"The future ain't what it used to be."

I am back!!!



I started posting since May 2005. Finally in the evening of 5th September 2007, the Time Machine's ready. Thanks to everyone in this forum and contribution. I FINALLY MADE IT!!! I entered the destination time in my time machine at 9th Oct 2000. ZAPPPP!!! And i am right here posting this message!!

Anyone in the year 2007 can read what was written in 2000 by looking at archived files, history books, old newspapers, etc. We do it all the time.
as you view this in 2007. since you posted on October 10, 2000. and didnt register so you can not change it. now set the machine for one day earlier Oct. 9, 2000 and place a smile face at the end of your message.

see if this works. you cannot put this on your posting any other way because you didnt register.
Ahhh.... but if he did that, you wouldn't have seen his message without the smiley, and you would have probably asked him to come back and delete the smiley. Classic Grandfather Paradox! Infinitely recursive series!
I would be very curious to hear Lancer's elaborations, disclosing conclusive details within this thread, as to what exactly enhanced the ideas that lead to the discovery of a working Time Machine, as such?

I'm sure that I do not stand alone on this one
Razzmaster, the grandfatherparadox s solved by this, Something would always prevent you from making the bullet, knife, whatever kill your relative. Either way you would still be there. You would be transported back to your time before you could complete the task.
Can we travel back in time and still remain the same person and same age we were when we started? Or, if we travel back in time 20 years, do we become the person we were 20 years ago and be 20 years younger? If we are 30 years old and we travel back in time 40 years, what do we become?
I doubt you would take on the mind of that person that you were, NoTime. You already lived that point in your life. If you went to a point in time where you existed and you met yourself, you would probably just keep living as the person you came there as. I don't know if you would suddenly start remembering everything from that conversation(after all, you are talking to your past self)but I would think that you would stay as your present self. Otherwise, how else would you get to to times before you were born?

I got myself a quote:

In a parallel universe, I never joined this place.
Crono: I tend to agree with you. I was also thinking about people who get hypnotized. They can be taken back to their childhood and even to their birth, but when the are taken back before their birth they seem to become another who lived in that past time, if I'm not mistaken.
Note to future self- If you are reading this please contact me, as to prove to people of this present era time travel exists.

P.S. Could you please give me the winning lottery #'s to this weeks lottery as ensure a rich and profitable future for yourself and I.

If one were to drop a pebble into a pond from a given height the pebble would travel toward the two dimensional surface of the pond carrying with the kenetic force acrued by its acceleration due to gravity. As soon as the pebble comes in contact with the two dimensional surface of the pond the pebble transfers some of its accrued excess energy to the pond and that energy assumes the form of ripples and travel outward from the point at which the pebble struck the pond. Let ones consception into this three dimensional universe mark the point at which we the pebbles came in contact with the universe let our continued existance be equivalant to the continuus acceleration of the pebble throught the pond let the events that we affect and cause in this universe be equal to the events waves accelerating from every flat level of water that the pebble touches as it accelerates toward the bottom of the pond and let the bottom of the pond represent infinity and death or completion of an event that is our life. If one were to compress the ripples generated by the pebble at the suface of the pond to a past its own center on the surface of the pond that energy from the rock would assume its original form. The original form is the pebble being released from our hand and our hand is the hand of God. Thus if we were to assume our existance in the past before our birth we would exist at a time of transition between our being instituted into creation by the creator God.
HELLO PEOPLE! I hear all this talk about the "Grandfather Paradox" and granted that physicists were among the first to discuss it (which shows how much physicists really know). Has anyone thought about the implications to the laws of physics regarding the conservation of mass/energy principle established by Einstein? Although mass and energy can be converted to each other, the total combined of their equivalents in the universe is a constant. If you go back to the past to a point where the matter that makes up your body is also in the body of your clone, where does that extra matter come from? We cannot create mass/energy from nothing according to the laws of physics, although it does allow transference. A time traveller could affect the future on a universal scale considering the very act could change the mass density of the universe changing its end. There's a loophole is the laws of physics that if solved could key the answers needed for time travel. If physicists follow the scientific method (which I believe wholeheartedly in), why have they not discussed this??? What do you think?