"The future ain't what it used to be."

Hey Transient001, how are you?



Just a little personal greeting to Transient001 and CAT if they are still reading & posting. Hi guys! What paths has life been leading you down lately? I am all ears (or eyes).

Am very excited (and worried) about the "truthful" statis of our world. What happens if the powers that be sell us all out for power-greed? What if those powers that be have stumbled upon every retro-engineered "holy grail" that mankind can conceive of, and decided to keep it to themselves for austensibly security purposes,
But the the nature of cloak and dagger has misplaced the keys to humanity's blessing into the exact hands that wish to keep it a secret. For wealth and power, not the betterment of all upon the blue canoe.

The right time but the wrong hands...so to speak.

And Eisenhower is turning in his grave, wrought with social consciousness, and a longing to have made it all right in the first place. Alas.

Is time travel a reality, you bet cha. Are there aliens visiting our world, no doubt about it. They have been with us from the beginning. Do we need to worry about them as hostile invaders? No, the only thing we really need to worry about is what we see in the mirror. Is a renewable energy source, or rather technology, available that could save the devastation of our world, yes. It is a fact. But if we implement such a thing, and our species prospers even better than it does now, where are we gonna put all of the people? So we better start learing to play nice and get along with our neighbors, like good little students. When is humanity going to grow up? How can we cure the ails of dysfunctional gowvernment. And no I am not just referring to the "Axis of Evil" but the illegitimate presidency of Mr. W. Bush. Lawlessness and arogance have never been so skillfully spoonfed to a public as is now occuring on your very own television screen. My soul demands that I speak out in the name of sanity and justice and all that is good about humanity.

What now?
(It is my motto, but will it come to fruition?)
The appropriateness of chance is astounding.
Dear Persp'

As you and I stand balanced placed upon this potatochip. This social condition desperately grasping at each other's arms, as the patatochip may at any moment crack into, I must point to your signoff, >[What now?]

I'm sure the traditional has been, [How now,..brown cow?}

You see with reference to scientific analysis, there lies the problem one is asking about the condition of the cow's state of being?

So in further perspective, if one interrogates the cow, as to the matter of {What now?}; then this means that the cow is indeed we whether going to do, or is capable of doing something?

I have to ask you, after viewing the recently release movie on martial arts, Cung Pow, "do you have a large bovine that resides within the confines of your living room"?

If this is indeed the case, do your often ask this companion, How now, or even what now? /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif
Re: Transient here

Friend Persephone of EarthTR125.0121

I perfectly underdstand what you feel Persephone. The horrible clutches of Evil are all around us. It seems that their horrid tentacles will stop at nothing to tear apart the delicate structure that keeps civilization together. The saddest part about it all is that this political agenda is not even to maintain control in the middle east, nor to control the energy sources there, nor even for the sake of their own purses, but all is being done to direct the temporal matrixes into something other than international civility. The hidden forces operating here are struggling against the most important fact of Earth's society, i's democracy.

I am well aware of the peace demostration all over the world, people who like you and me do not want this war to happen, people that understand that discussion is the only way to solve this problem. But our leaders, the elected leaders have chose to feign idiocy and ignore the wish of those who elected them.

Persephone, the funny thing is that they will keep at it in the name of the best of interest of mankind or so they will say until the unthinkable happens and knocks at their very door. It is now that we must work together and strive for peace. I remember that a long time ago in a far away world a despot that went by the name of Kranggelyn took every one by surprise and in less than a decade had enslaved the mayority of his world. The sad part is that very few really dared to oppose him for they actually enjoyed their slavery state that they had been placed at.

But when this slavery of the mind became too burdensome to carry they could no longer do anything, it was already too late. But that was exactly what Kranggelyn wanted them to think, that it was already too late for anything. A small cabal knew this fact to be a carefully prepared lie and started to teach it to the people, that there was still hope for their derogative state. And one day they rose and with a swift move of the mind their chackless blew open and then there was no way they could be stopped until planetary homeostasis was achieved once again. Yes, it took them quite a while but they did it, and all that was left of their despot was a distant memory of the past.

What this people taught me was that we can always make changes and never it is too late for action. We can do that right now, from our very houses, we have to change they way we think and you will see the results, it will be like a huge planetary circuit cliking itself on, readying its wires to strike a massive blow to the evil mascarading itself as the pladinical justice dispenser of our world.

Until later becomes now.
Re: Not so fast..........

On Kranggelyn, to Tran 001.

The conditions on the world that you had mentioned are different than they are here on Earth.

In our society, we have the problem of the government itself becoming subversive and attempting to infiltrate the family units itself.

This is and was very hard for me to take, as it was one of my sisters who had done this act.

You see, at one time I was formally religious to organized religion.

For security reasons, I can not disclose what sect.

However what this family member had done, was fraternize with an evil sect of witchcraft lore.Then after staying away from what was left of our family unit, came home as life had treated her roughly.

