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How to create infinite energy


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Ummm... Its quite simple... The ocean! Just take the fact that the moon is falling towards us and the gravity changes (because the moon goes around us) and get power from that gravity! Ingenious no? LOL :D commandersisko
I came up with the idea of a magnet driven generator, would obviously work off the Earths magnetic fields but then there is the problem that friction would cause loss of energy but I never really understood why this would be a problem since constant power/energy would be getting produced anyway.
I don't understand what you are talking about, but I read in the Popular Science magazine that the navy is experimenting with turbines in the ocean that are turned by ocean currents. Since the ocean is so large, these hydro-turbines in the ocean can give us plently of space to build hydro power plants. That may be related to what you are talking about.
how about a fan powered by a generator it blows into? self energized, it can power multiple generators at one time.

btw, last I heard, the moon was leaving us, not falling. But thids, much like other things in school, could be false
the moon is slowly getting farther away, but it is orbiting the earth. If you don't know what that means, pretty much the moon is being pulled toward us but it is also going around us. so it falls foward constantly around us pretty much. Oh and i had the same idea about the self powered generator and i asked an engineer about it and he told me why it wouldn't work, only i didn't understand all the complex stuff he said.
You may or may not have a point there ,but get the facts straight and explain to us in a intellectual way how is it that wat u have claimed is possible ???..........................dont just state something u have no way of proving ...................back up your statement there genius.........
There is only one kind of infinite energy system that I know is possible.

It is a magnet inside of a circular magnetic tube with no matter inside the tube. Since there is no matter to create friction with the magnet the magnet would never stop and therefore have unlimited Kinetic energy. However there would not be anyway to harness this energy without creating friction, therefore it is useless.
This is just plain crazy talk.
1.Infinite kinetic energy is just wrong, it would have a fixed mass, yes? So for it to have infinite kinetic energy it would need, wait for it, an infinite speed.
2.Could this infinite kinetic energy be harnessed by attaching the spinning saviour of a magnet to a dynamo?
3. Just how have you managed to create a circular magnetic tube, which if to be of use is polarized in some (infinitely massive frequency) alternating fashion, with no energy input.
Einstein reborn methinks.

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