How would you go about creating a time machine?


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How would you go about creating a time machine?

Any ideas at al crazy, logical, hypothetical, etc.

Anything you might have heard from a creditable source.
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We would take a rare element in its pure form on earth, and take a rare element in its pure form on another planet. Then we would split an atom of each material and combine those two atoms. This would create a trans-diminsional portal... all we would need to do then is create a machine to control it.
Re: How would you go about creating a time machine

Quote>{Unlike the time traveler, who would precisely guide him/herself through the ring singularity, energy fields are guided by the gravitational field of the singularity.

Where do they end up going?

Also - from the perspective of an observer who watches the time traveler pass through the ergosphere into the inner event horizon how long does it take in their proper time for this to occur?

Bob Tiger

Bravado responds//>In a few words of less.

The entry points into black holes, are multiphase.

So this would mean a veneer series of frequency laminations, not necessarily one standard portal.

If one were to go through this event horizon, which again would be para, to the black hole surface, then this vehicle would have to be field magnetically compensated.

This is in space, say in a saucer, that is magnetically compensated?

The time traveler might not have to do this, if he she is using a pulsed magnetically oriented stile of time machine.

This is what you had missed with your fine analytical logic to begin with, Bob?

A simulated black hole time travel contrivance, would only have to maintain the simulation of some of the qualities of a black hole, for phased microsecond moments.

Not the whole shootin match, which was your first vested venture as to how one could travel using some of the aspects of black hole operational mechanics.

The later versions of the behemoth nine hundred pounder, would be much lighter.

And with better developments within electronics, able to sense only the power needs in order to create the necessary event shell in order to time travel.

However remember, not much more than this?!

Some of these units, such as some renditions of the HDR, are radionically powered tuned, then powered by batteries.

So low burst however, very exactly timed periods of power burst, are of what is of important here.

The key question to ask Ardon, is there is an outlet to do so, is what is the operational wall event shell temperature, of the later version of his time travel machine?

I won't say after this, however the event wall temperature of the Ardonmobile, is of extreme interest to me?

Good level of interest all involved here, please keep it up?
I would pump energy into a part of space time with the fequancy of the area of time that I wanted to enter, after the energy builds up enough to hold the gateway open long enough for my self and the device that made the portal to go through I would shut it off and jump into the warped area of space time and be slamed into the time that I wanted to travel to. at which point I would buy a lotto tickit with the winning numbers and open the gateway back to my home time, or I would travel to the future and buy a flying car along with some hi-tech wepons, and come back to now
Rudolph is tethered to the wiring input which is in-turn attached to a control module, which Freezie and Boltodon are holding, at a public park near Talmatia.

Boltodon moves the control stick forwards and Rudolph begins to walk forward.
(But all of a sudden begins to slap his own face, in a rapid curly disbelief fashion, as he immediately jumps onto a pic-nickers picnic table.

Freezie shouts a caution to Boltodon, "We did not pot the boards enough, when we implanted those control circuits into his cerebral cortex"!

I think he's going to go out of control!!!!

Ruldolph now jumps in superman stile off the wooden table, then starts to chase pigeons at the park, as a police cruiser pulls around the corner.

Boltodon says to Freezie under his breath, in a stiff motion using additional hand gestures, "Get into the car, Freezie' this is no longer our experiment making Rudolph think and say the correct things"!?

The ops-cays are coming. Ets lay et-gay into the car, before the cops see that this is an illegal experiment and we really get in-trouble!!!???

>>Dear Frilicon and Jillmont'

Nobody told me about an additional control box, of any kind, which would have a counter-wiehting effect, to the nine-hundred pound Jillmont era time machine, as sheltered in Jillmont's truck.

I know that your'e watching out there Jillmont and Frilicon, so what's the beef?

I can figure a projected simulated twin kerr parameter, using a pulsed node relay, from the main unit.

However Jillmont, as Boltodon had said, there seems to be an extra set of controls placed in the front seat?

This infront seat unit in some way, spreads the effect of the twin kerrs.This fact was never mentioned in the earlier disclosures that you had made on the nine hundred pound back seat unit.

There was intimation of a set of hand held controls, which could activate the time travel unit, from the front seat. However this unit would not have base weight to speeding the twin kerrs radius, as the previous poster has posted above.

To Frilicon' Why is the board in Germany experiencing so many difficulties, that you can not post there?

Why don't you just utalize a phantom one time computer use, from say where-ever you are and explaine what new seems to be distorted by Boltodon?

On the central box, yes I understand that the twin Tripler tumblers can project a twin kerr black hole radius, which is noncertain within character.

However what I don't understand, is why would there even have to be a second projecting stabilizer, to the nine hundred pound unit?

So this unit is turned on.

Then the twin kerrs, are approximated by a pulsed width only, as these are not real kerrs."got that right"?

So then a projecting particle stream from somewhere again simulated, is pumped onto the outer shell of the kerrs, positive, or minus and the time machine can then go forwards or backwards in time........?

Okay, where is your electron injection point?

