the high cost of mantaining it. Sadly a great deal of data has been lost. Caused by some brain dead morons who attacked my computers resulting in a great deal of damage and expense. I informed the FBI about one individual but I did not wish to press charges at the time. Yet the lost of the data does not prevent experimental work from being carried out.
Also it came to my attention another individual is violating intellectual property rights as they copied my ideas almost word for word and claimed it to be their own work.

On a better note I have secured a loan and I currantly working on another project. The prototype should be finished at the end of year.

All the best
Tom Skeggs
Re: Help me, I\'m new. Please.

i'm corently studing time physics at a graduate level and doing some basic theoritical research on that i'm interisting in sharing data that i have, if you can give me some point to that data you are refering.
Re: Help me, I\'m new. Please.

Friend TGS

What you are talking about is very similar to the observation process we carried out during our TimePhasings. If you would like to know more about this reffer to the post Prime Temporal Point. This is in facrt the centre of the multiverse, where all realities coalesce into one point.

Until later becomes now.
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Manochese posted...
In the post you directed me to (which should be a sticky btw) you say that my conciousness is travelling through infinite universes and my actions determine which ones I travel through?

Wouldnt that mean that im traveling through different universes then everyone else. So everytime I say hello to my freind, its not actualy the same person. Because they traveling through a different universe. Wouldnt it just be a physical copy of them. Or am I just confusing myself because its 2:44 AM in the morning and im tired.
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Hello Dimiourgos

The Russian research I have investigated includes work carried by Russian scientists Professor N.A. Kozyrev and Vadim A. Chernobrov. Kozyrev carried out experimental work into the properties of time, and Chernobrov believes he has prototypes which display a time difference. Chernobrov recently attending a conference in Moscow. (I would have loved to have gone to that, but in the UK, it can take up to month to get a visa).

Aleksandr Dubrov a biophysicist with the Institute of Earth Physics carried out research into PK and PSI effects, where the human mind can effect the space-time continuum at the sub cellular level. He believes that the time can be accelerated or decelerated by people who display signs of PSI abilities. (For example Remote Viewing, Remote Influencing, etc). But if time does not flow, then what are they influencing. It maybe the vacuum itself. In the form of the zero point field.

Some American research worth looking into, is the papers written by H.E Puthoff of the Institute of Advanced Studies at Austin. One paper called Polarizable-Vacuum (PV) representation of general Relativity. One of the best papers on space-time engineering.

My last paper I published on the Star Chamber website was on the teleportation of biological systems. Where people with PSI abilities may effect the permeability and permittivity the zero point field. German scientist Fritz-Albert Popp has shown that the atoms which make up the human body emit photons which are to weak to see with the naked eye. These emissions he called biophotons. And they add up to make the biophysical field. Popp also discovered that the highest emissions where discovered in DNA, which act like a Bose-Einstein condensate. People with no PSI abilities, they will produce a constant biophysical field. In people with PSI abilities, they maybe able store vast amounts of energy and release it when needed. Like during remote viewing and transbilocation. In rare cases it may explain spontaneous teleportation, space-time warps, etc.

Sadly some of the best people with PSI abilities maybe victims of abuse. Their abilities are a self defence mechanism to sharpen their basic human instinct to survive traumatic situations.
They are fearful of discovery, and may generally treat everyone with suspicion.
The notion that we are being visited by time traveller's from future may never been proven. Cause they will always see you coming. From my research it appears that genuine time travellers are just urban myths. Cause that’s the way they want things to be.

Transient001 I will take a look at the thread, you suggested in the next few days. I'm not internet for as long as I use to be.

All the Best
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Surley its possible to develop PSI abilities.
Some of the top phsycics in the world seem to think so. Uri Gellar for example. He beleives anyone can develop Telekenisis. My father told me he read about a book where a few scientists tried to, after about 6 weeks they could move objects. But very small objects. The example they used is they could make a piece of paper sitting on top of a pin spin around.
Re: Help me, I\'m new. Please.

Wouldnt that mean that im traveling through different universes then everyone else. So everytime I say hello to my freind, its not actualy the same person. Because they traveling through a different universe. Wouldnt it just be a physical copy of them. Or am I just confusing myself because its 2:44 AM in the morning and im tired.

I'm not sure. Maybe you are only you because you are the sum of all the previous states that you conciousness has been in through one path through said universes and that all the other universes are filled with different you's all of whom are the sum of their own previous paths. But maybe your universe and everything in it only exists for you and I'm really another person.

If you really want an answer, maybe you should move to a hut near the top of a mountain. Growing a beard might help, try not to go too mad and send me postcard if you get an answer
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There is alot debate about developing PSI abilities.
Some in the remote viewing industry, believe that such abilities are present in everyone, and we simply discover them. Others believe people can be taught such ablities. Like you just mentioned.
But they does appear to be a small group who have had near death experiences or suffered serious trauma. One of the best American remote viewers was David Morehouse, who discovered his ability to remote view after being shot in the head. But for the average person its safer and less painful to just to enroll in a course.
Re: Help me, I\'m new. Please.

