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Please note within the 1990s, I had recieved a phone call, from a Mr. Eddie Sosa.Sosa is the only other contact besides Mrs. Betty Andrerasson Luca, who has had open real-time contact, with the beings, known as the Elders.

The Elders are a sub-Anglic set, who is not within our dimension, however is part of the rank and file of the God Angelic heiarchy, which is attributal to what is known as the Christian God.

There were real time points of contention and misunderstandings, durring this phone call.
This was to which Sosa had acted as a medium to talk to the Elders, as by their own admission, they did not understand certain point, of how this society had functioned with precepts to our reality.

Hense there was a culturial minsunderstandings gap.

Under this contact point, at a later time I had contacted by synchronicity, both Pamela More and Time 02112.

They had both said that they too, had Angelic contacts and again still more problems had divested.

For Time 02112, is was because I carry a natural witches gene, he could not see me sealing up all time holes, caused by wouldbe time travelers.

What you humans must understand, is that not only does space and time make false realites, when it is augmented, but space and time also has the power to heal itself, as events after a time, due to grand planetary and galactic procession, do seal themselves, as a past event.

So in other words Clara and CAT, you can not stop time travel, as all the time travlers that have been within this era of time, have been within this era of time.

This is a repeating factor and one can simply not errase this happenstance.

With reference to Pam, it seems that Pamela, has John Titor, as some kind of personal mantra and I won't question her motives, however I do believe that John Titor does now exist.

There are other gods and this has been as part of an arrangment, to where becuase of culturial multi-ethnenticities, other types of Gods, had to be employed.

This factor does not go under blasphmey or any form of couter-religion, but under the heading of facility for spiritualitie's sake.

The crossroads we are at now, is one of a maturity factor, having to do with the entire width and depth of the Earth's population.

After reading what Titor has brought back with him from the future, I can only say that if this is our collective future reality, then I feel for the state of mankind not being allowed to go into space, in order to establish his presence there?

What our collective problem is here, now on Earth, is our right to establish our rights of our own self determination's path.

Hiding behind the flag and spouting overnationaistic retoric, due to the fact that we have all been hurt, does not replace the needed comodicum of mass space travel, for the masses of this Planet Earth.
I'm sorry however what I have said with reference to space travel, is the needed to be realized as truth?

For me, being part Pleiadean, I don't want to stay here any longer.

We should have started colonizing near space, within the time frame of the late 1970s.

There might be somthing I'm not seeing here, however what is of inportants is, that we as a culture at least expressed our will to want to go into near space.

On George Bush Jr. and his apparent need to begin to over rely on the use of nuclear weapons, please look into the future George?

When you start setting off those nuclear weapons, you place a lens effect above the Earth, for almost a years time.This is a heavy particulate lens first, however after a year this lens diminishes somewhat, however can remain aloft for years.

Within that extended time, as John Titor had proposed, everything below living on Earth, gets a very good dose of radiation through an atomic isotopal range, due to the act of the sun shining through.

This means irradiated cows, plants, animals and people.

In God's good eyes, I don't see how in the classical biblic toorhic and muslim ideals, that he can permit this?

At one time I had thought that Earth based man was worthy enough to par with any offworlder.

Maybe I was somehow mistaken within this supposition?

If I'm missing some point here, then please please tell me and express your opinion?This re. to attnetion, is also addressed to Dr. Andersson's good office, as he has a biblical technican, placed aboard his team.

Note, the beings known as the Elders could not figure out how the size of populations, had degraded the quality of life based here on Earth.

This is one ppoint within the conversation with Mr. Sosa, in him acting as a go-between medeiator, I really had trouble with.

The moronic powers that be, do not want, it seems, to allow mankind to go into near and outer space and keep him here, as a power rook on their chess boards.

This is a pleasure most crule and demonstrates and almost blind tenedency towards the old power structure of latter day Atlantis.

While on the subject of Atlantis, I had found within my reaserch a discrepency between the state of the older Atlantians coming here onto Earth in the 14,000 years ago backward in time-plus state of affairs and the modern day Pleiadean's tellings.
This was that the Atlantians had been desendants of the Lyrans, outside the earlier their worlds in the Pleides based civilizations.

If this is true, then people in general, are based from part crystaline ancient structures, within both their physical and memerie's basings??

The earlier based Atlantians from my reaserch, I'm am told by one source, were almost crystialine entitries, and had only founded into their bodies, towards the last of the Atlantian Empire's being.

So the tale of humanoids migrating here from the old Lyrian Constilation, to become Atlantians, does not somehow proof check.

