Human Larvae: what is next for humanity?


Chrono Cadet
I think I have come to the conclusion, through reading, experience and reasoning, that Humankind as WE know it is in a larval stage. We are here to learn. To learn in many, many ways. Spiritually, scientifically, emotionally, physically, intelectually, etc. etc.

What other purpose could there possibly be for our existence? Whether or not, this discussion on Time Travel plays any real import, I do not claim to know, but it is where I tend to start looking for more answers, through some insight and some curiousity.

Whether or not that is folly, I guess someday I will find out. But at least I now know I am not alone in my questions and my suppositions.

I think that ultimately, we will become beings of energy. And that it is possible for others who are in that enlightened state to contact us and communicate.

I will go one step further and say that I feel as though I have been contacted at times. Be it through dreams or through heightened states of reality or awareness (no drugs). But, I am at a threshold, so to speak, in that I can not entirely trust the source of these truths that have been "osmosissily" presented to me. Though I do have plenty of reason to believe the concepts are sound, the nature of the source seems suspect.

So my question to you fellow forum followers, is that I would like to know if anyone else has had an experience which they could claim as being abnormal, in which they thought they were being contacted?

"Oh gosh, am I opening Pandora's Box?"

Humanity is at a stage of development yes, but due to aggression, evil and selfishness humanity might not get to experience what other races had. Yes there are individual in humanity that had advanced a greeat deal on the personal scale but in order for humanity to evolve to a next stage the change must be achieved as a group.
Beings of light? I agree completely, the Prime Temporal Point can be achieved in such a state, when we become pure consciousness. You might even interact with other fellow sojourners, but be careful there are some in the forum that do believe that a fussion between science and religion is reason enough to turn one into a fanatic and a suspicious person. Good luck in your research, would like hear from you in the "future".
Until later becomes now.
Dear Transient Friend,

Sometimes I lay awake at night wondering, "What can little old me do to assist humanity on the journey to enlightened existence?" Sometimes I think it is so overwhelming, the errors of our ways, that I become dismayed and lost in futility. But since joining this forum's discussions I am just a little more hopeful. People are curious, and they are for the most part continuing fruitful discussions.

It makes me want to say "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Clause", only, I just mean this as an optimistic statement. (Please no one, think I testifying in the actuality of Santa, just a little silly humor on my part).