"The future ain't what it used to be."

I am from the future



I am a visitor from the future. I came to this post to tell you all that Ugly Bob's time machine works. I used it to go back to the twenty first century and write this. Things are great in the twenty fourth century. Amazingly enough, the language hasn't changed all that much. People live much longer thoug, and learn much faster. a 13 month old in our time knows about as much as you twenty first century scholars do. Feel free to ask question but I can't tell you about the time machine specifically, or i'd be in a squalurthy of legal trouble

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Hi I'm Adam I have some questions for you if you could answer them that would great and helpful Where from? How old? What do you do for fun? Tell me what the future is like? I have my own time travel organization called Time Machines Forever we are teamed up with the Tec-Time organization we do research into time travel and teleportation and so on. Do we have any cures in the future? What is life like and is their any entertainment in the future? I ask all of these questions because my team and I would like to know all about the future and past and add anything else you want to add as well. Oh by the way I am CEO of my organization and it is a non-profit one too.
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Hi Adam,
I am from Froncaid, a small province in what used to be California. The united States was officially broken up into three regions, after long negotiation with other countries. I belong to one of the regions that still functions as the USA.
I am fourteen years old, and have been trained in quantum theory, as well as physical mathematics.
In the future, there are far more diseases, due to mutation and chemical warfare. Luckily, we can be vaccinated for most of them. There is plenty of entertainment in the twenty-fourth century! We have holovids, which are holographic projections of your movies. The advancement though, is that the movie follows a given plot-line while allowing you to play as a minor character. In some respects, it's like virtual reality, only much more advanced. The latest movie in the works is so diverse, it let's a whole audience in at the same time. Time Machines Forever? Yes I have heard of that company. Due to legalities, I can't tell you much, but I can tell you that you will be verry succesful in the future.
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Please tell me do I ever make it big?
My initials are JK seriously.

>Hi Adam,
>I am from Froncaid, a small
>province in what used to
>be California. The united States
>was officially broken up into
>three regions, after long negotiation
>with other countries. I belong
>to one of the regions
>that still functions as the
>I am fourteen years old, and
>have been trained in quantum
>theory, as well as physical
>In the future, there are far
>more diseases, due to mutation
>and chemical warfare. Luckily, we
>can be vaccinated for most
>of them. There is plenty
>of entertainment in the twenty-fourth
>century! We have holovids, which
>are holographic projections of your
>movies. The advancement though, is
>that the movie follows a
>given plot-line while allowing you
>to play as a minor
>character. In some respects, it's
>like virtual reality, only much
>more advanced. The latest movie
>in the works is so
>diverse, it let's a whole
>audience in at the same
>time. Time Machines Forever? Yes
>I have heard of that
>company. Due to legalities, I
>can't tell you much, but
>I can tell you that
>you will be verry succesful
>in the future.
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Hey there, I only have one question what happened in the year 2013? If you know, there should have been a big event that year.

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Hi finchducksoup again I just wanted to tell you if you want to get into contact with me my email address is [email protected] or [email protected] if you email me at these email addresses I can tell you more about myself and my organization and so forth!
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If you don't mind my asking, how would YOU know what happened in the year 2013?
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I don't know, you haven't given me your name, just your initials.
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What is it exactly that CAUSES the quantum probability wave function to colapse into (a) reality?
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Will do, thanks for the interest!
Well, when you get down to the quantum sized particles, matter is spread out in a chaotic way that resembles ocean foam. If you can build a machine the size of a quantum particle, then you can send it through the foam in one of the infinitely small rips- no, I'd be chastised for using that term- NEARLY infinitely small rips, inour universe. This machine could then be send to one of the many infinite universes. Each universe is alike except for tiny differences, and according to the infinite universes theory, at least some of these universes have particle computers. All we had to do was wait and hope for another universe to visit ours, and then we swiped the technology. Now we can store our DNA information in a particle machine and direct it to another universe that is exactly the same as ours except in the past. This also clears any apparent time travel paradoxes. If you killed your father in that universe you wouldn't be born- in THAT universe. In your home uni' you would be perfectly fine.
Does this clear up your question?
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I don't see how you could knnow, but 2013 was the year of McKenna's Great Novelty Collapse. Actually it wasn't 2013, but December 21, 2012.

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>>>does that clear up your question<<<

I did not realize my question was unclear at all. Let me rephrase it :

How does a virtual partical turn into a real partical?
Ok, your spelling is pretty good, it is 'particle' and not 'partical'.

and is gold a good investment for the timebound.
Virtual particles act as force carriers. A virtual photon is not present at the beginning of the reaction, and is extinct by the end of it. It is created during the interaction, seemingly upsetting the laws of conservation for an instant, but in the end the products are equivalent to the initial reactants, and energy is conserved. This is the es
No. People realized that, though rare,
1. It is not as rare as it once was (we found traces of it on Neptune)
2. It has no practical use.