"The future ain't what it used to be."

Help, Please


Temporal Novice
It would occur to me that the entire concept of time travel is missing a major part of the equation. I am going over this and overe this in my head, and there is something missing, although i cant put my finger on it. if anyone has any ideas, however ludicris i may sound, please help. time, in my opinion , should be extremely easy to manipulate. It doesnt make sense that time should have "special" rules that apply only to it. the basic(extremely) principal that i am working with is that energy is modified through the use of resistance, and amplification. Mass, basically the same.. depending on the mass of any given object, this will define the ability to modify it. I.E, I can fold my jeans, but not a rock.we can modify time, in sound, by slowing a sound down, and just recently beginning to modify it with any reasonable quality, through the interjection of small sections of the sound, duplicated, and strewn throughout the original sound, and in energy, i am not so sure if this is a possibility, and this all may sound very elementary to all of you, and rediculous to others, but shouldnt we be able to modiufy time as well? i am under the distinct impression that we are making it much more difficult than we should. this is why i feel there is a massive (simple) solution that we are just not seeing. why should it be so very easy to block light by closing the shades, and covering our eyes... of course it is still there, but it isnt reaching us. there has to be some simple solution for blocking time, if it is to be percieved that time is relative to mass, energy, light, sound, and etc. everything can be modified and manipulated, you just have to use the right tool.
G'Day HammerTime,

I have to confess that I barely attained your points in your message however despite yours
"...we can modify time, in sound, by slowing a sound down....."
It seems to be a pyschological matter to me.

Again, I am sorry to say this but you look lost in your comments regarding the time travel itself.

All I want to remind you through this message is, The Practical Application of Time Travel is possible (i.e. the Future Traversion). The backward travel may not be possible. It looks like something or someone prevents us to do it.

I apologize for any inconveniene expressed by this message.

Cheers, mate.
"It doesnt make sense that time should have "special" rules that apply only to it." hammertime
Why not, become solid at 0 degrees celcius is a special rule that applies only to water. Everything has special rules that apply only to it. What we need to do is break these rules down as far as we can and find why this cause produces this affect. For instance why does the slowing of molecules result in a solid. And why does ice expand when frozen, when other things contract. Special rules are everywhere, and the reasons are there too, unfortunately it is easier to understand the rules than the reason for the rules.
"I.E, I can fold my jeans, but not a rock." hammertime
This because it is softer material, but you can also not fold air or water, because they are too soft and fall apart. Folding time might be more difficult depending on what it is made out of. If it is significantly softer than jeans, we wouldn't be able to fold it, if it is significantly harder than jeans we wouldn't be able to fold it.