Help wanted?


And that's right in my back yard...Oak View. It's in the Ojai area of Ventura County, CA about 45 minutes from me. Judge Wopner lives there, BTW.
darby, Hey why don't you go check it out and when you get back tell us what the future looks like. Oh and don't forget to pick up a newspaper while your there. We do need proof you know. clara
I think its some con artist just looking to steel someones weapons!

What I think you should do Darby is go to the post office that that P.O. Box is located and catch the double crosser in the act of checking his P.O. Box!

Either that or it could also be an add placed by the police or FBI to catch a suspected criminal because I've seen this tactic used before!

By Far Darby, Creedo ranks higher!

It would be hilarious is this WAS a police setup, and some government spook showed up and abducted the the undercover agent!

Anyway if someone DOES go down to check this out bring fake weapons (water guns painted black) and once you meet the person who placed the add ASK THEM IF THEY ARE A COP. If he is a police officer, and lies about it when you ask, it's entrapment, and you can sue the state if they arrest you ^ . ^
Note one thing however. The ad poster mentions having done this once before. So trying to go and "catch" that person might be a bit mute as they may have knowledge of what happened before when they went back and came back. They might already know that we were planning on trapping them cause until someone shows up to go with them, this is technically the past they visited!

Of course I don't believe one bit that mankind can time travel but I do so love getting involved in these "What if" topics don't you? HEHEHEHE!
RE: Help wanted, mmmm, be carefull?

Zardos was a movie that stared Sean Connery and someoone else, I can't remember.

Jist of movie was, that they threw weapons to everyone, so when the time came around to be nuts, there was more than enough supplies to help eliminate everyone.

Look on the web, concerning the Gibb's advertisements and it's the same technique.

Lots of time travel devices, however once an operator learns how to make these units function, then it's on to more and more powerful machines.

The only problem is with these units, is that they are small and cramped.

There is the perril bought out concerning the J.T. expiernece, which should not be confused with the 70s disco group,of the same name, that relocalization, back to the same time stream network, might be a problem.

In other words, not enough insturmentation on the type and stile of the machine.

The bigger ones that Gibbs sells plans for, can be modified to have an increase in size and still work.

You need and inducer grid, which would be something as simple as pipes filled with water and or eletrified, to help you slip into zero jump?

We don't even know the effects of these samller machines, which is a said thought line, from the early Philedelphia Expierment..

On getting weapons, durring time travel: I hate to tell whoever, but those time laines are patrolled and you might end up either being stuck in some other time, or stairing down the barrel of a ray-gun by those E.T.s who patrol?

This is crazy stuff and anyone who answers this, might not either have some level of common sence, or if the ad were real, have their fellow compatreiot know what they are getting into.

Might be Fort Knox, might be an armory thart where the weapons are so complex, that one has to go to school, in order to learn how to use them,...the future???

Make an educaited guess, as to how many people posess TVA, HDR technology and could have greatly expanded these principles, to be time traveling banditios?

A thousand to two hundred easy..

Really good modified ships,?Maybe two hundred U.S. wide?

And yes this would be the cons. of the FBI, "eye yi yi", as this phenominon crosses borders.??

RE: Personal

Don't believe everything you read it is probably a hoax by a bystander or a con artist and How do you know that person will leave you somewhere in spactime or another parallel universe or leave you behind I got to see it before I believe it even though I do believe in time travel/teleportation and such but if someone investigates this person and home address be sure to let me know!