"The future ain't what it used to be."

I am really looking foreward to seeing

Probably by saying the civil war wasn't 'predicted' to happen in 2004. Both Titor and Charlie claim it's not until 2005. Even then, apparently the conflict "rages up and down" for 10 years, before the real devastation.

Rationlize your mistake, pal.
all the reading I have been doing on this site and the anomolies board claims that the civil war will start late 2004- 2005

so I didnt really make a mistake now did I?

but I see you have already decided to use the 2005 cop-out

so wow me with an explination sweetheart
Your point is made but remains irrelevant.

I can propose an inverse corollary: How will the non-believers rationalize a civil war happening in 2005?
I'm glad to see that your a true john titor believer, but let me put it to you this way. If civil war was going to break out during the next presidency, america would already be starting to go through a tough time of unequal disagreement. Right now our government, and it's citizen's are very strong. Hell, we (the citizen's) even let the government tell us our vote's were useless during the last election (remember, the people voted Gore. It was the electoral college that voted Bush in). We let our president go and bomb Iraq over the fear of nucular weapons, and can you believe it? The CIA had false information and it turn's out Iraq is really one of the poorest countries in the world (didn't see THAT one coming). Yet, you don't see one side of the country arguing about it and the other not... you see the whole country of american citizen's saying the same thing. Yet, the american citizens are too stupid to even do anything about it as we see that our opinion really means nothing to our president or the government he work's for, and it's right in front of our eye's. The fact of the matter is, we ARE too stupid to do anything about it and that's why NO WAR against our own government or civil war will break out. The west, east, south, and north all share the same opinion for the most part. Now if they said people like me in the North (Minnesota) couldn't have heating and the south could, THEN a civil war would start. Can you honestly see a possible reason growing at ALL that would start a civil war? I personally don't... at all. Wait, maybe another one of those West Side v.s. East Side rapper wars! OH NO! LETS RUN FOR THE HILLS! Instead of Nucular Weapons they got AK 47's! ...please. There is NO civil war about to happen, if any civil war happen's it's going to be a country where the citizen's still don't have any right's.

Let me put it to you this way, in Titor's prediction's this is all over government v.s. it's citizens. However, we get more right's then any other country. Though I've seen some thing's that shouldn't have happened, we're not going to fall apart because of it. Even better, if it starts in late 2004, well then our government only has a year to plan on how their going to start a civil war! Civil war's don't just break out my friend, they happen over time. The first civil war was slowly pressured until finally one side said "SCREW THIS! WE'RE NOT TAKING IT NO MORE!" well which side is being slowly pressured into saying that now? There is no side. A civil war? No. A war against Canada would be more likely.

By the way, in 2015 god will return. I know this because I examined John Titor's prediction's. SERIOUSLY MAN! Do you really need proof? Just read everything else titor said. You'll find that he's a hoax.

and by the way, you just proved your point that titor's a fake when you said it start's in late 2004-2005. Guess what, he never said that. He at first said 2004, then he changed it to 2005 and never bothered to correct it.
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We might never know for sure whether the civil war will break out or not. As Titor carefully engineered he explained that he came from a temporal reality with a considerable variance index to our own. Now, the question remains, how was he so sure. How could he measure the signature of our reality and compared it to that of his own. Not discrediting but wondering. For if they could truly measure up the signature, they could locate the quantum signature of Titor when he was in this TR and try and find him. So how come they cam measeure up and say that there is a 2% divergence and then not be able to find a man or two men for that matter whose quantum signatures are glowing green in a world of blue. Just a thought.

Until later becomes now.
ummm, actually, I read all of Titor's stuff I could find, and he said 2005, then changed to 2004.
And actually, the Electoral College decides who becomes President-the people's votes tell the members of the Electoral College who is popular. So, technically, the people's votes don't matter.
And if Gore actually won, why did he keep protesting? He was trying to trip people up, and keep Bush out of the White House for as long as possible.

Transient001-Titor said that the difference between his "worldline" and ours was really quite small, and the war should infact take place-the differences were so small, Titor felt they(the differences) would not effect a change between worldlines.
The 2004 election is what causes the civil war in Titor's worldline so it is the actual start of it, but the inaugriation does not occur until 2005, probably when the demonstrations turn violent. Since the election is at the end of 2004, and because the civil war starts so slowly that it can be denied until 2008, it is silly to squabble over his using both 2004 and 2005 as reference points to the start of the war. It will be denied by most for several years.

Not only does the electoral college pick the president, but the parties choose the candidates. I like how John said "I would use the word election carefully"