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i discovered teleportation



imagine this humans. this world is comprised of magnetic feilds.
What people have yet to discover is that these magnetic feilds are divided into strands and waves much like your radio. each one with its own individual signiture and design.so if you could create a similar feild in another location it would be a copy or would you have pulled that feild to your location? and if that feild were able to be ridden when you let it go it would then move back to it origonal position with its attachments. kinda like this two locations each one different but the same a gap of time and distance between them. if you could eliminate the distance you would eliminate the time. a wormhole as you like to call it.ill tell you how to build it later. its not hard just need some big power and some large electromagnets to generate a feild to a specific design.
OH madness. No one told you? There was a thread here a long time back about some chap who had actually discovered this already. He actually beamed us all over to his location after we gave our coordinates and...well to say the least it was a helluva party. Phew! I still can't forget the lampshade incident haha! Right now he's studying teleportation of entire populated planets from one galaxy to another. Look him up, maybe he can get you up to date
He already shared how to build it with the rest of us so maybe someone will be kind enough to tell YOU how to build it later

Well talk to you soon, I've got a helluva lot of grocery shopping to do and you just know how I hate those .03 millionths of a second trip to the grocery store when I have to teleport over there with the common people! Ug!

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Man, you a fucking nuts. Where do you come up with this shit? You need to get up off your ass and go outside and enjoy the day. You may want to get some medical help too, because I think you may be fucked in the head.
Hey P/nut case,

Look whos talking? Maybe you should go visit your proctologist to find you head!!!!

i want you to tell me more..i am on a mission to help mankind and i am practising with magnitism..right now my self can generate setain levels of magnitism..i know you have an answer to help...me please mail me at [email protected] dont let the name fool you...