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Hey.. chat rooms?



I say we make a chat room on IRC or something cause im sure a lot of people in here have good ideas and if they're able to talk out their ideas in a chat room there could be some progress. and if their is already a chat room please tell me what it is. either on here or my e-mail is. [email protected]

ps. i love this message board. it's going to get something accomlished
Personally I think that's a great idea. So many people are talking here we might as well have it real time. It would be much easier. TTI Admin's - an answer??

I just made a chat room for the users of this forum on the server us.undernet.org. The name of the channel is time_travel. Anyone is free to use it.

Noone wants to visit the room?


To Maciek How do I get on this time travel irc chat room? Where do you go to get there? Have you seen my devices movie yet that I sent to you?
RE: Personal

Thanks for your attention Adam...

To view the IRC chat:

1) Go to <http://www.pirchat.com/> and download client...
2) Run client...
3) Press LOGIN on toolbar...
4) Select IRC network "UNDERNET"...
5) Select on of the servers (not networks)...
6) In your case Adam just use <Name: Adam> <Nickname: Adam> <Alternative: Adam> <User name: Adam@> --- not a typo...
7) Press Connect...
8) In the prompt write "/join time_travel" and press ENTER...
9) You should be in the chat room...

And no I haven't recieved that video yet. The e-mail is still probably delivering...

RE: Personal

Thanks for making the room. im sure good things will happen.

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