"The future ain't what it used to be."

How is time structured



Does time really exsist? Or is it just a concept that human kind thought up? I believe this is not so. The way I heard of it, time is refered to as a disc. The infinte begining of time jetting out and around the whole structure. I also believe that this wraping line of time is made up of many( infinite ) infimals of time. Every one of these is one point of the universe being create over and over again until the present. This brings me to another point. I don't think time travel is possible because of my theory (at least I think It's mine) if someone travels to the past the rest of time would be destroyed unless the time travel is of the third person observing from a screen or something. Now in every one of these universal discs there is a center. And in this center of the universe is the strongest center of gravity in the entire universe, that is to hold the rest of the universe. The only thing as strong as something like that is time. Yes the dorsal of time holding the universe in place. If there's any way to open some sort of portal it's with gravity.

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I once asked a friend of mine what he thought time really was. He said "a clock". I disagree. I think of time as a river, just like some-smart-guy-which-I-can't-remember-the-name-of. The universe as a big clock which every thing goes by. If you go into the future, then you row a little faster than you're supposed to on the river. If you go into the past, then you turn around and go towards things that have already happened. I'm running out of time so I have to leave it at that.
You were perhaps relating to the "Theory of Everything" that projects a far cry from your average string theory.

Physicist Professor Dr. Michiau Kaku, was the person you was attempting to recall.

And more about how our time structure is manipulated by external forces, some which are believed to be "Controlled" outside of the natural order.
Ugh... As for the river analogy, no no no no no! You're thinking in the Newtonian (that is, defunct) sense of time. The modern definition of time (in which I also explained in my new conservation of energy post) is that time and space exist simultaneously in the space/time continuum. If one were to 'row' backwards, then you're saying that everybody else around you is moving forwards, thus you would see people being resurrected from the graves, babies being put by doctors back into the womb... I mean, come on!
That seems to make sence, if you were going backwards in time things would probably apear backwards.
Time is simply another Demention, like the first, second, and third. We humans are just to ignorant to be able to control it. Time is not much different than a Straight line, just a little more complicated, The Idea of a Hyper-Cube or Hyper-Sphere Illustrates Time Great. It is not some abstract thing, it is very simple, simply a fourth demention as was said In the General Theory of Relativity, and Has been accepted by almost all Experimental and Theoretical Physicists ever since.
However, quantum theory seems to challenge some relativistic assumptions by introducing the human factor, e.g., mind/body, the role (or dominance) of the observer, consciousness, Copenhagen Theory, multiverses/multiple dimensions, probable universes, etc. It's a whole new ballgame.
I say that time does NOT exist and is simply the construct of the human imagination. Time is simply a function of motion. without motion, there is no time (in a closed system). At absolute-zero, all motion stops, therefore, time also stops because there would be no way to measure it.
I believe the concept of time was created by early man when he first notice the regular patterns in nature: the sun cycle, the moon cycle, etc. It has been drilled into the human culture for so long that we cannot distinguish it from realtiy.
In response to Echo VII everything in probably every universe would have to stop for time to stop. People would have to stop aging, atoms would have to stop the smallest motion, and everything would have to look exactly like it does when you hit pause on a movie. Although in the future we may have nanotechnology to help stop death from old age, but those little robots would have to keep going to prevent aging. Thus time freezes could never exist.
Time exists as a measure of duration in the temporal world. Time is not needed in the nonphysical aspects of our existence.