This would have to be a telemetries type of injector, that telegraphs the electron protocols, to a point outside of the kerrs.

This is as electrons laying on the outer shell radius, would then derive the desired effect?

The board malfunction on the larger in-truck held unit, was due to a quantum, flux spike.

I know, as I was the guy who had figured this out for John and told him how to jury rig the replacement fix, which I should not have done.

So you got Jillmont didn't you Frilicon and Jillmont is safe now?....Don't answer that.

What gives with the kerrs from the original operand point and why is now Boltodon trying to back engineer a second electron particle feed unit, from somewhere else within said truck unit?

p.s. Got your unit figured out, know that your handheld unit, is only a much more advanced unit ment for time travel, however am not saying much more..
Okay, I know that this has probably been used sometime and that I am gonna get a bunch of sighs, but the most important device to a time traveler aside from his vessel is... The Flux Capacitor. Moan and groan all you want, but the reason time travle works is because of this: It takes time and literally makes it able to be bent. If you can bend time, you can move around it. Now, I dont mean to say that you need plutonium and a Delorian, but, hey, The Flux Capacitor Theory is feasible.
Re: Power sources only


And it came to pass on day, that a number of our student body, had been carefully selected to attend a known secret place in the older part of the palace.

These rooms, it was rumored were places that assemblages from that other land.The land no'one had dared to mention, once headway at dropped sail was made, out of the pillars of Hercules.

On this day, I' a young and yearning for knowledge student filed into the octagonal marbled room.

I had briefly noted two of Grease's most prominate phylosophers.
This noting, along with a scientifically theoretician, whose demeanor gave an immediate command, as well as a certain air of order to this small room.

The tallest of a bearded man began to speak, so gobbling an occasional handful of olives from the servants who beckoned at this man's stately motions.

With an echoing voice of command, this gentiman motioned for the device to be entered into the room.

A hidden door was opened and two slaves pushed a large cloth hidden cart, towards the center of the room.

Some my fellow students reclined, sipping wine, others mused at the possibilities of what could lie beneath the canvas-like shroud.

The order was to close the curtains so making this room and all within dark.

From the portal to my left, a small window was opened and a beam of pure noon-day light entered the room, so striking a brass plate, which was partially illuminating the instructor.

From this man's mouth came knowledge and teachings as I have never heard before.

The brass plate was resended. then a ray of pure light lit a small crystal, which inturn had been refracted to a much bigger crystal.

The smaller one gave out an audible hum, as one strikes a large gong at portico entry. However this hum was only resting within its lower octave phases, of tonal values?

The instructor increase the light from the windowed portal, to a more narrower constancy and the small crystal, now became of resonance which hurt my ears.

This beam of light through two of the crystal, first one power, then the second on focus, had been aimed at a large metal shield.

Within second the shield was no more and a dangling rope within this room, was all the evidence afforded, that there had ever been a shield hanging by this rope at all.

The brass plate replace and the crystal now drew dark, silent, with exception of light room phase of luminance only.

We six students cautiously neared this appliance and we all knew where this device hailed from.

This device of crystal nomenclature was from the land that occasionally took a boat load of our finest women.

Half the boatload would be returned, as always agreed and inside of a year, very strange and usually blue eyed children were born by these females.

These returned children always stuck to themselves. They did not partake in swordsmanship, as the others who came from such places as Sparta, or Athens.

As I had viewed this apparatus a felt a presence approach me from behind and a seemingly familiar adult hand had laid his open hand, gently upon my shoulder.

Without turning around as I among others had viewed this strange object before, came the words from an experienced teachers, as well as politician, [Treat devices such as this, that hold great power, ..."Wisely"!?

I never did turn around to see who spoke these well put forward words.
In the light of wisdom learned from these and others words like them, I grew to see the world in a different way.IIIII>atlantvus ATLANTUS

>With reference to wire and the fields that under power this wire can emit, the following logic applies.

That in straight wire, there is in residence what is known as a radial axial field, which at either nutral nonload phase, or slight under load, the wire will generate a projected radian, which is phase at the below four and eight O'clock regions.

This telling can be assumed by the holding of a small portable radio, to where one walks beneath power lines.
If one walks directly ahead to perpendicular to the power line, at certain set distance, the radio signal will fade.

In a wire to where an active electric load has been placed within the wire, a helical dynamic motion of an electron wave, will corkscrew around the center of the wire.

If the wire is invested with so much voltage, that a near overload of the ability of this wire capacity to safely carry current occurs, then the invisible helical current, which is present on the outside of the wire, in some of its phased, shall carry a reciprecal electromechanical nature to this phase.

It is this reciprocal electromechanically force, which so reinvest electromechanically, so reapplying this phase, giving a pronounced movement, to the nature of the looped or coiled wire.

The key elements there that should be realized are; voltage carried at rest within a wire.>The propagation of a helical element with the resonance of overvoltage or medium voltage carrying capacity to this wire.>And to what phase, within wire diameters and to what known helical phase, will this field be known to express itself and under what given character load, into and along the wire?