One of the best American remote viewers was David Morehouse, who discovered his ability to remote view after being shot in the head. But for the average person its safer and less painful to just to enroll in a course.

*sigh* well, if those are my only 2 options....
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whel my maths point out that if you can change space time with the know of the time phase.
So peaple that can project there realty like phy peaple may be able to manipulate time and space with some easy. And the who is mostly on the base space time energy equation. That their is a "blueprint " of the object and we run it into time. But if a intelect can see that blurprint the diferent time phase it would be posible to change and effect time and space itself.
Thx for the info i research it.
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Beastinthe id wrote.
*sigh* well, if those are my only 2 options....

This is the only man I recalled at the time of writing.
It would be unwise to name of other indivuals who do not want to be named in public.

*sigh* well I see some still resort to using sarcasm on boards like this.
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The "blueprints" you refer to. Do you mean the Zero Point Field (ZPF)?.

Some scientists believe the ZPF acts a record containing all events-past, present and future.
The ZPF also acts like a spider's web, connecting numerous events together at the sub-atomic level.
One new branch of science called space-time engineering is exploring the idea, of searching for ways to perturb the zero point energy around objects, causing a distortion where it can exceed the speed of light or defy gravity.

It maybe possible for the human mind to perturb the ZPF by effecting the emission of zero point energy around objects by using remote influencing. So the remote influencer would report different events occuring at different times, relative to a observer outside the area of influence, due to space-time being disorted.

I hope this makes sense to you, cause this is a real bugger of a subject to explain.

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Returning to the subject of genuine time travel. I guess time travel is one of those peculiar jobs where you can retire before you even sign on the dotted line!.

Genuine time travel may defy all believe and comprehension. Reality as its known is simply a product of the human mind. And when a event occurs everybody’s interpretation of that event is different, cause they are viewing the event from different locations and slightly different times within space and time. This is similarity. And what's known as "reality" is arrived by a general consensus where all their interpretations bind together and we witness the world around us.

The time travellers are trained to operate outside the general consensus. But to alter events in a big way, would mean to alter the way the global population interprets events. And this can lead to serious problems. So time travellers have to alter many small events over time so the global population as a whole does not notice any changes taking place, prior to, during or after a major historical event occurs. The purpose of this is damage limitation, cause there are things you just cannot change especially with major historical events. For example, if a bomb goes outside a building the time travellers can work out if they move the vehicle a few feet, the number injured and killed can be reduced. But you ask, why not defuse the bomb?.
The answer to that is, time traveller's are just that, they are not counter terrorist agents, and the bomb going off would mean that new laws would be passed allowing such agents to prevent attacks. The time travellers do not fight other people's wars for them. People in our present have to do that themselves.

Some also claim on public forums that such time travellers, are sinister, untrustworthly, and some even class them as being evil. They appear not to be that way. The nature in which they operate is clandestine, and secretive, to ensure everything they do goes according to plan, without intervention by the authorities. Who may mistake them as being the enemy.

One thing I have noticed in stories by those who claim to be time traveller's from the future, is they rarely mention the impact of being in the thick of the action. Nor do explain the hardship one may endure when having to witnessing what one human being is willing do to another, all because they believe in something else,(Iraq for example). They do not explain that the time traveller's can sense and feel what other people experience (Empathic ability). Also the long term effects to a time traveller maybe result in both physical and emotional damage. Plus the explosure to high intensity EM fields can lead to various fatal illnesses. So they maybe have to carry out a limited tour of duty.

Their methods of time travel appear to be a mixture of PSI abilities, protocols, and various technologies involving quantum physics, biocybernetics, biophysics, and genetics.
Research into using these technologies and methods may begin in a secret science experiment at a remote location in the African desert, in around 2012. The scientists remit maybe to seek out people with special skills, and to combine their skills with the right technologies to spend people back and forth through time.

I feel its my time to call it a day, and move on and do other things.
Over the past year, I have to endure some major set backs, and some people in the America have been putting out false information about me and my work on this forum and on others, using various false names and accounts. My computers attacked with viruses and hacked into. And a website defaced. Some have also been paid to do this. It appears the prime culprits get ofter people to do their dirty work for them.
On the plus side, studying the subject of time travel has been hugely enjoyable, and ERV has shed light on the its true nature and use.

So here endth the lesson.
all the best
Re: Corospondance

Please check your private messages at about ten O'clock,I have some private questions to ask of you?

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TGS wrote:
something about sarcasim.

i reply. i didnt mean it like that when i said "if those are my only two options". its hard to express tone of voice over the internet, and sigh at the beggining i was hoping people would realise im trying to make a joke. i dont knwo how to explain it. but it wasent sarcasm lol.