I Apologize


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Hello everyone…..it has been a long time….I would like to start off by apologizing for my arrogance when I stopped posting. Creedo299, since you are the only one that voiced your opinion of my post I will personally apologize to you. I am sorry for my actions.

I was under a lot of stress because no one wanted to take what I was doing seriously. I had ask many people on many boards to help with the control factors of my experiments. I ended up putting ad out to hire someone to handle this function.

The following is for those who have no idea what I am talking about. These are the original posts on my project. The only thing I have edited is the misinformation I put in to “trick” the people on the board at the time. (The reason for the above apology.)

For you that don't know or remember me I am the guy who wanted to try and reach though time using remote viewing as an avenue.


I am going to explain what I am trying to do in order to effect Space/Time. It may sound a little on the new age side but it isn't. So just bear with me as I try to explain. I would like as much input from people as I can get. So here goes.

Many if not all of you have heard of Remote Viewing. There are many misconceptions on what this is and how it is done in the general public. I am in no way an expert in the field, but do have knowledge and working experience in Remote Viewing. I will try first to explain what Remote Viewing really is.

The first thing you need to know is it is not a special ability of only a few. It is a learned process that anyone that will put the effort forth can learn to do and become quite good at.

Now there are two aspects to every human mind one earth. The first is our physical "mind", which is a process of chemical electrical interaction that composes conscious thought. The second is our subspace "mind". Some may call this a soul or inner self or some other label. For this explanation it will be referred to the subspace "mind" because that is the best descriptive device. Let me explain.

The level at which our physical "mind" works is quite low. It is not fully functional. We only use a very small portion of it through our whole lives. Some my use more than others. Einstein used about 13% of his physical "mind". Our subspace "mind" on the other hand being that it is not in the physical realm and does not rely on chemical electrical impulses to work is fully functional. The thing is most people never take the time to tap into it even once in their lives. Dreams are a manifestation of this mind working, but our physical mind messes up the data received and that is why or dreams are so weird. There my be only 1% of a dream that is data from the subspace "mind" and the physical "mind'' takes it and contaminates the data till it can no longer be recognized. The reason it is called the subspace "mind" is because it operates a non-physical level. It has no mass and therefore is not effected by Space/Time.

The first thing you may ask is how do we know that this subspace "mind" really exist. Our government for years has studied remote Viewing. It has been used in spying efforts. And may be still used by certain government agencies today. Below is the declassified manual used by u.s. military for operation "stargate".
<a href="http://paranormal.about.com/gi/dyna...om/remoteviewing/answers/crvmanual/" target="_blank">CRV Manual used by the U.S. Government. </a>

Though there may be now way of proving the existence of a subspace mind the data of years of research have shown that there is something we tap into to do Remote Viewing. Many call this again the subspace "mind".

Now here is a problem when doing Remote Viewing. The connection or bus (like in a computer) between the physical "mind" and the subspace "mind" is a 1932 phone connection. It is not a clear picture as if we were to see it physically. Don't get me wrong the subspace "mind" most likely sees it as clear as day, but the transfer of that data to the physical mind is clouded. Also the problem of the physical "mind" contaminating the data received is a hurtle in itself. Your physical mind is going to try and fill in the blanks and it will not be accurate to what the target is.

These two aspects of Remote viewing make it hard to be a good way of really making a trip to the past or future. The data is too fuzzy to get a high-resolution picture from.

So how do we make the bus between the subspace and the physical better? How do we clear up the signal so to speak? That is what I am working on. There is no doubt that Remote Viewing works.... that is if you do it right and have trained you physical "mind" to allow the target data through uncontaminated.

I will be trying to isolate the brain wave pattern just as the data is received by the physical mind. This will be phase one.

Phase two will be to try and find a way to make that wave of data stronger and less effected by the rest of the brain.

