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How to make a Time Machine?


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Hello all .
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I am an university student. I learnt about relativity. Based on it, yes, you can travel through time !

This is how :

1. Travel at very high speeds . That is all . The amount of forward in time you move would depend on the speed and how long you travel.

Example :
You are 20 year old and the year is 2000. If you travel at 80% of speed of light from earth to somewhere and back for one year ( total trip duration ), you would be 21 years old. But if you ask anyone what year it is ( when you are back ), he/she would say that it is 2300 ! This is what special theory of relativity explains.

This way of forward time travel has happen :
1970s. Scientists took an atomic clock into jet for 70 some hrs and used it to record the time elapse of the flight. At same time, another atomic clock on ground recorded the time elapse of the flight. After flight, they compared . They found that the time elapse reported by atomic clock on jet was shorter than time elapse reported by clock on ground by only a few milliseconds. The atomic clock on jet traveled through time into future by a few milliseconds ! - This is actually the first and only proof of a postulate of Special Relativity !!

* You can say that every day you are travelling through time ( when you drive or fly or train )) ! Its just that the amount you travel forward is so small that it is nearly uncountable !! To drive from New York to Florida at 200 miles/hrs you would travel about 0.00000000000000000000000000001 seconds . Thus you don’t notice it !

** It is very interesting that a lot of people are wondering how to travel into future. But they are travelling into future ( when they run, drive ,or fly ) !!