"The future ain't what it used to be."

How to alter humanity, for Time Travel Acceptance.

In order to understand how it will someday be done, we must first look at how they will change us to come to this.

And so the question must be asked: How is a temporal change done?

It is really as linear as we may perceive it is?

We may see the past and the future as just a straight line, and that cutting those lines and implementing changes in the past will ensure the new flow will follow a desired altered path.

But is the Time Travel equation really that simple? Are the variables really that easy to understand and calculate when making a temporal change?

I believe that there is far more to it, then just past, present and future when it comes to Time Traveling and making a change. I believe that past, present and future are intertwined existences that are very difficutlt to alter individually.

But with Time Travel, you have all the time you can ever need to figure them out, in it seeming easy and linear how we perceive it.

How can an undesirable influence be wiped out with Time Travel? One radical way would be to just exterminate of the threat completely, causing him or her from ever accomplishing the goals that are locked in the future.

Another way is to make incursions, carefully thought out equations or scenarios to have them approach the desired state in which we want them to be in.

Playing God basically, creating the idea of everything happening for a reason, i.e. Karma.

In doing so, we are not just getting even and getting rid of the things that stand in the future's way of progress, but orchestrating it, molding people and events to our (futures) image.

What way would society best be manipulated? By following a biased hidden global agenda.

By taking it piece by piece. Taking it apart, and attacking every aspect of it, from many religious and political stand points. Coercing change, in a manner that leaves us with no choice. It's having someone on the inside, infesting what we have established of morality and principles, being used to deliver humanity to the ones who have self appointed them selves the role of God.

What sort of twisted fatalistic, manipulative end can they all be shooting for? Spirituality.

And who will be the ones to make this decision of Okaying this? Everyone who accepts being controlled, and accepts the New Age doctrines and Cults. It's bad enough that a lot of people just don't give a dam anymore, but sanctioning measures to manipulate the past via Time Travel and genetic manipulation, is a human decision that would determine us a failed race. Created out of our failure to stick to our principles, we act out of desperation and do whatever it takes to redeem our selves. But still only digging us deeper in our own grave, declining humanity's principles and place in history ever so much lower.

"The end's justify the means," as so the concept came facing every American just a couple of days ago.

The Act of lying through the media (which they all ready do unofficially, in a biased PR manner), all for the sake of capturing terrorists.

Our government recognized that it was an unethical practice before we even endorsed it, but would have Americans thought it the same way once implemented without our government bringing it to our attention the principles that it will infringe on us if we did?

Of making us aware of both sides to the issues, we took steps in ensuring that future decisions about adjusting our free rights, our constitutional rights get discussed before we condemn America, saving then humanity from the dreaded principle of Time Travelers, "the ends justify the means."

By which ever means necessary, control of humanity and deceitful acts, will be implemented, if we do not fight to the end for what is right.

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Could it be that the number phenomna is a message to ourselves telling us that it is the individual who has the power. It is saying that our own psychies are building the future in OUR OWN immage. And maybe just a few people who think differently can and do royaly screw up the controllers attempts to control everything.

If time travel is outlawed then only outlaws will have time travel. All the people who have it are worried about is KEEPING IT FOR THEMSELVES by keeping everyone else affraid and ignorant of it. They don't just want victims they want defenseless victims. We are facing technocratic dictatorism, hell its ALREADY here.

Time to cast votes. I say Clara is right. You see, that is the DISEASE the monied controllers have, they don't just want to "get theirs" they want every one elses too. Money and lust for power has become an entity in itself and has taken over this planet the rest is just window dressing. The Terminator senario is playing out right before our eyes. 90% of the human race have become so much excess baggage.

Better take care of your selves folks cause the big computer in the sky ain't McDonalds and you ain't gettin it your way.
actually, shadow, it's Burger King whom you get it your way from. McDonald's has the worst service I've seen in a long time.

But anyway... I dont think we'll ever manage to figure out how "time" works (or first, if it really exists, and is not just a figment of our imagination). Its way to complicated for this generation to figure out.

Like my parents said, and theirs before them "Let it become the next generation's problem"

What do you mean I don't understand?

And you do? Then please, tell us. Share with us what you know.

After all, this is a discussion forum; hence a dialogue is necessary to convey thoughts for opposing views to be considered.

So, unless you're the CIA and wish to silence me, you can't catch me
to do it. I am beyond American jurisdiction at the present time.

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You said:<<I was sitting at home (real quiet rural location) and what do I hear? One lonely roll of thunder or plane crash or what ever. I'd guess the sourse of the noise was about 5 miles distant. As is my habit I always check my watch when I hear loud noises, just in case somebody asks when did IT happen? And what time was it? 12:39:39>>

I think it's not so much that you heard the loud noise at that time, but I think it's also whatever caused that noise to happen, thunder or plane crash, did so at 12:39 too, besides your noticing and knowing what it means.

For example: On Sept.11th, something big happened that day, something that took place at double digit numbers. And the number 11 appearing over and over again when looking at it's connections relating to it. I.E. people and places. It's not just the victims that were apart of something that day, and what you your self experienced just a few hours ago, but who and what we realize now that at that moment something significant was going to happen that day, and that the only ones who knew about it where the ones to put it in motion in the first place.