I am a natural witch and make no attempt to hide this fact.

However, in no way have I ever knowingly gravitated towards the mal sects of witches, out of what was carried within my family line of witches, which was Gypsy, by nature.

They just didn't do it.

Witches to Gypsy's were a natural part of the clan.
The were respected and did not gravitate in our clan towards devil oriented witchcraft.

We just didn't.

When my sister came back, she had touted an affiliation with the demonic group, which I thought was very inappropriate and certainly felt betrayed.

Me and this family member live apart and I only occasionally speak to her.

To me, it is a very egregious act, to selfishly use witchcraft, to mal ends, in order to move ones social position.

This is why we had fallen out.

What the dark one was intended here on Earth, was a counterbalance to define man, as a being between two forces.

The Angelics knew this and on Earth, for the most part this is how man is spiritually balanced.

There is the factor of some government agencies, infiltrating the family unit, and trying to pervert this unit, for their own aims.

This is known and there was some articles written on this during the Vietnam era.

The problem with Earth, is that two key members of the scientific community, Einstein as well as Oppenheimer, wrote letter later on in their careers, that the use of nuclear weapons, as a deterrent, would have dire consequences on the structure of this solar system as we know it.

One of these sayers had been attacked by another physicist and was attempted to be discredited, due to a sexual relations with a woman, who was also a communist.

One of the areas that both of these men as well as one of the prominate Russian physicist had pointed to, is that mass detonations of atomic weapons, might somehow affact the area of space around Earth?

The formula is simple, due to the mass of the sun.

That large detonations of atomic weapons, may be ducted into a Rosehbridge wormhole, and so be shunted into the delicate innerworkings of Earths central sun?

This was warned of and against, as keeping nuclear weapons as a top trump card.

The the key question here lies, that what state of stability will reign, if and when there is a full-scale atomic war?

How will the sun do afterwards?
The Ends: Do the means justify it?

It has been along time since I posted here, much less written anything activist worthy. For those who don’t remember me, I am Enforcer of Time. A.k.a. TimeTravelActivist.

As a result of the means of those closest to me, I allowed my self to become to comfortable in their trust, making my self vulnerable to their “justified actions.”

I write this tonight as I reflect on the outcomes and attitudes this world has crossed into. It sure has changed since the last time I took it on… Left alone and without any criticism on my part of uncovering the deception of the other unseen sides… I would have thought others would have been right all along… That they would have figured it out all on their own. And that there would be no need for a TTA.

I still awake to a world in confusion, a civilization where people are eager to hop into the bandwagon if you do not support us.

What’s the deal with the French-fries name change?

That’s like saying feminist are particular about male and female roles, so we aught to change the name of man-hole covers to woman-hole covers to avoid any upset?

Is that not the basic idea?

And the last time I checked the constitution, is this not a government for the people, to the people and by the people?

Where is our democracy to choose?

So now we are in the brink of denying people the right to vote on what to do, and shove Bush’s form of justice down everyone’s throats. We replace one dictator, for another one.

Is this really the best of 2 evils?

What are the real agenda’s involved?

Consider the following:

A. Is Bush not from a wealthy family who’s main business is in oil?
B. Is not Iraq one of the largest oil producing countries in the world?
C. Is there not a supply and demand for oil?
D. For a president intent on ridding the world of a tyrant and liberating and creating a democracy (by the way, must commend him on the good example he sets on listening to his own people, Turkey’s democracy has nothing on him), why would destroying oil wells constitute as a war crime?

Obviously they are of some hidden importance to him, other then for his agenda for “peace.”

But then again, this could all be nothing, and I can just be full of $hit… But when is the TTA full of [censored] /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif? Have others not made my case for me so easily by their very actions?

I stood here like a man waiting to be challenged, and challenged others with no fear. Instead I was silenced for the inadequacies of their own minds. They could not grasp a two-sided perspective of Time Travel.

Fear not the day you die from this world, but fear the day someone will exploit and manipulate you simply because they say so, and to elevate their own stature.

And if that’s still difficult to conceive, just imagine a dictator like Bush with a Time Machine, you can almost see him molding out the perfect world in his image.

Re: The Ends: Do the means justify it?

Friend TTA of Earth TR125.0121

It is truly nice to hear from you again, however I sense that this long period of abscence has not been enough for you. I explain, my dear old chap. I do agree that yes the spoils of the governors you had elected for yourselves are not the best ones, they might be following their own agendas, very dark agendas I might add, but it is by no means a sensible measure of why terrans should not travel in time.