Again there might be somthing here that I'm not catching.

I feel that God the Christain God, does not want to additionally let go of some of the Earthlings that he likes.This is due to a parental bond formed to the early Hebrew sects in the holy land, which he became fond of.

A father's love, I guess can be selfish?Nothing new under the sun.

At this point in time, due to the instabliteis of space time and mass imposed on mass detonations of nuclear devices, I am very, very concerned at the current doings of the powers that be.

Did you know that when you mass detonate within the kilo or megatonnage range, you not only form an atomic lens over the upper atmosphere that irraiates all life forms beneath it; however one also shunts vast amount of highly concentraited power into the central solar system sun, that this sun can not handle?
Yes this is via the path of least resistance, as nukes detonate multi-scailer and this vast amout of highly concentraited power, slams right through a worm holes, which is opened up t durring the first miliseconds of any n-blast.

This is like giving a highly concentraited herb, or liquid flavouring to an infant child, within a baby bottle.

You will, invaribley make this child deathy ill.

These are the changes to look foward to, if we should have a full scale atomic war, here on Earth?

You virtually void the warranty on our central sun.

Think of this sun as alos living and as Barbra Marcianck had said in her book Earth The Pleiadean Keys To The Living Library, the sun holds to a great measure, all of our DNA codeings.

This path that those in power have taken, I don't like, don not approve of, and in line with both Albert Einstine and Andrea Sackarov, the father of the Russian hydrogen bomb.I do not approve of nuclear weaopons as a deterent.

I hope that somehow some common sence will come out of what I have put foward here.

Note that as told on the other web net resources, that latter part of the Atlantian power, had used the power of cristals to subjigate the mass populations of Atlantis.

If this is true and all of us have a measure of the old Atlantian gene within us. This, as well as a hand me down gene, then it seems that these patterns are repeating themselves?

May God as well as the other Gods, please give us some source of a good and efficaciouis direction?

End historical marker from Creedo 299

I really dont know what to make of you, or how to decifer your posts? Its not my specialty to put the little bits pieces of your broken thoughts in some binnery order!

But one of your little bits of information caught my attention. You said: <What you humans must understand, is that not only does space and time make false realites, when it is augmented, but space and time also has the power to heal itself, as events after a time, due to grand planetary and galactic procession, do seal themselves, as a past event.>

That in itself could be true, but lets take for example the human body when it is injured from a mild open wound it heals itself leaving a small scar. But other times there can be a scar so deep that it needs stitching. And other times when we are drastically injured and have massive amounts of blook loss our hearts can stop and cause brain damage! Other times we may be so badly injured that death is unanvoidable!

And so my point would be that the human body is very much like our planet earth and therefore can be injured in the same ways and suffer the same fate!

Time Travel is a penetrated rape not only on the body of the planet but its atomic mass!

How is the perpetrator able to know or assess the damage that was caused by selfish actions during the moment but only after the fact when its to late!

Sure all wounds can heal with time! but too many wounds can break the planetary immune system down causing a cancerous malignancy!

And if a Time Travel wound is big enough, it can surely be the death of our planet!

Thats why we should refrain from it!

creedo, are you channeling or are you a star seed. If so wake up and get in place. eddie sosa and Betty luca aren't the only ones who have seen the elders. WE have all had our contact just some of us listen and others do not. the situation on earth is serious. I do agree that we should not allow nuclear weapons. In order to stop this concouiousness has to be raised. there are many hear doing that work. The thing is that work is hard and most people just aren't up to it. the gods do live and some of them are the very perpatrators in this drama. the key is in claiminng your power as I have stated before. clara

Please note that the mayans were the only culture to sucessfully predict time locks.

These are periods of time, that begin and end eras.

Forinstance there is said to be a time block, at which most time travlers have trouble in getting back to Atlantis.

However realize that the time of past Atlantis is now, even as we speak.They had thew ability to time travel then and still do, however by other menas of time travel technology, it is almost impossable to get back to Atlantis.

The Mayans well knew this thousands of years ago and had recorded events to come within their calanders.

Time travel is really a set of mathamatical equations, as the amount of felons traveling through time and space always will be such a quanity.

Worm holes and slip events persay, are not injurious to the structure of time and space.However do realize within this statement, I am not a solicitor to all that would time travel.

The quanity of time travel, simply is a definative equation.

To Clara, I am not what you would call a star seed or a channeler.

I'm somthing else.

Maybe what you would call a fully qualified offworld ambassador?

The historical marker is very important to the history of this world, in misunderstood points, this is why it has been posted.

