"The future ain't what it used to be."

How to go forwards


Now imagine if there is some bubble around you and you have a way of slowing down time inside the bubble to such an extent that you go forward in time because time outside the bubble will speed up and thus you will travel into the future.

How do we travel into the past though? Is is really travelling into the past because what is the definition of the future - that which is still to happen thus travelling into the past would be for you travelling into a future of some kind only for you though.
I think, as I understand it by my primary work in Chronos technologies, is that chrontrons, are particles such as would be suspended particles w of algae, within the ocean.

Say each piece of algae is of a differing nature and represents either a particle from the past future, or present all encompassed within the medium of which one is traveling.

If one can allocate only certain particles, and lock-on these particles, then one can travel within only the vector of time, forwards and or backwards, if they want.

Dimensionality is particular by off-frequencies, by sonic vibration input and this means and Earth as a central bead traveling along a wire, which represents the many traverses around the sun, that each revolution which is a year, has its own particular signature, which allocates a keyway into that particular time?

This is why Chronos technologies had warned of materializing up in the air, after the position of Earth had changed, when traveling into the future.

There had to be a localizer, which would sense mass only.

#As you had said, speeding time up within the bubble, only increases your own particular time rate.

The key in normal time travel, would be to create an event sphere, which would shut all influes out, so letting the Chrononaut, move to locations of time as well?

The key piece of knowledge here is when using time travel devices is, where is the position of the Earth in relationship to the time travel event sphere?

See primary supplies work, http://chronos.ws/

Blues of future past, by the Moody Blues:
Slowing yourself is not the answer

To simply answer your question:
If you take the standard example that illustrates how time behaves as you near the speed of light, you will find that you described a similar example.

If you take 2 atomic clocks that were syncronized with each other, and you place one on a super sonic jet and the other on the ground next to you, and you fly the one in the jet as fast as it can go around the world and back, you will find that the two clocks will differ in time. The one that rode in the jet will be slower than the one that was "stationary" on earth. As objects move at a speed that nears the speed of light, time for that object slows down compared to "stationary" earth.
Your bubble is exactly like the jet, and YOU, inside the bubble, are exactly like the atomic clock inside the jet. If you slow down time inside the bubble, perhaps only YOU will become younger. However, because all of the examples given on this topic included YOU observing other objects as having been "ceased" or "slowed", perhaps these objects and time itself can be viewed accordingly to the speed you are traveling inside the bubble.
For instance, if you are traveling faster than the speed of light inside the bubble, time WILL slow down for YOU inside the bubble just as you want it to. And as a result, you should see objects around you ceases to move, and then actually begin reversing their movements. So, perhaps you can be transported backwards by remaining inside a bubble where only the contents of the bubble move faster than light.


For you to move slower than time, you would have to travel faster than the speed of light. But we know that that would only result in time being reversed. Therefore, if you move slower, you travel into the past, not the future.