On the contrary, it is an expression of why terrans should. If not to avert the horrible things that may yet occur but also to study them and avoid them in future temporal settings. My dear friend, as you are well aware I have always stated that the people of EarthTR125.0121 should begin to think as one single being, not becoming a hive mind but the matrix of a collective consciousness. As you may already know, this, despite all the efforts of the enemies of mankind, is commencing to occur. Look at the world, the people united for one common goal, the avoiddance of an impending war. Unfortunately this had to occur to let us know how deeply compromised are the elected governors, the one terrans trusted, the ones we trusted.
Now, humans find themselves on a great quadanry, to keep following sheepishly those self interested leaders or device another way for them to rule themselves.
There might be a war, already I have sensed two principal changes in this timeline corresponding to this event, but it will ultimately serve a greater purpose, the unification of mankind, for they will now know who is true to what ideal.
Good to hear from you

Until later becomes now.
Re: The Ends: Do the means justify it?


Aside from all the unnecessary New Age wordage to describe the current condition, it’s nice to hear from you again too /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif.

*but it is by no means a sensible measure of why terrans should not travel in time.*

I am certain my absence has given you much time to consider your claims of pro-timetravel. However, from the sounds of it, you would agree that with power comes corruption.

Just because we have the capacity to do something, should we?

Bush is proving that we can and should.

This is where playing God comes into the picture.

If Bush was given the same choice to TimeTravel to create a “democracy” and rid us of a tyrant, would he no doubt use it to his own advantage to accomplish such a goal despite our say?

Are you Trans pure and strong enough to resist not using it to alter the past?

Do you know your self well enough, to not?

*I have always stated that the people of EarthTR125.0121 should begin to think as one single being, not becoming a hive mind but the matrix of a collective consciousness.*

Ok… can you please elaborate further on this collective consciousness?

*Look at the world, the people united for one common goal, the avoiddance of an impending war. Unfortunately this had to occur to let us know how deeply compromised are the elected governors, the one terrans trusted, the ones we trusted.*

Yes people have gathered together, but I wouldn’t say united. We still have our political differences, and this gathering is to preserve us from our own destruction.

Only when our way of life alters and we accomplish what we set out to do as a result is when can properly say we are and were united.

But as you can see, no measure of opposition will back us away from someone who’s already made up their mind.

*There might be a war, already I have sensed two principal changes in this timeline corresponding to this event, but it will ultimately serve a greater purpose, the unification of mankind, for they will now know who is true to what ideal.*

Please do tell, what do you see /ttiforum/images/graemlins/ooo.gif?

Re: The Calamities of Power

Friend TTA

Yes power corrupts, but only those who still cling to their own sense of self, those who still have personal desires, personal dreams or even personal motives. For you see TTA, there are those who are truly powerful and they do not even interfere. Many are among us, beings of great stature from their place of origin, but all they do here on Earth is serve. One of those once told me that what true power really means is to be capable and able to help others, a Lord is only a Lord because it can truly tend to the needs of those around him.

So, I can say that yes under the current state of humanity most will be very vulnerable to corruption. That is why humanity should be taught how to work with their sense of self and direct it towards the great collective consciousness of mankind, that to this point remains dormant.

About humanity being united or not, well I might have hyperbolated on that, nontheless they are starting something beautiful. They will get there eventually, give or take three hundred years.

About my last paragraph, what I mean is that the future of EarthTR125.0121 is in an enormous state of flux right now. Things are changing up stream, quite rapidly. I dare say that in the future of mankind, and once this entire crisis has been resolved, this temporal zone will be interdicted.

Until later becomes now.
Re: The Calamities of Power


*Yes power corrupts, but only those who still cling to their own sense of self, those who still have personal desires, personal dreams or even personal motives.*

That’s very interesting… I guess with my dreams and ambitions for having an independent and manipulation free society makes me corrupt?

I guess I can’t be exempt from this rule; I am after all only human
and to be corrupt free I must be above that.

I guess I had it wrong all along, if what you say is true then these “beings” as you call them are to impotent within their own selves to shape and mold humanity in any way they see fit, everything is our doing.

Despite all the coincidences and temporal shifts I and millions others experience from time to time, they are actually just fluxes as you call them, and have no bearing of some Time Traveler manipulating and exploiting us in the background for spiritual transcendental purposes.

After all, aside from the politics, greed and dark hidden agenda’s, there is a fundamental “good” reason to free the mid-East.

I suppose it’s resolution of it and it’s consequences will only be visible to us in the end.

Though I must admit, there is something quite assuring about having U.S. allies in the mid-East, especially for when Armageddon comes along.

After all, it will mean the difference in “power” for when the Anti-Christ tries to take over the world, I’m sure Bush thought well and hard about that.

You know, that whole religious crusade /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif I forget what New Agers are calling it nowadays.

Nevertheless, I gotta stop flipping through those Christian channels before bed time, it’s doing things to my mind and soul… Makes me almost forget about the means by which this end result is all achieved.

But then again, there is no harm in understanding both sides to these issues, only strengthens your understanding of piecing together the ultimate whole.