All or most of this eras boards, are sniffed by offworld and future time influences, if you did not already know this?

Note Barbra Marcinacks books and works, all check, however the father of the Pleiadean Atlantian sected Cosmonut Sem-ya-zee, spelled Semjase, says that Barbra is delusional.

As posted in Phatta's sayings within the Billy Meier FIGU web site based both in Los Angles, why is this?

To CAT, my contact with the Elders was a planned meeting with Eddie Sosa as a medium.

They had conmfired with me, as there were some out of time, as opposed to real time issues, that were escaping them.

If our central sun goes into red giant status, then the Christian God base with have to move off of this world, as well as the other side of the coin, who are the Alpha Drackoians.

Do you see why the marker now?
creedo if the christian gods and the draconians have to move off this planet does that mean we will have the opportunity to escape duality as this is the reason that we are in duality to begin with. I have had my encounters with both and they are both very controlling it seems we are in the middle of there war and humans perceive that they have to take sides. In reality it is best to see both in thier true light and that is manipulation. Does this sound correct to you . humans do not understand that they even have a third choice. clara
I know Dracks as I'm not built like a normal person.

They are scared and lost and as confused as we are.

They really arn't dominating, they are hanging onto us for dear life.

Anybody that knows the true structure of dark matter, knows that not all dark matter beings are what one could consider as evil.

When this sun, goes, it will take all dimensions with it.This is so, as one central sun, burns and exist on many frequencies.

This sun, believe it or not, is actually alive and recognizes us as people.

When I had social intercourse with this sun, about five years back, I was absolutly dumb founded, that this sun had a persoanlity and even the ability to show joy?!

This sun, in its own way, knows many many things about us.

In an odd way, yes this is true, t our central sun is very much similar to the sun that greets the Teletubbies show.Our sun is littearly alive and concious, however not as we understand.

This is why I'm saying Mr. President, if your truly that dumb that you want to spike our central sun with too powerfull and input nonacceptable power from nukes and interupt the delicate innerworkings that make our central sun operate as it does, then you be prepaired to greet a very hot morning, when you wake up one day?

Clara, if you can make good and benifical alien contact, I suggest getting off this world?

I suggest the works of Wendelle C. Stevens and go through his works very carefully and find the best canidates to go elsewhere.

I'm not a normal human any more.

I have changed and have not been me for a few years now.
There is something very odd about my physical makup, with reference to the ability to perciive other dimensions, as well as take in inrodinate for of multispectral radiation.

Once I had lusted over a picture of an attractive woman from another dimension.

The next day her half materialized mait, came to my front lawn and gave a threatening scowl through the window.

He was black, hairy, humonoid, however only half of him from the waist up, was materialized.This guy had red eyes too.

It was only a little lust, like get over it?!

I can argue with city hall on this one.
Ambassador Lipshits of Lemuria (Creedo)

social intercourse with the sun? I guess your a very radiant guy!

Is your sign Cancer?

People that are chosen to make out of frequency contacts, do seem rather weird.

I'm the first to redily admit this, however for some odd reason, out of frequency beings like me.

There is was a woman within a (UFO Universe Magazine) story, from Los Angeles, who had made out of frequency contacts, with other world beings.

She would sit in her chair, go into a lite state of trance and these beings would come from behind and talk to her.

They were kind-of comfortable within her wall and that is where the context of the conversations would take place.

I had called her, however she was self concious, not like me, not giving a damned, like me about what people thought.

I remember the names, they were something like nina, penita, and a lot of other elf-like names, that were cute.

However this lady did have the knack for getting through to the other side.

Other dimension beings, sometimes, only like your company and to be with you.No real big exchange of information, or anything like this.It is almost as if friendship and sharing closeness, seems to be of what is great value to them?

On social intercourse with the sun.

I had used calcite crystals and this was one placed inbetween my the big toe and index toe on each foot. Within each hand,(the large crystals about half the size of a baseball and the last one, tied to the top of my head.

I had changed my charicter, to that of a rock-like creature, which was partically made from amphoris silicate and rock.

My I.Q. because of what I was, went off the charts however I was that new creature and then had attempted to elongate myself, as a personna into the carnonisphere into the sun.

When I had reached the surface, right away the sun knew who I was and had thanked me, for changing my shape and nature, as it knew me when I was a little boy and did not want to kill me.

This is what would have happened if I would have stayed in human psychic form.

I found that I was permitted to run my appeandages down into the helium hydrogen cores of the sun and the effect is very similar to combing or brushing one's hair.

The sun let me go way down deep into the convection currents and very gentily stroke my claws down into these cores.