Now I would like to ask the help of some of you to be target givers. The most important thing is for me not to know anything about the target. If I know anything my physical mind will contaminate the data. Anyone interested in being a part of this can contact me at my email address or give me a personal message here on the board. I would rather it be email though. [email protected]

I know that some may not believe that Remote Viewing is real. That's o.k. Please do not ask me to scan you because I know too much from your posts to be able to get reliable data when Remote Viewing. When I start trying to isolate brain wave patterns you may be able to be one of the targets just as long as I don't know about it. Anyone who says they Remote View and doesn't do it blind is setting himself or herself up to look stupid. The physical mind is the worse enemy to a Remote Viewer accurately recording data.

P.S. TTA I know you will have a fit over this judging by your past posts. Just to let you know I am not going to get into an argument about this. You can speak your peace, I will respect you right to speak against it. Just don't expect me to jump through hoops trying to explain myself.


44mhz.................................. Does this mean anything to any of you?????? I have isolated the brain wave that receives the data when viewing a past target during a Remote Viewing session....I have no future targets so can not be certain that it would be the same. When viewing targets that are in the present it seems that some times without trying the data will settle on 44mhz, but most of the time it is some where between 30 and 50mhz.

The weirdest thing is that I have had two sessions were I went flat line (brain activity) except for one peak at 44mhz that on the recorder was only for a second, but the data I had recorded on paper had to of taken several minutes to write down. That is not possible if I was at 0 brain activity. And then why didn't I just keel over and die. I am now going to start recording my full vitals as well to find out. Guys I am really freaked out by this. It makes no sense to me at all.

If any of you have heard of anything like this happening before help me out because I am not doing any more sessions until I can find out what is happening.


Well, I now know who really knows what they are talking about.......it seems that no one picked up on the gross mistakes in my post about the brain wave activity that I recorded. Now don't get me wrong the things that happened during my RV experiments really happened, but when I posted on this board I put in some things that anyone that knew about how the brain works and what happens when RVing would pick up on.

Number one; I can't believe no one picked up on the fact I never told you what brain wave I was talking about..........there are four: Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta.

Beta is associated with peak-concentration, heightened alertness, and visual acuity.

Alpha is a place of beep relaxation. Interestingly the Alpha wave has in it's range the same frequency as the earth's electromagnetic field.

Theta waves are the brain waves that things such as ESP stem from.

Delta waves are associated with deep sleep.

Now another thing that no one picked up on was the fact that your brain would explode if you had a 44 MHZ beat in a brain wave. The largest in a normal everyday brain wave is about 40HZ (Beta).

I am sorry if this makes some of you mad but I just wanted to know if any of the regulars were real. This may not prove that you are all fake, but your knowledge on the subject was less then what you made out to be.

My situation is real. I did have a way high brain pattern of 44HZ on the Beta wave and the Theta wave was off the chart.........if I guessed it would be about 10 or 15HZ again that was only for about a second. The rest of what I told you was real......I am disappointed not to have been found out...........Oh well that just means this board is now useless to my goal.

Even though at the time of these posts I felt let down and discouraged (maybe even a little mad) I think it would be interesting to share my data with you. So if you would like me to go on and share it I will if not I will understand.

Re: Apoloogy accepted

Don't worry about it.

I feel what you had experienced., is a certain set in mental frequency waves, which did not back register.

This is as space-time is sometimes a doorway to other realms and you had probably entered another frequency and were not getting a bounce-back, on your send single, on the O-scope?

On the term new age.All one has to remember, is that the term new age implies the memory awakening beam, of 1972, as said by Barbara Marciniack, in her book Earth The Pleiadean Keys.

Anything else about New Age is crap,. except for the telling of the Sirian memory beam, of 1972.

That's all you need to know.

I think what you getting into, are enter frequencies on the R.V. venture of things, and this is why the flat-line activity at the hertz described.

If you enter and there is nothing to echo-bounce a return on, then your intellect has entered another realm.

Be very careful here, as there are a host of nether-world creatures, that can do great harm to you, if you enter certain frequencies unprepared?

This board is a trading way station for all who venture into the realm of space time and done have any second thoughts about anything embarrassing.

I goof too and certainly am still learning, as everyone else is.

All the best, keep up the fine work and investigation.