How the Universe was created....


Chrono Cadet
Hey Folks. Using my latest edition of the 27 dimensional theory of the universe, I have arrived at a conclusion for how the universe was created.

It is all a matter of logic.

At the origin of time, there was an infinite space filled with nothing.

If nothing fills infinite space, then everything occupies zero space.

Therefore density@origin(t) is equal to x/0.

Thus, the Mass of the universe at the origin of time is undefined.

Therefore, there is a singularity at the origin of time.

As real time progresses forward, the gravity of the black hole side of the singularity reverts matter back to the opposite temporal "side" of the singularity.

As real time progresses backward, the "levity" of the white hole continuously spews out energy, which travels forward in time to meet its fate at the hands of the same blackhole that put it on the other side of time to begin with.

Thus, there will always be more and more matter at the origin of time.


The universe has an infinite mass. That is why energy cannot be destroyed nor created, but only exchanged for one form or another.

Every property in the universe is co-dependant on another property. Therefore, by changing one property, you affect all twenty six other properties.

It is conceivable, therefore, that by changing the metaphysical or imaginary properties of mass, energy, space and time, one can affect change on the physical properties of the system, causing otherwise unlikely things to occur.

The key to affecting such change is likely held in the ability to amplify our "desires" by a radionic amplification of our brainwaves, or the propagation of similar waves by precise machines and amplified accordingly.

The best engineers of such waves would likely be masters of the martial and healing arts. Their minds are very disciplined, focussed and sound. "Recordings" of their brainwaves could be taken and used to engineer metaphysical industrial processes...

...such as time travel.

So now you know exactly how the universe was created. Be careful with this knowledge, it holds the key to unlocking all of the universe's well-kept secrets. One must be very responsible with this knowledge.

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There is technology which allows beings to transcend time and space.

Beings once known as wizards had the ability to do this, by virtue of how their bodies were constructed.

There are also beings who can do this mentally, known as the Sonases, which are written about in Randolph Winter's book, The Pleiadean Mission.

These beings possess heads the size of watermelons and can transport over vast distances, using the power of their minds alone.

The key interests point on Earth held humans is why in some respects they are sometimes metaphysically based; however can not always readily transport over time and distance, as a few of these beings that I have mentioned?

It's almost as if there is a defeat lock, placed on humans, to limit their abilities?

There was an action once known as the Wizard's Wars, which had involved wizards fighting over power in space.

It must have been that there were restrictions placed on humans who had some wizard's powers inbread to them?
Here's another thought...

There is experimental evidence that leads to a confirmation of the big bang theory...

We can "hear" an echo of the big bang. All throughout the universe there is a strange, uniform microwave field.

Theoretical physicists believe this to be a remnant of the big bang explosion.

If the "big bang" was in fact a white hole, then we are moving away from that white hole through both space and time.

Therefore, if the big bang happened "before" our history, then we are actually moving BACKWARDS through time, which means that our velocity is between 1c and 2c relative to the point of all creation, or the "centre" of the universe.

Therefore, we can only observe that portion of the universe which is moving in that same range of speed relative to the point of creation.

Then again, it is likely that all the other "little bangs" are contributing to the universal background microwave noise and therefore, we cannot determine where the centre of creation really is.

Any even stranger point to make is that no matter what point it space one may occupy, there is always an "infinite" length in all three directions. Therefore, ANY POINT IN SPACE AND TIME COULD BE CONSTRUED AS THE CENTRE OF THE UNIVERSE.

So next time your girlfriend acts like she's the centre of the universe, remind her that you are too.

It's all part of the strange triality that exists at the origin of creation:

1) Nothing occupies infinite space.
2) Everything occupies one point in space.
3) Both systems are in perfect equilibrium, therefore:

Everything occupies infinite space and nothing occupies one single point in space.

The universe as we know it, therefore, is the strange three dimensional paradox that occurs as a result of the triality of existence.