The sun liked this and immeadilaty I knew I had made a freind.

I had retracted and pulled myself out.

Psychically changed from amphoris rock silicate, back to human. However' the fun stareted when I got back home.

In about fifteen minutes after I got back into the house, I became extremely tired.

I had a family member take care of me and get what I had wanted as I was litterly too tired to get up, for any length of time.

In about one hours time, I rose to go to the bathroom, which I could do.When I urinaited into the toliet, my urine was very dark, where it is uasually a light straw color.

Also a kidney stone, which was lodged within the calicy of my kidney, came rolling out of my urerthra and down into the toliet.

It was cooked dark black and almost perfectly round.

I went back to the couch and sat there about four to six hours, after which I had started to get my energy back.

I got a dose of something and I'm sure that this would have outright killed anyone else.

The second and third encouters, were with no effects and I could again change myself into sudo amphoris silicate and back to human form, without any ill effects.

I had one other encouter with beings who were out of frequency, who were light-like and I have printed this one up within these text.

These also came to see me, after an oviture of peace.

You have to understand, there are lots and lots of not only other dimensions, but lots of differing beings other than what we consider normal, within these dimensions?

In my primary reading on UFOs and E.T.s had found the very sad story, of small but highly radioactive crystal beings, who made contact with an eighty year old man.

The man had a tumor that these little six inch high crystal-like beings had cured.

However they had no idea the amount of raidoactivity they had carried and the elder man, had died of brain fialure, frokm masive radiation posioning.

They seem to like a big fuss made over them and that your really gladd to see them, when you make contact.

You can see all the many sitles of extradimensional beings, if you go to Galactic Server 2, under aliens beings, or extrterrestials.

My mom was right, this would be a very dull world to exist in, if everybody looked the same, or were all alike.

Maybe the process of creation had well understood this and this is why the extra dimensions?

You are sounding allot like Dogfish Shark that posted several times to me in the past.

Just out of curiosity. Do you converse with other people on the outside of this forum the things that you speak about here, or do you use this forum as an outlet for your normalcy?

Your comments and sentences are very spuratic they jump from one subject to the next like a unorganized thinking process and they lead me to believe that perhaps you speak broken english or you have some form of mental autism.

Not that I'm cutting you down in anyway for it. I'm just trying to get a better understanding of where you are coming from and the message you are trying to communicate.


P.S. Kidney stones can be quit painfull! And you can't just make an excuse that its calcified crystaline radiation exsposure from social intersource with the sun. Come on Creedo, get real! I'm sure there is a perfectly logical medical reason for your Kidney stone, its fairly common at least 1/3 of the population on this planet get them and its causes are related to diet.
RE::to creedo from clara

Yes I to have encountered the radiant beings. they caused my dog

to lose her hair behind her ears. they also caused my daughter

to lose a wod of hair. they do possess healing powers and they

can also read your thoughs. humans who have telepathic

abilities can communicate with them. they not only use light

but sound to heal people. they probably used a high frequency

sound to dissovle your kindney stone. It was probably much

larger then when it came out. the sound they used broke it down

enough that it could pass through . when you are encountering

these beings for healing they ask that you lay flat on your back

without moving . You may sleep if you wish but you should not

have animals around you because they will pick up the radiation

and it my cause them to loose their hair like mine did. She has

since recovered but the hair never really grew back completely.

The beings I encountered are about 3 ft. tall and glow. They do

have a taller being that is their leader he glows and seems to

have electric hair that spirals out from his head a foot or

two. He has given me several messages. I do understand you

about the central son and know fully well what you mean. I do

believe these being sometimes appear in cloaks. What the reason

is I do not know. they look like 3 ft tall monks. YOu can only

perceive them in an altered state. tell me more about your

encounters and I will tell you about mine maybe we will have

more similarities. clara
RE::to creedo from clara

One attacks the other parries to try a differnt interpratation?

No this is a normal process within perception.

If you met a man who had lived within your country, you would always try in some way, to make his former town as yours, so that in your own minds eye, accept him more redily.

This is rather than try to examine the truth from where he actually comes.

This is good that you both question.

What you must understand, is that I am a highly qualifed observer.

I am not technically dumb either.

If I had said that within atomic trace psychedome, that an elements of a transfigued being did make the caronisphere of the sun, some five years ago and this contraction did exceed light, then you must believe as to what I have said is true?

I say so, as it has actually happened.

This misperception goes with having to deal with facts which are too strange to understand.

This is normal and you should question.

"Offense at your interpratation"?

No' of course not, as you seem origional seal was that of the ambassador.

