Help Wanted: AstroPhysicist PhD's comments on Bosen theories


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Help Wanted: AstroPhysicist PhD\'s comments on Bosen theories

Hello, I'm Joe. I don't have a degree in anything so actually I'm asking for help to clarify certain theories on time travel. Now Doctor Bosen came up with a theory that events emit electromagnetic waves or some kind of wave called a "carrier-wave" (I think)which travels along time, but this same event also emits a "retarder wave" which is smaller and weaker but travels against time into the past. Now normally the carrier wave covers or cancels out the retarder wave. The theory goes something like if one can hamper this process and single out the retarder wave then time travel into the past is possible. I need clarity on the theory itself or if I'm off in left field. Plus how time travel back to the future where one originated from can be possible on this theory. Thanks a bunch!
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