How can one explain the 5th dimension

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Everytime I try to explain about 5th dimension, I get into confusion myself, but yes of course I don't show it to the other person.

IS there any easy explanation or example that will help me to understand one hundred percent that there is 5th dimension is possible. I still can't see any 3 dimensional world. There has to be 4 dimensions, L B H and time.

We can say that something can exists in L B and H but time is always there, from the begining of that body mass till it is removed from that particular place or it transforms into something else.

Let's say a 3 dimensional space is possible with L B and time. like we draw a map on a piece of paper. But the ink is on top of paper which means if 3 dimensional space exists, nothing can exist on that space. Similarly if 5 dimensional space can exist, maybe nothing will exist on that space. Does that means only 4 dimensional space is possible?
Isn't a dimension simply a measurment of distance in a specified direction? What's so hard to understand?
Yes, the concept of 5th dimension is easy to understand. And it is what you said.

But where will you add or put the 5th dimension, I mean in which direction or angle to all other 3 dimensions (L B H)?

Or can we create some thing like time, something abstract and give some neame like Secondary Time?

We can give any name we want but how will we measure that?
Anybody had think about this?
How you name your dimensions is arbitrary.

Don't confuse space (ie spacetime) with volume. There can be any amount of space in a given volume. Volume is an arbitrary measurment of size. Space is what goes in it.

Your the "fifth" dimention might be a measure of how much space is in the particular volume you are looking at. It would appear as a scalar electric the correct measuring instrument.

Would you like a system (of thought-geometry) where space is the zero dimension, volume is the first dimension, spherical planes are the second and so on? Put it together in your mind anyway it works to aid your understanding.

Here is a pointer for you, ah, hint I mean. HOW MANY DIMENSIONS ARE NEEDED TO DEFINE A POINT?