To violate and infract from a seal, is a most acreegious act and I did not; I only realied what I had expierenced.

I am happy that you question.

However the attage lies, that no matter how obscure the interpration may seem, once one has factored all other explinations as being false, then indeed what is left as told, must be the truth.

Under said seal, what I have said, in part is after all, your information?
RE::to creedo from clara


<<YOu can only perceive them in an altered state. tell me more about your encounters and I will tell you about mine maybe we will have more similarities.>>

An altered state in where you're stuck in, and have no perception of reality what's so ever? You might need to see a psychologist and be evaluated. For if he saw the way you think in your posts, he would prescribe you the strongest psyche drugs they got. All this subjective thinking, of speculation and ignorance, sure has you really screwed up. I'd hate for you to screw up anyone else.

Speaking of screwed up people, is your husband and daughter who live in the same trailer as you; both follow the New Age doctrine?


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RE::to creedo from clara

Be nice TTA?

Ca'mon, let's try to be honest here and all share?

Clara has had some encouters and in a measure, is correct.

Part of TT is shareing the unuasual, can we do this without resorting to the nasties within some of the sentance composition?
RE::to creedo from clara

I thought of responding to tta but that will just add fuel to the fire and basically we would not want to burn down the forest. Creedo please tell me more. also do you have any info on the aliens who are using humans as host to make a new species. I am not advocating right or wrong here just need info if you have any thanks clara
RE::to creedo from clara

A new social situation is in perril due to the willingness to nuclear wepaons use.

There are clones, they are placed on another frequency planet, in a type of a storehouse, however the main Christian God is not real hot about this idea?!

The clones are like cheap low cost stores immitations and not well made at that?

There are questionsconcering the quality of their soulsand this is giving the Angelic heiarchioes real fits!

There are also humans who have a Grays spirit put in there are either a main spirit, or as a tag-along director.

In some casesthis makes this person hostile, as they seem to know the questions even before the answer is given and are especially hostile and abusive to other humans, who are gifted, however not padded with a Gray spirit placed within them.

They had but clones in Califorina in the 1980s and let them out into the population.

The aliens did not get the formula right, as there were problems boht in somemajor organs and the intestines, which made these beings life space, only about a year.

What a mess, my friends Clara?

With what I've given here, I would care to say that these claims are understated.

Problem with Gryas, is that they have failed in cewrtain areas, however still want to control everything.

This is already published information, that everybody knows.
RE::to creedo from clara


<<I thought of responding to tta but that will just add fuel to the fire and basically we would not want to burn down the forest.>>

Poor misguided Clara, it's called having a dialogue. Something you fail to want to have with people who don't share your New Age view, and who prove you to be a hypocrite. How do you expect anyone to forgive you, much less me, if you won't resort to reason?

You just make it so easy, and I have to continue pointing out your mistakes. It's the principle behind it. Plus when you sided with that child predator a few weeks back, you lost all my respect. Instead of willing to end his shenanigans and point him out for what he's doing was wrong, you condoned his actions and found them entertaining and generalized everyone for all being brainless Hollywood on lookers.

Shame on you Clara, you don't deserve to be talked nice too, Much less have the TTA go easy on what you have to say. You might as well leave, because I will never forget or let you forget your actions against me and all of humanity. Your an Alien Collaborator, ignorant of what their hidden agenda truly is for humanity, you lure people to sell out; i.e. "claim your power." Translation, give up your will to your alien masters.

Why can't you just say that?

Don't lie to people and make it sound less bad then what it really is. You know and I know that this is what you truly mean. After all it's only obvious in the way you post, that you always defend your Alien friends from your Uranus. Your their favorite PR person, and they love you for that. But they know that the TTA is better then them
and will take them down and expose them. Just watch me.


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I am new to this so forgive me. All you People Are Fu&%en Nuts.!
O.K. I buy the idea that there are others among us that are not from this planet and maybe not from this planet. I heard about some guy in the pentagon that is from another planet that has a cure for AIDS, Cancer and other debilitating diseases. The U.S. Government Said "NO" I think Maybe because THE U.S. Government Invented the AIDS Virus in the first place and there is proof of that to. Hey Does anyone want to know Who Killed JFK back in Dallas in 1963. I bet you would freak to find out. I just wish a time traveler would contact me so I can put my Group of Earth Bound Protectors in place. There are a lot of people that were killed that should not have died and we can save them. That Goes Back longer that Bruce Lee who did not have to die and Neither Did Brandon. There are so many people to list but you get the picture. There is a need for a Breed of TIME COP. I am up for it how about you.