You've been witnessing numeric coincidences for along time now, and you seem to believe that they are or were some how connected or caused by our subconsciousness. Perhaps to some degree, you are right on the nose on that. And synchronicity's like these, that give us a unique look at things that no one else on Earth may else see and be part of; (As how you were locked in that moment.), only feeds our suspicions and confirms what we have been discussing for the longest time. Time Travelers are messing with us.

Being pawns, helpless human beings who believe we have freewill to choose and do and come and go as we please. But it's only when we come to it, that we see that the numbers have followed us, and have placed them selves in crucial events in our lives, that we know we don't have freewill. Setting us up to have us come to the point where we are determined by them to be.

They obviously understand the human subconscious better then we do, in that making their 4th dimensional travel and past alterations ever so much easier.

So how do they do it?

Could it be that all who are seeing the numbers are tapping into some sort of mind control frequency? How the New Agers believe, that we are sensing energies and vibrations, necessary for our spiritual survival. But are dismissing it as any form of control or at all considering their Alien friends responsible.

What would be a way for us to stop them, and regain our human freewill and independence?

Would an alarm clock of sorts, if loud enough be able to deliver a great enough shock to wake us up from their control? A frequency jamming apparatus, something capable of detecting them, and bringing it to people's attention that this was what they were using to control us with. Or a massive public announcement, spreading it to the millions that we are being controlled, let's do something about it. Would that not then inspire many more people, from finding an answer, then altering the lives of the very few who are aware and capable of stopping it them selves. Where as how they are only a small percentage, thus their small size makes them more controllable then would a larger population who notices what we do?

Many more twists and turns will follow before we reach an answer. But as long as we keep asking why, researching and investigating, we will come to an answer someday.

<<If time travel is outlawed then only outlaws will have time travel. All the people who have it are worried about it KEEPING IT FOR THEMSELVES by keeping everyone else affraid and ignorant of it. They don't just want victims they want defenseless victims. We are facing technocratic dictatorism, hell its ALREADY here.>>>

I've never made mention about us not defending our selves, but Clara has. Of course we need to defend our selves from Time Bandits, as well as the other ones who are hypocrites, when it comes to wanting to save humanity. It's only hurts it when they act.

For it's clear what your describing Shadow, that Time Travel may be a necessary evil. In which it's okay then to have everybody keep ignorant and having to keep lying to them selves about the reality. That with these actions (double digits) being implemented by Time Travelers, we really have no freewill at all. You only think you do.

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This one has got me stummped.

But here is one you can take to the bank. If the people on this forum (and certain others) are being messed with, the forum itself provides an effective feedback check for the peratrators. It not only shows if a 'message' was recieved but how it was taken.

Perhaps they have already, in past decades got their jollies with coarse, blunt and debilitating mind controll stunts and now favor only the slight tweeks over long periods, like chinese water torture. As you have said people are at their most controllable when they don't know anyone is even trying to do so.

I'm pretty sure UFOs are using the time channel to travel. There are published books on this subject. That is why the ultimate truth on the subject will never come out. UFO technology also holds the promise of free energy. Can't have shit like that around now can we?

As for our new guest who's hobby it is to count how many times other people jerk off. Well maybe it is him who needs another hobby.

I think TTA is onto something BIG!!! When he mentions a Frequency Jaming Apparatus and Detecting Device.

Did you read the post #23 under (HELP! why can't you go past the speed of light) from Blah Blah (who ever that is???) But he gave a web site:


Anyhow I read up on this web site which talks about a experiment being done with a ray of light (frequency) being beamed through a device called a Cesium Chamber and supposedly they can't seem to figure out or trace the path of where this beam of light went or whats accually occuring in the Cesium Chamber? They think they have tapped into Time Travel and have thoughts of transporting inscripted messages and physical objects through time.

These researchers and physicist really dont have any clue as to what they have gotten involved with? They need to be made aware of the consequences and dangers of Time Travel! They could be creating the BIG MEGA TSUNAMIS!!!

But their research could also be very important to unraveling and breaking down the secrets of frequencies and their interactions with space and time.

I sent out a email to these researchers and physicists Lijun Wang, Alexander Kuzmich, and Arthur Dogariu from the NEC Institute explaining my Time Travel theory to them and the dangers and risks involved! Also putting in a request for a device that could detect and destroy these invisible Frequencies that can travel through time and interfere with wrong intentions toward humanity.

I am curious to see how they respond? If they even do.

If they do I will post it on this site.


P.S. What is it Fantom that we don't know?
I also forgot to mention in the post above,

Its been 2 years to the 20th day that the experiment with the Cesium Chamber phenomenon happend. (check out the web site posted above.)

Could it have set off a chain reaction to 02-20-02 date which was also the occurance of a ecliptic event?

Since when did the CIA give a fuck about American jurisdiction?

You just keep making yourself look more and more ignorant.



No comment and I'm sorry.Other probable facts to come bigger than you or I.

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